Dream It Do It

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Love to Write

I really love to write, I really do, isn’t that wonderful, isn’t that so great that I am doing something everyday in my life that I love?  It feels so amazing, it really does, I really look forward to writing to you, I get excited, I say to myself, “Yippee, it’s time to write on my blog, what shall I talk to you about today?”

I must say, I never ever struggle finding something to write about, never, because writing comes so naturally to me.

Dream It, Do It

What do you love doing?  Do you get a chance to do it every day?  If not, imagine if you could, imagine if you could do that wonderful thing everyday.

Well if you can dream it, you can do it…..so get dreaming my friend.

Dream It, Do It.


Put Spontaneity in Motion

spontaneity in motion

Put Spontaneity in Motion

Sometimes it’s good to add a little spontaneity to your life, you know, spice it up a little and put spontaneity in motion.  Spontaneity can be a breath of fresh air into ordinary living, it can add excitement to a rather motionless day.

Be a Spontaneous Being

So next time you’re thinking to yourself, I’m a bit bored with the same old, same old, shake your life up a bit and be a spontaneous being.  Spontaneity can be fun, it can be exhilarating and positively explosive. So, I dare you my friend, put some spontaneity in motion and treasure the experience. Clarabelle

Which Career Fits?

change careers

It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late to change direction in your career, you can change direction at any moment in your life.

If you had to change direction in your career, what direction would you go in?  What other job or business would you like to have?  Sometimes it’s really good to just think about these things because if you’re unhappy where you are, you can always change it.  You are in control of your life, you just need to really truly believe that.

Opportunities Galore

In my opinion, changing direction in your career can move you from stuck to unstuck to opportunities galore, yes, I really mean that, because I have experienced that for myself.

The thought of changing direction in your career can be quite scary but it can also feel really liberating too.  So let this thought simmer in your mind a little longer, maybe you’ll change direction and maybe you won’t but there is no harm “window shopping” if you know what I mean.

Take a look at what’s out there, you’re only looking right?


Are You Living a Fulfilled Life?

happy life

Happy Times

I want you to think about a time in your life when you were at your happiest, go on, think about it now.

  • What was happening to you in your life then?
  • What were you doing?
  • What were you thinking about?
  • Who were you with?
  • Where were you?
  • Why were you so happy?

Isn’t it such a lovely feeling to think of that right now, doesn’t it make your heart smile.

Great Strength

Great strength can be taken from these happy moments and I will tell you why.

If you can be happy like that in the past, then you can be happy like that in the future and even better still, you can be happy like that in the NOW.

Quality Experiences

Life is not made up of all the things you want to buy and then go out and buy them, that is only a short term fix.  Life is made up of quality experiences, happy experiences, happy times, family times, loving times, grateful times, precious times.  Life is for living and is not necessarily for buying unless that buying can bring you precious quality experiences for the long term.

Are You Living a Fulfilled Life?

Are you living a fulfilled life?  If your answer is “yes” then I am truly so happy for you but if it’s not, think about what you can change in your life right now to make it more fulfilling for you and for your loved ones.

A Life Worth Living

I want you to live a fulfilled life, a happy life, an exciting life, a life worth living.



Stuff the Stuff

stuff the stuff declutter

Old Stuff

I have been travelling a lot lately for work purposes and I have managed to do a lot of de-cluttering in the process, basically because I have had to.  I managed to get rid of 20 large bags of “stuff”, mainly lots of clothes, shoes, handbags, paperwork etc… that I was holding onto, but didn’t actually need or use.  I honestly can say that it felt so good to get rid of it all, I felt free from junk and “old stuff”, it was such an amazing “freedom feeling”.  I was actually annoyed at myself for not realising I had been buying so much “stuff”. “Stuff” that I didn’t really need and it really did make me think about my buying behaviours.

Stuff the Stuff

So my motto today, going forward in life is, “Stuff the Stuff”, when you actually look at it and really think about it, you don’t need all that “stuff”, I bet you don’t.

So today, I want you to have a “Stuff the Stuff” mindset and start de-cluttering, get rid of the junk, get rid of the “stuff” and I know you will feel so much better for it.

Go on, make your day today a “Stuff the Stuff” day.


Stay Committed

fully committed

100% Committed

Wherever you want to get to in your life and whatever you want to achieve, it’s imperative that you stay 100% committed to getting there.

There is no point wasting your own time and energy saying that you want to aim for a specific goal, if you are not fully in.  You have to be fully in, you have to be wholeheartedly committed, you cannot allow your dream to take second place in your life.  You’re either in, or you’re out.  Don’t do things half heartedly when it comes to getting where you really want to get to, get in there and stay 100% committed.

Why am I saying this?  Well it’s because you deserve that dream goal, you truly do deserve it, you deserve to be happy and to have everything you’ve ever wanted in life.  So that being the case, I need you to be 100% committed and stay on it.

Focus, focus, focus my friend and be passionate about moving forward in your life.


Ask for Help

helping a friend

Yes, I Will Help You

Sometimes in life you just have to ask for help, whether it is from a family member, a friend, a work colleague, a boss, sometimes you’ve got to just ask and I am sure, I am absolutely sure help will be offered.

You see, people want to help other people, if they can, they usually will.  If someone came to me for help and if I could help them in some way, I surely would, I wouldn’t even think about it, I would just say, “Yes, I will help you”.

I like to help, I like helping other people.

So, if you feel you need a little help in life, just ask for it, I am sure 99% of the time the person you are asking will say yes and will help you in anyway they can.

All you have to do is ask…..so just you pluck up the courage today and ask.



Positive Petals

dark blue flower

Look at the picture of the beautiful blue flower above and for each petal that is on this flower, I want you to think of something you are grateful for.  Let’s do this together, my answers are in brackets below.

Petal 1.  I am grateful for…..(my wonderful health and wellbeing.)

Petal 2.  I am grateful for….(my determined spirit.)

Petal 3.  I am grateful for…(my positive attitude.)

Petal 4.  I am grateful for…(my amazing supportive family and friends.)

Petal 5.  I am grateful for…(my grateful heart.)

If you wish you can change it up a little, you can let each petal represent something positive that is happening in your life right now, here’s another example:

Petal 1:  I am so happy that my marathon training is going to plan and I love how my fitness levels are improving.

Petal 2:  I am so delighted that I have now committed to drinking more water throughout the day and my body and mind feels so much better for it.

Petal 3:  I feel so positive about the fact that my family and friends are all in good health.

Petal 4:  I am so happy that when my friends think of me, they call me and ask me how I am doing, it is so nice to be important in their lives.

Petal 5:  I am so happy and positive about making progress in my life in terms of my business ideas, although the challenges are still there, I am always focused on achieving a positive solution and always do.

There you have it, just you look at each petal on that beautiful flower and let each petal represent something special for you in your life right now.  I am already in a better, brighter mood just by doing this exercise with you…….I’m now ending this blog post with a happier heart…..I feel good.

What are your positive petals saying for you?




The Jigsaw Puzzle of Life

jigsaw puzzle of life

True Purpose

I have become very aware lately that situations and circumstances that happened in my life approximately 2-7 years ago, are now showing their true purpose.  What I mean by that is, some decisions and choices that I made back then, maybe didn’t show any real benefits at the time, however, now their benefits are so obvious and abundant to me, almost 7 years later.

Inspirational Speech

So I guess when Steve Jobs (whom we all know has now sadly passed away) made an inspirational speech to University Graduates, about not being able to connect the dots going forward but you can connect the dots looking back. (extract below)

Extract for Steve Jobs Inspirational Speech

“Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

I guess then, I really do know about that trusted “faith” that everything will work out, that he was talking about.  I now get it, I totally get it, I really do understand it, I absolutely connect with what he was saying there.

Putting the Pieces Together

See each of your choices and decisions in life as a piece of your life jigsaw puzzle.  As you connect each piece, sometimes it’s difficult to envision the end result, but I want you to have “faith” that each piece of your jigsaw puzzle of life, is actually exactly in the right place, at the right time……and it may take almost 7 years later to realise the connection.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, step by step, little by little, will take you to your chosen vision.

Stick in there my friend, have faith….always!!


A Colourful Life

happy colours image

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about wearing some brighter, sunnier colours – I feel it’s time to get out of the black and into those cool shades of blue, pretty pinks, sunshine yellows and energy giving oranges. This thought inspired the colourful poem below, enjoy it!!

Magical Colours

Magical colours,
Pretty tonight.
Sparkly and glittery,
Pink, yellow and white.
A vibrant soul,
A youthful touch.
Purple and reds,
Have energy, so much.
The orange of life,
With apple green hints.
Super delicious,
Refreshing as mints.
So choose a colour,
Reflect your happiness.
Wear it with a smile.
And in the way that you dress.

What’s your favourite colour to wear, what colour, when wearing it, makes you feel so good?

I have a strong pull at the moment, towards wearing the colour yellow and also bright red…..I’m looking forward to brightening up the room when I walk in wearing it.  (Smile) :-)

From a Colourful Clarabelle today.