To Dream

to dream poetry

Keep dreaming the dream, keep visioning the vision, keep aiming for being better than you are, keep taking action towards all you want in life…..I believe you will get there, I know you are trying and you deserve all the greatness this brings for you.  This poem is for you:

To Dream

To dream,
To do.
To take care,
Of you.
To live,
To love.
To fly,
Like a dove.
To believe,
To feel.
Your vision,
Is real.
To have faith,
To Know.
Your seeds,
Will grow.

By Clarabelle

White Space

white space poetry

The miracle of white space is so magical it can be filled with anything, anything you want it to be filled by, anything….because I believe anything is possible my friend!!  This next poem is for you:

White Space

White space,
Speaks volumes inside.
Pages of hope,
Thoughts to confide.
To fill the blank,
To listen from within.
Changes the dimension,
Trophies the win.
Cast your eye,
Over the light.
Let it bring out your star,
Delivering dreams tonight.

By Clarabelle


The Coffee in her Cup

coffee in her cup

I love sipping a cup of coffee, watching the world go by and getting lost in writing poetry, I just love it. This is is for you.

The Coffee in her Cup

The coffee in her cup,
Ignites a letter.
Full of wisdom,
Inspiring to be better.
People take part,
In her unknown song.
Like mystical wires,
To where we belong.
Does it make sense?
Maybe not now.
But when you read back,
Then you’ll now how.

By Clarabelle


Sunshine in the Rain

sunshine in the rain

Love is a beautiful thing….enjoy this poem below:

Sunshine in the Rain

No matter the distance,
No matter how far.
I will always be thinking,
How you are.
Follow your heart,
May it lead you to me.
Under the stars,
You set us free.
And as passion kisses,
The side of your cheek.
Your smiling face,
Makes me go weak.
For love has found us
It searched every door.
Giving you to me,
And me giving you more.
May our future stay strong,
Let it melt all the pain,
For our humbling hearts,
Beat like sunshine in the rain.

By Clarabelle


What if You Kept Going?

New you new now

Conversations with Victor and Walter….

Victor:  “What if she kept going?”

Walter: “Impossible”

Victor:  “I think she will keep going?”

Walter: “No way, what makes you say that?”

Victor:  “I see the determination in her eyes, I feel her motivated spirit encouraging me to move forward in life.”

Walter:  “Where?”  “I don’t see it?”

Victor:  “You see what you feel Walter, if you don’t feel it, you won’t see it”.

Walter:  “How do I feel it then?”

Victor:  “Believe it first, then you will feel it, then you see it…then you will live it for yourself.”

Walter:  “No Victor, seeing is believing, not the other way around”.

Victor:  “Well if that’s what you believe, then that’s what you will experience, try to change that thinking and see what happens.”

Walter:  “Okay Victor, I’ll give it ago”.

One week later….

Walter:  “Good morning Victor, how are you this beautiful fine day?”

Victor:  “Good morning Walter, my oh my, you sound very happy indeed.”

Walter: “Yes, Victor, I listened to your voice of wisdom and well, I changed my thinking……..I believe, I just believe.”

Victor:  “Yes Walter, I believed it in you before I seen it ….and I believe you felt my belief in you.”

Walter: “Thank you for believing in me Victor, when others believe in you, you believe in yourself.”

Victor:  “Beautifully said Walter, just beautiful, thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with me.”

Walter:  “I believe we are both wise Victor.”

Victor:  “Yes, I believe we all are Walter.”

Walter:  “Yes we all are.”


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Love Love

Love is such a beautiful thing. Loving what you do, loving yourself, loving your family and friends, loving life, loving your partner, loving and appreciating everything you have in your life right now.

You’ve even got to love your challenging days because they help you build your inner strength muscles and shape your inner character.

Love and gratitude goes hand in hand, I am grateful for what I love and I love what I am grateful for. WOW, I love that statement, so much so I am going to repeat it, here goes, say it out loud with me:

“I am grateful for what I love and I love what I am grateful for.”

This for me is a beautiful daily prayer and inspirational affirmation that I believe aligns you to your greatest self……

Stay great, love to you always, Clarabelle


Snow Glow

I have a right “snow glow” at the moment. What’s a snow glow I hear you asking? Well, I just made the phrase up this morning as I was happily trudging through the winter snow here in the Highlands of Scotland. So my interpretation of a snow glow is having the feeling of that clean, crisp winter freshness living and breathing inside of you. It kinda feels like you’re a snowflake dancing in the wind and when I think of that thought it inspires the poem below:

Snow Glow Face

The freshest feeling,
On my snow glow face.
A wintry perspective,
A higher place.
The Highlands of Scotland,
Clear out the old,
A new way of living,
It’s precious gold.
I treasure this experience,
More everyday,
I’m living a dream,
In a magical way.

By a “snow glowed” Clarabelle


Clarabelle’s Musings

I am ever so chuffed with the outcome of my new Clarabelle Business Cards, I just love them. I designed them myself on and I would highly recommend using them, I received exactly what I designed and with excellent quality and finish too.

These beautiful cards will now be sent off with my paperback book, “Clarabelle’s Musings” to people all over the world.

None of these items would have been created if it wasn’t for me starting this blog in April 2012. I just love the fact that the book and the Clarabelle Branding started out here on this blog, WOW and almost 35,000 blog hits later and I continue to excitedly and passionately write to you every day, because I am super committed to my writings to inspire you.

I am happy when I write to you on here, I love it, I love sharing my musings with you in the hope that it will benefit you positively in your life.

Thank you for being here beautiful one.