Start Writing Part II

chapter one

Last week I shared with you the first part of this blog post, it was the beginnings of my own book, which I wanted to share with you.  Today, I share with you Part II and if you missed the first part, here is a link for it, Start Writing Part I

Thinking about writing your own book?  Well, if there ever was a clear sign that you should, then here it is….GO FOR IT!!

Start Writing Part II

Chapter 1, Carpe Diem  Cont….

Face the Fear and Do It Anyway

My mum and I have now been in Santa Ponsa almost 24 hours and during that time we have honoured our first task given to us by Uncle Gerry, which was to deliver a bottle of Scotch Whisky to Tony and Peter, Owners of Axaja Restaurant, we are dining there on Wednesday night – I love meeting new people, so I am looking forward to that with my mum.

We shall move from this hotel to the flat today and I am looking forward to taking the cases up the steep hill…I like a physical challenge, now that I think of it, I really love to challenge myself, even more so everyday now, “face the fear and do it anyway” –that’s my motto of the moment.

Big Beautiful City Lights

Let me give you a very brief summary of my life to date and I really do mean “summary”, for the moment anyway.  I was born on 10 July 1973 and I had the most truly wonderful childhood, honestly I really did, I have the most amazing memories of fun, laughter, self-expression, lots and lots of pals (friends).  What it feels like today when reminiscing and looking back, is like a unique bubble of incredible community spirit and human resourcefulness – I’ve added in some pictures from the past which I feel captures what I’m saying here.

Carfin Village Gala Week, June 1981

Carfin Village Gala Week, June 1981, Clarabelle, bottom row, 3rd from right.

I was such an adventurous child with a vivid imagination, and I often dreamed of travelling to America.  I can quite distinctly remember one summer evening when I was about 9 years old in the local playground and swinging as high as I could go on a swing, so I could see the bright city lights in the distance, it was like I was trying to actually reach them or touch them in some sort of way.

city lights

Back then I didn’t know it was the town of Hamilton, which was less than 10 minutes drive away, but in my childhood mind it was America and I visualised myself travelling there when I was older and having fun in a bustling, exciting environment, sunny all day long and mesmerising after dark.

“Claire, Claire…..time to come in”, Mum shouted.

“Awh Mum, give me 5 minutes, please just 5 minutes more Mum”, I shouted back.

Mum always did actually, YES, I was happy, 5 minutes more to lose myself in my mind and dream of escaping to those big beautiful city lights – that was a wonderful kind of freedom for me.

I am noticing as I am writing here my values are starting to come out….I can now start to identify where they were born, for example, “fun, freedom, challenge and adventurous spirit” are clearly evident from 30 years ago, WOW, and they’re still with me, maybe changed rank over time but they are still there.

Now that I am thinking, even before that I have a clear memory of Brenda Shannon, my best friend when I was 5 years old, her and I talking about going to America…where did that come from?, I can only think that possibly came from watching certain American TV programmes….I will think of what they were and add them in here.


The Final Part III will be shared in a future blog post, next week.

Get writing my friend.


Blessing of Chaos

Loved this one from thewannabesaint :-)

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Let’s hear it for chaos! The confusion and catastrophes we encounter on the road of life. The chasms and canyons we must cross, climb out of, forge and finagle to reach the promise land of peace and contentment.

Change is frightening, fearful and our instinct is to fight and hold on for dear life to what is familiar. We place our faith in what is comfortable, old habits, well known friends, old wine skins stretched and worn.


Chaos. Waves crashing, wind howling, tides pulling us under, we gasp for air, it is life. Going down, drowning, sinking deeper into the unknown abyss we close our eyes and breathe our last.

Chaos, uncertainty, instability. The tidal wave of change sweeps us under and in the depths we find stillness. Lost in the darkness of confusion but an unseen path leads us home.



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The Colour of My Heart

coloured hearts

It was World Poetry Day yesterday, and to honour the celebration of this wonderful day, I share a poem with you. I wrote this poem, today, especially for this blog post.  I have missed creating and sharing my poetry with you and I am going to do lots more of it again.

The Colour of My Heart

The colour of my heart,
Brightens the dullest day.
It sparkles in the moonlight,
Lights up, when I do pray.

It gives out lots of love,
For others to embrace.
It paints a magical picture,
Cheers up a saddened face.

It beams across the land,
Spreading happiness all the way.
It shapes a beautiful future,
Like sunshine on a rainy day.

Pastel pink and youthful yellow,
Add a shimmering sparkle or two.
Like golden butterflies in the air,
This miracle lives in you.

Poem by Clarabelle, 22 March 2015

Blog Post 1000

blog post number 1000

Blog Post 1000

I am truly amazed that this is blog post number 1000, from 1 to 1000…..AMAZING!!

I celebrate today with some links to my favourite blog posts over the last 3 years, may these posts bring you inspiration to your heart and may you flourish, blossom and grow like a beautiful springtime flower.  I am happy, thank you for being here and supporting me, I really do appreciate you.

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There are so many posts I could have shared again with you today, but I’ll let you sift through this blog when you have a little more time.  I trust that you will be inspired in some way.

So cheers to you for being here and cheers to another 1000 blog posts and a lot lot more.

Thank you with all my heart.


1000 blog post





Start Writing

carpe diem seize the day

Start Writing

In 2011 I decide to start writing my own book, I didn’t really have any big plans for it, I just thought about it one day and started writing.

I was on holiday with my mum when I started it, I remember the moment well.  I couldn’t really sleep that night, so I just got my computer out and started typing, started writing.  I actually only wrote 6 pages in total, so the book has a long long way to go, however I came across these initial writings last night and so I would like to share them with you.

It’s Nice to Share

I will share the writings over the new few blog posts, I think it’s nice to share and maybe it will inspire you to start writing your own book…..just maybe.

So here goes…..enjoy!!

Chapter Title:  Carpe Diem

Seize the Day

“If you get caught between the moon and New York City, that’s what you can, that’s what you can do, is fall in love”,…..5.48am, Monday, 1st August 2011 and I’m listening to my iPod from my hotel room in sunny Santa Ponsa, Majorca.  I am here on holiday with my mum, it was a last minute holiday booking, an opportunity that couldn’t be missed, Carpe Diem meaning “seize the day”, when my Uncle Gerry offered us his holiday accommodation – so hence the fact why we are here…who knows what this week will bring, but I am sure lots of good times, fun, soul searching, heart reflection and inner inspiration.  This is special mother daughter time and now that I am 38 I realise how important and precious this time is, so I will be the BEST daughter I can be.

J K Rowling writer Harry Potter

There is a Book in Each and Everyone of YOU

I was thinking last week that I would take on the challenge of writing my book whilst I was away, so I am delighted I have started, not exactly sure where this book will take us, but I guess I am taking you on a journey of life reflections, learning and future inspiration.  Why now?….Well, I feel strong messages from external and internal sources have taken me to this moment now, so I’ll just keep on writing.

“There is a book in each and everyone of you”, the voice from the stage loudly expressed, and you know what, that man on the stage, he is so right.  We all have our own stories of real life and/or fictional stories from our creative imagination, we just need to start them…I’m going to just keep on writing.

TO BE CONTINUED…..on next blog post,

Thank you for reading,




Field of Love

A friend asked me to share this post with her again, which i did and then i thought it might be a good idea to reblog it. This was written by me after a marathon training run in July 2013, I remember it so well.

Originally posted on Clarabelle:

I had this thought whilst out running yesterday morning, it certainly made me think and maybe because I am very much a ‘people person’ i.e. I love people, is why I think this way.

golden summer meadow

Golden Summer Meadow

Imagine you were walking alone through a beautiful golden summer meadow, beneath the bluest of skies, with the sun beaming down on all the colours of the flowers around you, the scenery is so stunning it has a white haze around it, as if you were in your own beautiful dream.

You feel lots of love around you, you feel happy, contented and at peace, you are grateful for this moment, you feel very blessed indeed.  Imagine that moment for yourself right now, if you’re anything like me, you feel so happy and have a soft smile upon your face. What is it that makes you feel that way, when you walk through…

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Sunday Morning Piano

sunday morning music

Good Sunday Morning

I just love the sound of the piano and I am so envious of those amazing people who can play the piano. If that means you, then I admire your piano playing talents and I would like to join you one day – I know I will.

Beautiful Sunday Morning

This beautiful Sunday morning, I share with you a lovely piano instrumental from one of my original songs “I Am Here”.  The piano on this track is being played by Denis Kilty from Ireland, he is such a wonderful piano player, ever so talented indeed.

Blessed with Love

May your Sunday morning be blessed with love and may each musical note played on the piano touch your heart forever.

Enjoy your Sunday morning to the fullest, listening to the piano music below.



The Blessings of Grace


The Blessings of Grace – From Nothing to Everything

Grace Towards Us

The blessings of grace are all around us and even, at times, when we are absent from grace, in pops a beautiful reminder from a family member or close friend, offering us a very warm and touching act of grace towards us.

Silent Time

I am thinking of a time right now, when I allowed my own truth to be the only truth and “flew of the handle” at a situation I perceived wrongly.   Actually, wrongly is an understatement, I was completely at the wrong end of the stick.  I am sure I did not deserve the most beautiful act of grace that was gifted to me at that time and I don’t mean in a pretty wrapped up package.  I was given something quite different from that, I was given “silent time”, silent time to heal, to think and to seek first to understand before being understood.  I was given the grace of, well at first I thought nothing, but on much deeper reflection, I now realise that I was given the grace of everything.

A Place of Love

The grace came from a friend, who was going through a very tough time of his own and yet chose to respond to my rather bad reaction, by creating enough space between my initial anger until I reached a place of love.  It’s easy for me to think of that situation now and cringe at the way I behaved, but you know what, I learned a great lesson from it….a lesson that is now blueprinted in my heart of hearts.

A Beautiful Blessing

I would say that I am now a better person from experiencing that situation.   I was given, not only a vital life lesson but also a beautiful blessing through the gift of grace.

Admirable Qualities

My friend, my lovely friend in the aforementioned circumstances has shown me such admirable qualities and in doing so, have proven to be such a positive impact on my life.  This situation has brought us so much closer together, it helped me to become more self aware and discover a part of me that I wasn’t aware even existed.

Soulful Grace

In the silence of all silences, there is an answer, there is a truth, there is an untouched soulful grace, filled with pure love and inspiring potential.  I believe that each of us have this, we all have that inner ability to take our lives to the next level.  At any moment we can tap into this inner source and when you do, it will guide you on a path towards true love, abundance and forever happiness.  You see it’s there, it is always there, it is your hidden blessing, your gift of grace that when shared with this world will multiply in such a positively powerful and impactful way.  Grace has that special quality, it holds a harmonious vibration that can bring inner peace and tranquillity to another.  Grace is one of the purest blessings that we can share with another because it holds such an honest quality that is second to none.  This honesty brings with it, freedom of thought within another but in such a purposeful and meaningful way.

 A Question of Grace

When you think of “grace”, what does that mean to you?  What does “grace” look like for you?  What does “grace” feel like for you?  Grace for me, looks like the tranquil open lake where beautiful white swans dance upon its gentle ripples.  It’s the only place where your own reflection paints the picture of the real you.  The real you which is not perfect but has perfection in its own imperfections.  Grace feels like the completeness of one’s soul, sounds like the voice of angel and feels like a heart filled with love and compassion.  Grace fills the ballerina with pure poise, lives in the gentleman’s spirit and breathes clarity into a summer breeze.  Grace is the free flowing element that connects each one of us, like a family of the brightest stars.

I believe that the person who lives a life with grace is forever blessed with honour, respect, elegant presence and divine abundance.  The beautiful thing is, that the gift of grace is a precious treasure that everyone can choose exude.

What does “grace” mean to you?




Keep a Strong Mind

This post is more than 2 years old but still yet as STRONG…..a reminder for you to Keep a Strong Mind. Clarabelle

Originally posted on Clarabelle:

Life Throws Us Many Challenges

Life throws us many challenges and sometimes just when you think you’ve got a little closer to the mountain top, darkness falls and fears and frustrations kick in.  No one said life was ever going to be easy, but we must remember there are many things in life to be grateful for right now.  Having an attitude of gratitude will become your inner torch, and will fill up your soul with an abundance of love and light.  This next poem was written by me, during a challenging time in my life and my self expression through my poetry, at times, was my saving grace.  I now share this with you in the hope that it will help you in some way to move forward regardless of the barriers that are in your way.  Much love to you today and always, Clarabelle.

keep a strong mind keep a strong mind

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Holding Hands

holding hands

Hold Hands

Hold hands with someone close to you, doesn’t it feel really nice?

I remember as a child I loved taking my Dad’s hand, it felt so strong, caring and protective. Holding hands is such a nice feeling.

I held a friend’s hand today and it felt so nice, it felt, well just perfect at that moment in time.

Holding hands is special, it can say a million beautiful words in this one piece of affection.

I encourage you to reach out and hold someone’s hand today.  Maybe it will be your Mum or Dad’s, a sister, brother or close friend or maybe you’ll just be helping the old lady across the street.

Whoever’s hand you choose to hold today, I know it will make you and the other person feel so good.