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Wish Upon a Penny

United States penny, obverse, 2002

Here is a wee poem I wrote last week, STOP that inner critic, pick up a penny, hold it close to your heart, make a wish and pass the penny on…… believe that your wish will come true, MAKE your wish come true.  Wishing you wonderful moments of fulfilled wishes.  Love Clarabelle

Wish Upon a Penny

I listen in the silence, sweet birdies do sing
Should I turn on the TV and drown out their din
I will ignore their calling, just for a while
I’ve a busy mind, chores they do pile
The sun it may shine, but my head’s in a cloud
A storm is brewing, amongst this crowd
I’m strangled in frustration, fighting the war
No one sees me and my internal decor
To just get by, another day,
Gives me hope, paves the way

Then Lightning strikes, STOP, look at your life
Look at your reactions, creating this strife
Sing another song, dance to another tune
Darkness will fade, here comes the moon
See the beauty, in each moment now
Look in the mirror, don’t ask how
Be grateful for your riches, you have many
Create a new you, wish upon a penny

poemsbyclarabelle, 7 July 2013

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6 comments on “Wish Upon a Penny

  1. aviralkulshreshtha
    July 18, 2013

    Thanks for your precious wish like a gold. Hope all your wishes come true soon. Love you always. :)


    • poemsbyclarabelle
      July 18, 2013

      Loving your love Aviral as always, thank you so much, your words are beautiful and very touching indeed. I feel your love. Thank you. Clarabelle :-)


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