The Spirit of an Angel

I was out running today (08.10.12) in the very beautiful autumn sunshine, it felt so wonderful.  I was running up hill and could see I was approaching a group of young children (about 4 years old) with their nursery school teachers, it looked like they had been on a mini adventure.  They had all been told to stop to make room on the path for the ‘lady runner’, and as I run towards them, I was given the most amazing, heartwarming waves and smiles from them, with one little girl in particular shouting an excited ‘hi’ from the top of her voice and spreading much happiness from within.  It was such a beautiful, treasured moment and it really has made me smile all day.  This next poem is inspired by all those cute little angels I crossed paths with today.  May your day be filled with sparkles and smiles, love Clarabelle

the spirit of an angel    The Spirit of an Angel

The spirit of an angel, smiled at me,

A beautiful child in the moment, loving and carefree.

The sweetest gift, with such a sparkle in her eyes,

Wholesome and heartfelt, a miracle surprise.

The true magic of such, a youthful soul,

Creates the most precious diamonds, out of coal.

poemsbyclarabelle, 8 October 2012

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