Runaway Love

Clarabelle Music Update

I’ve been working with some wonderful Artists to help me develop my original music and help me to “get it out there”.  Below is a video that has just been created for me, for my original song, “Runaway Love”.  Thank you to Calvin West for creating this for me, you did a great job.  Now you have the lyrics, you can sing along too.  I hope you like it. Much love to you today and always and please feel free share with your friends. Thank you.  Clarabelle

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6 thoughts on “Runaway Love

  1. Reblogged this on I am the pompey poet and commented:
    claire is a great poet who has in the past inspired me a lot and has not only created such wonderful poetry but also has a great singing voice i wish her very success with her first song and continued success with her poetry . take a view of this wonderful lady from scotlands great work and see if how inspiring this lady really is well done claire from kevin in portsmouth


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