Christmas Miracle

What are your three Christmas Miracle wishes? This Christmas Hymn is versed especially for you.

Christmas Miracle

I feel a Christmas Miracle,
in the air,
I feel its magic,
so special and rare.
I feel in my heart,
it’s on its way.
I feel this miracle,
is here to stay.

There’s a miracle in you,
and everyone.
Christmas spirit is alive
and filled with fun.
Cradle in your arms,
love from within.
Your inner spark creates,
This Christmas Hymn.

Pray in the snow,
Frosty feet on the ground.
Know that your miracle,
Plays softly around.
Christmas is joyous,
The Angels are here,
To grant your 3 wishes,
And bring you happiness all year.

By Clarabelle



21 thoughts on “Christmas Miracle

      1. Excellent to hear! You #shine. #God bless you always. Really sorry I’ve not been in touch as much, had a lot on. But, always great to hear you are doing well. 😊


      2. Most welcome dearest friend! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!! Wish you a wonderfully inspiring 2015! Ty so much for your friendship and support. 😊👍🌟🌻 xoxo


      3. You are very welcome dearest friend! Ty so much. Keep going strong. Spread your glow of true inspiration. 😊


      4. You are doing so well! I’m admire you greatly. Always. You are spreading your glow of positive energy. Always in great support of you. 😊👍🌟🌻


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