Remember Me

Remember me,
When the sunshines fades,
When darkness falls,
No light, just shades.

Remember me,
When you need my hand.
Keeping you warm,
On a snowy land.

Remember me,
When they set you free.
All of my love,
The vision I see.

Remember me,
I’m here for you,
Waiting forever,
Happy and true.

By Clarabelle


3 thoughts on “Remember Me

  1. happy and true we remember you
    forever waiting writing your beautiful poetry to
    the silence before your singing along the way
    your sweet voice to
    the beauty of your song sang in your own way
    your philospy of words your wisdom
    rhyming our like a play
    with magic of words
    your poetry rhymes today
    after the silence they speak once again

    a pleasure to read
    a beautiful poem from you

    clarabelle of scotland
    singer and poet author too

    let the words carryon and writing too
    let your celtic voice be heard
    singing your poetry too
    like the sunset on a beautiful day
    may you keep shining brightly
    glowing away


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