To My Friend at Christmas

Christmas love, I wish for you

Welcome to Showcase Wednesday, where every week on this day I will share with you one of my originally created Clarabelle products.

My Clarabelle Cards are created with heartfelt meaning and purpose.

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To My Friend at Christmas Greetings Card by Clarabelle Cards

You are so special,
kind and true,
Christmas love,
I wish for you.
One of a kind,
we laugh so much,
to my best friend,
many hearts you touch.

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Magical You

Dreams of abundance

I trust one day,
you’ll feel the light,
within your heart,
shining bright.

I hope one day,
you’ll smile so much,
it cheers you up,
and others you touch.

I believe one day,
you’ll have it all,
dreams of abundance,
having a ball.

I know one day,
you’ll see in you,
the specialness you hold,
beautiful and true.

I see one day,
an accomplished you,
achieving greatness,
in all that you do.

I treasure the day,
all skies are blue,
and nothing compares,
to magical you.

By Clarabelle, 16 November 2022

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Celebrating Over 40,000 Blog Hits

celebrating 40000 blog hits

Celebrating Over 40,000 Blog Hits

Thank you one and all for visiting, liking, commenting, following, sharing and reblogging from this Clarabelle blog.  I am forever grateful and I am so happy that I took it upon myself to start this blog up and share my musings with you.

I am here because I want to be here and I am here because of you also.

One HUGE, BIG, MASSIVE, thank you to you.

Woop Woop Woop, I am elated and I am wearing a big beautiful smile.

Love, Clarabelle

Blog Post 1000

blog post number 1000

Blog Post 1000

I am truly amazed that this is blog post number 1000, from 1 to 1000…..AMAZING!!

I celebrate today with some links to my favourite blog posts over the last 3 years, may these posts bring you inspiration to your heart and may you flourish, blossom and grow like a beautiful springtime flower.  I am happy, thank you for being here and supporting me, I really do appreciate you.

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There are so many posts I could have shared again with you today, but I’ll let you sift through this blog when you have a little more time.  I trust that you will be inspired in some way.

So cheers to you for being here and cheers to another 1000 blog posts and a lot lot more.

Thank you with all my heart.


1000 blog post





Do It With Pride

You're a Star

Celebrate how far you’ve come and welcome the journey of tomorrow.  Today is your blessing, today be grateful for everything you have achieved so far, you’ve done good you know, you’ve done real good!! This poem’s for you.

Do It With Pride

The bells’s ringing,
I’m ready to go
Are you with me?
Bring on the show.

Smiles in your pocket
Hope on your back
Plough through all weathers
Get back on track

Start where you are
Think always good
Be kind to yourself
Don’t say “should”

Come on my friend
You’re almost there
One more step
A little more care

Concentrate, focus
Have faith in your stride
Go a little further
Do it with pride.

By Clarabelle