If God Lets Me…..

shine like the morning sun

If God lets me
I'll always lead the way
If God lets me
I'll kneel down with him and pray
If God lets me
I'll do him very proud
If God lets me
I'll help all lost in the crowd 

If God lets me
I'll shine like the morning sun
If God lets me
I'll do what he needs done
If God lets me
I'll be a beacon of pure strength
If God lets me
I'll go to any given length 

If God lets me
I'll show him my full power
If God lets me
I'll respect his every hour
If God lets me
I'll take the best right turn
If God lets me
I'll let all worry burn 

If God lets me
I'll give him my all
If God lets me
I'll knock down each brick wall
If God lets me
I'll be happy in present time
If God lets me
I'll forever be more than fine 

If God lets me
I'll forgive and forget
If God lets me
I'll get out of all bad debt
If God lets me
I'll love him like no other
If God lets me
I'll make peace with every brother 

If God lets me
I'll hold my head up high
If God lets me
I'll be truthful and not lie
If God lets me
I'll always sing his song
If God lets me
I'll make right every wrong 

If God lets me
I'll live life to the full
If God lets me
I'll obey his every rule
If God lets me
I'll share the good I know
If God lets me
I'll give all hope a go 

If God lets me
I'll believe in my self-worth
If God lets me
Every wave of life I'll surf
If God lets me
I'll be positive and bright
If God lets me
I'll sleep peacefully each night 

If God lets me
I"ll take my second chance
If God lets me
I'll celebrate and dance
If God lets me
I'll show him I am real
If God lets me
I trust he'll make the deal

By Clarabelle
Created on 10 August 2021
London, UK

Goodbye My Precious

I set you free

I tried so hard,
to win your heart,
I gave it my all,
right from the start.

I guess you didn't,
want that too,
I felt your resistance,
through and through.

So I moved on,
then you came back,
for another go,
to get on the right track.

My soul felt heavy,
for this buried hurt,
cannot be separated,
from cold dirt.

I set you free,
to live and learn,
deep true love,
you have to earn.

It takes respect,
trust and forgiving,
loyalty and smiles,
the same joint vision.

Goodbye my precious,
may you find your one,
to my dreams on the horizon
every mile I run.

by Clarabelle
3 November 2021
London, UK

Catch Me If You Can

catch me if you can

Catch Me If You Can

When I speak of this phrase I don’t mean the movie title, I mean keep up with the action and continue to commit to moving forward with that thing that you want to achieve.  Move fast, be fearless and stay focused towards living out the dream – it’s the only way.

“Catch Me If You Can”, I hear you saying.  Embrace this feeling, for time goes so quickly and never regret your previous paths, in time you’ll see that they were meant to happen.

It’s your life duty and it’s the only way!!

Keep with it,




Serving Your Passion

you will do it

Serving Your Passion

When you serve your passion with a true heart you open the gateways for meaningful success to take place. What does this mean? It means that only you can create the magic for you, it all starts with you and your heart.

Get ready, get going, get doing to give more and more of you everyday. That’s your pathway to life fulfillment.

It’s your life, go get it!!





Dream the Dream

Dream the Dreamset goals

There are endless possibilities to changing your life….honestly!! Opportunities are everywhere but the main opportunity is within you.  This is your chance to dream the dream, get going with it and make it happen.

It’s all about to change but you have to start the process.

Dream the Dream.

It’s your life, go get it!!


New Month, New You

new month new you images

New Month, New You

Treat the turn of a new month to treat yourself and move closer to your desires.

  • What is it that you truly want?
  • What will make your life easier today?
  • What will make you happier in this moment?
  • What are you going to do about it?

This is a new month for a new you, so decide today, to get back on track with your dreams, goals and desires and do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Your everyday choices and decisions contribute to a greater life or a not so great life – so what’s it going to be?

It’s your life, go get it!!



Another Way

another way

Another Way

“There must be another way”, I said……so I discovered another way, another path to take, another adventurous moment in time. It wasn’t the easy path but it was the path most worthwhile and it was the path that would lead me to ultimate happiness.  I didn’t have to look very far but it was hard to see it in times of struggle – as a matter of fact, it grew stronger on these occasions.

I remember that moment where I clearly expressed “there must be another way” and now I am here, on this “other way”.  I’m not following a yellow brick road, I’m painting a new path, a new vision and creating a new energy.  Inch by inch……inch by inch, that’s what it takes.

Keep moving forward.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Get Creating

get creating

Get Creating

There is this truly wonderful tool called your “imagination” and when you apply your imaginative thought in the real world, amazing things can happen for you.  The trouble is, most of us who imagine don’t always take it to the next step of practical application.

So next time you’re dreaming, next timing you’re imagining for yourself a better world, a better life – think about putting your most unique tool into the best use possible.

What am I talking about here?  Create something from your imagination, create a product, a service, or something really inventive.  When you get into this creative process, that’s where the magic really happens – that’s where inspiration and passion takes over and that’s what the world needs more of from you.

Imagine and create, it’s yours for the taking!!

It’s your life go get it!!


Calling All Dreamers

dream big

Calling All Dreamers

Do you think you know what it’s all about, this life of yours?  What if you didn’t dream, what if you just lived your life on automatic pilot and never wished for anything better, never wanted to reach your potential, never wanted to be happier or to receive more love in your life? What if, all you have right now, is exactly all it ever will be, period.

You’ve Arrived

That’s it, you’ve laid down your cards, you’ve taken life to as far as you could get it and you’re here, you’ve arrived, does that thought suck or does that thought elate you?

A Dreamer and a Doer

Well if you’re a dreamer like me, a dreamer and a doer like me that thought probably doesn’t even come into your mind of existence.  I believe that the greatest potential in you hasn’t even scraped the surface of what is possible for you.  The dreamers mind is infinite, full of abundant creativity waiting to be energised.

Glimmer of Hope

Everything starts with a dream, an idea, a glimmer of hope, nothing could exist otherwise.  To achieve the greatest self though takes the dreamer from one imaginary world into another, if they want to turn that dream into reality. You see dreamers are inspired by the beauty and excitement of what could be.  So what could be?

Calling all dreamers, you could take that dream, that idea, that magic of creativity and let it burst with energy inside of you, so much so, that it expands into a magnitude of inspired action that will catapult your dream into this current reality. The pure magic of this though, is it can only come from the ultimate power within you – yes, that’s right, only you have the key to release your uniqueness into the now.  So dream the dream but make this dream so highly compelling that it pulls you forth into making itself into its own super creation.

There you have it, the power is within you, grow that seed, give it your energy and watch with pure excitement it manifest before you.

Thank you for being here.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Realise Your Potential

realise your potential image



Drift into your dreams, feel happy inside,
Realise your potential, fill your heart with pride.
Energise your soul, let it take your breath away,
Aim as high as you can, connect with the synergy.
Make your dreams come true, forever inspiring….forever YOU.

By Clarabelle

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Stand By Your Dreams

stand by your dreams poetry

Stand By Your Dreams

For what it’s worth,
to all of you,
keep fighting for a life,
you want to come true.

Forget the worry,
and sleepless nights,
stand by your dreams,
to reach new heights.

For you are,
the happy ever after,
focus your thinking,
keep some laughter.

A tsunami storm,
can’t keep you away,
from better days,
so come what may.

Tell yourself,
I am that achiever,
stronger in challenge,
a warrior, a believer.

Take control,
master the seas,
forgive wrong pasts,
get up off your knees.

No more victim,
feel your desire,
feeding your heart,
aiming to inspire.

Encourage your soul,
and with arms open wide,
see yourself there,
succeeding with pride.

By Clarabelle

Dreams and The Law of Attraction

Dreams and The Law of Attraction

A poem about dreams and the power of The Law of Attraction.  Just for you and your dreams.

dream big the law of attraction

It’s Called The Law of Attraction

I had a dream,
It lit up my heart.
I could feel its energy,
Right from the start.

The dream was big,
and gloriously bright.
It shone over mountains,
Dancing like a kite.

It captivated my soul,
Kept my spirits high.
This dream, what a dream,
In this dream, I could fly.

And then one day,
It knocked on my door.
“I am your dream,
come with me and soar.”

I was so excited,
my heart skipped a beat.
This dream wanted me,
I went, fast on my feet.

When I asked for my dream,
I held it tightly in my mind.
A vision so strong,
One of a kind.

I was grateful for it coming,
I knew it was only time.
Until that wonderful dream,
Would surely be mine.

Next time you have a dream,
See yourself there.
Appreciating its magic.
Gracing the air.

I had a dream,
And with inspired action.
The dream came to me,
It’s called The Law of Attraction.

By Clarabelle

Be Your Own Rockstar

rockstar magic

Release the Rockstar in You

Every human being has that “Rockstar Magic” living inside of them, it’s just that not everyone has unleashed their own Rockstar yet.

Be It

Be your own Rockstar, work towards being the hero of your own life.  You are the main attraction of your life, you’re the real star.  Believe it, breathe it, live it, BE IT.

Make today your very own Rockstar day, what would that be like for you?

Laugh Like a Rockstar

Envision being the happiest you’ve ever been, your vibe is beautiful and you inspire many hearts. Believe that you are that Rockstar person already, because you are, you know you are.  Dance like a Rockstar, laugh like a Rockstar, sing like a Rockstar, write like a Rockstar and play like a Rockstar.

My Rockstar Friend

Have fun fun fun imagining your new Rockstar lifestyle.  How good do you feel now? I bet you, you’re already starting to feel like a Rockstar.  Now keep going my Rockstar friend, you’ve just made the first baby step towards unleashing the Rockstar in you.

Keep on rocking!!



Dream It Do It

dream it do it image

Love to Write

I really love to write, I really do, isn’t that wonderful, isn’t that so great that I am doing something everyday in my life that I love?  It feels so amazing, it really does, I really look forward to writing to you, I get excited, I say to myself, “Yippee, it’s time to write on my blog, what shall I talk to you about today?”

I must say, I never ever struggle finding something to write about, never, because writing comes so naturally to me.

Dream It, Do It

What do you love doing?  Do you get a chance to do it every day?  If not, imagine if you could, imagine if you could do that wonderful thing everyday.

Well if you can dream it, you can do it…..so get dreaming my friend.

Dream It, Do It.


Stay Committed

fully committed

100% Committed

Wherever you want to get to in your life and whatever you want to achieve, it’s imperative that you stay 100% committed to getting there.

There is no point wasting your own time and energy saying that you want to aim for a specific goal, if you are not fully in.  You have to be fully in, you have to be wholeheartedly committed, you cannot allow your dream to take second place in your life.  You’re either in, or you’re out.  Don’t do things half heartedly when it comes to getting where you really want to get to, get in there and stay 100% committed.

Why am I saying this?  Well it’s because you deserve that dream goal, you truly do deserve it, you deserve to be happy and to have everything you’ve ever wanted in life.  So that being the case, I need you to be 100% committed and stay on it.

Focus, focus, focus my friend and be passionate about moving forward in your life.


Line Up With Your Dream

line up with you dreams

Line up with your dream, go on, line up, I know you want to, so just try it, go on, give it a go.

Line up with your dream, see yourself receiving everything that you want, let your heart take those feelings in and thrive on that good feeling, feeling.

Line up with your dream, align yourself with who you need to become and relish in the receiving of it coming to you.

Line up with your dream.

Line up with your dream.

Yes, you’re getting there, you really are.  How do I know that? Well, because you are here, because you are reading this blog post right now, so you must be one step closer to being aligned with your dream.

Now keep up that great work because I see for you that your dream is beautiful and it is sparkling all around you.

Keep reaching, keep growing, keep visualising, keep going my friend, please, I beg you, keep going.

Oh yes, one more thing, and don’t forget to breathe.

Be so sure that your dream will come true for you and you know what, it really will.


Just A Girl Who Got it All

Tanya Bardo Just a Girl Who Got it All

Just a Girl Who Got it All, that’s the title of the latest book I’ve been reading by Tanya Bardo and I really did like it a lot, it was a fabulous refresher of how to continously bring positivity into your life.

It is a true story of Life Coach Tanya Bardo, who turned her dreams into reality, I love inspiring true stories.

Tanya shares insights into her life, what was happening to her when her thinking was almost always negative and how she managed to turn it around to much more positive thinking everyday in her life and the positive things that came from this.

It was a fabulous reminder to me to always keep a positive mind and to visualise right now having the life you want – I love doing that and the book got me doing this again.

There is a quote in the book which I really really loved and I loved it so much that I immediately shared it with my friend who then shared it with her family, this is it below:

“God will not take you to what he cannot pull you through.”

I just loved that quote, for me truly inspiring and full of pure faith.

The book was simple to read, easy to follow and a gentle refresher on the mind to stay positive.

I love reading inspirational books.

What is your most favourite inspirational book?  I’d really love to know.

Thank you for being here,  Clarabelle.

To Dream

to dream poetry

Keep dreaming the dream, keep visioning the vision, keep aiming for being better than you are, keep taking action towards all you want in life…..I believe you will get there, I know you are trying and you deserve all the greatness this brings for you.  This poem is for you:

To Dream

To dream,
To do.
To take care,
Of you.
To live,
To love.
To fly,
Like a dove.
To believe,
To feel.
Your vision,
Is real.
To have faith,
To Know.
Your seeds,
Will grow.

By Clarabelle

White Space

white space poetry

The miracle of white space is so magical it can be filled with anything, anything you want it to be filled by, anything….because I believe anything is possible my friend!!  This next poem is for you:

White Space

White space,
Speaks volumes inside.
Pages of hope,
Thoughts to confide.
To fill the blank,
To listen from within.
Changes the dimension,
Trophies the win.
Cast your eye,
Over the light.
Let it bring out your star,
Delivering dreams tonight.

By Clarabelle


You Can Have It All

You can certainly have it all, I believe that for you, I believe that for me. It may seem like a distant dream at the moment, but if you hold that vision close to your heart, I know you can have it all.

Is that what you want?……Maybe you have it already?

Look around you, take a good look, I think you have a lot of it already, see it with your heart.

Love to you, Clarabelle


Tune In

Tune into those happy feelings, tune in to the brightest and best version of you. Stay on that high frequency and watch yourself fly.

So I guess if you’re reading this today, you are already there, because I’m there with you, flying high.

Love, Clarabelle


Building Castles

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” Henry David Thoreau

What castles have you built for yourself? Keep on building.

Little words of encouragement, Clarabelle


A Life Worth Living

What’s a life worth living to you? What does it really mean to you in your heart of hearts?

Remember, you are in control of your life, you are always in control, so if that means you need to change direction then this you must do.

Do what you can to make your life, ” A life worth living”.


Trip of a Lifetime

Take a trip of a lifetime, you know the place you’ve always wanted to go to, plan making that trip now. Even if it takes you 5 years to get there, start planning NOW how you’re going to do it.

Think about how amazing it will be when you get there, see yourself there, having the BEST time of your life, how great does it feel?

Life is made up of experiences, so try your best to have more experiences that take your breath away.

Where do you want to go to?

New York at Christmas Time?
Graceland, to be inspired by the spirit of Elvis?
Route 66, a truly amazing train journey?
San Francisco, to stand close to the Golden Gate Bridge?
Iceland, to watch the stunning Northern Lights?
The snowy Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland?
A luxury world cruise?
Watch the sunset from the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

WOW, I bet you’re getting really excited, just thinking about it, I know I am. I have been extremely lucky to have been to some of the above places, inspirational journeys that really did take my breath away.

Start making plans today, I see you there and you are having the BEST time EVER.

Little words of inspiration to move you, love Clarabelle


Let the New Year

Feel the freshness,
In the air.
A New Year dawns,
Hope is everywhere.
Dreams and wishes,
Goals and plans.
Happy hearts,
Minds of “I Cans”.
Give it your all,
And a little but more.
Let the New Year,
Open every door.

By Clarabelle


Dream Vision

On the dawn of this New Year, hold your dream vision tight in your mind’s eyes. Stay super focused on achieving what you want in life, and no matter what comes around the corner, keep it together.

I look forward to hearing about all your successes in the coming year.

Love Clarabelle


I’m Free

I’m free,
As the air I breathe.
I’m happy,
Like an autumn leaf.
I’m loved,
Like the moon so bright,
I’m peaceful,
In a starry night.
I’m smiling,
As my dreams come true.
I’m here,
Always believing in you.

By Clarabelle


Touched by Emotion

Touched by emotion,
Loving life.
Freeing my spirit,
From worry and strife.

Keeping it together,
Hoping for all.
Rising faith,
Breaks down the brick wall.

In the twist of the wind,
No enemies appear.
All friends together,
Filled with good cheer.

An unfulfilled heart,
Takes you beyond.
Frozen miracles,
Reflected in the pond.

Catch the light,
Let it shine all around.
Mystic and magic,
Will soon be found.

By Clarabelle


What Makes You Happy?

What makes you happy? Isn’t happiness such a lovely feeling.

Do more of what makes you happy.

I’m happy doing this, writing for you on this blog, it really makes me so happy.

Love, happiness and smiles to you,



My Heart

My happy heart,
Is calling me,
Into the light.

My loving heart,
Is showing me,
With delight.

My caring heart,
Is giving me,
A warm sunlight.

My joyous heart,
Is inspiring me.
Into the night.

My praying heart,
Is touching me,
In candlelight.

My passionate heart,
Is creating me,
This is right.

By Clarabelle


Such Beauty

Such beauty is everywhere, stop for a moment, take a look, it’s there you know, can you see it? Can you feel it, yes, it’s definitely there. Enjoy your inner beauty, let it sparkle in everything that you do.

Love Clarabelle


Sprinkles of Dreams

Sprinkles of Dreams

They sparkle,
I smile with delight.
Loving hands,
Glowing in the light.

They tell a story,
Of hope and truth,
Like the charming spirit,
Of a child’s fairy tooth.

They touch another,
A soft gentle caress,
Washing away problems,
Sorting out the mess.

And glistening in my palm,
The miracle dust holds,
Sprinkles of dreams,
As my passion unfolds.

By Clarabelle


Happy Boxing Day Dreams

Fight for your dreams, don’t give up, keep going until you get there. Remember, pain now, equals forever happiness later, and you know what, it doesn’t even have to be that way. Enjoy the journey now, that’s what I’m saying, embrace every breathe that you take along the way.

Happy Boxing Day Dreams to YOU.

Love, Clarabelle


Happy Philippines

Thank you to all the beautiful people from the very beautiful Philippines who visit this Clarabelle Blog. I have now completed thank you poems dedicated to the following countries so far and today, Philippines, this one is for you.

USA, India, Canada, Romania, thank you, your poems are shared on previous blog posts.

Here is a Poem for the people of the Philippines:

Happy sunny people,
from the Philippines you shine.
On this Clarabelle blog,
In my rhythm and rhyme.
You bring me great joy,
Because you visit me,
One day may I step foot,
In your beautiful country.

By Clarabelle