your every why

Feelings have power,
feelings can speak,
feelings can take you,
to the mountain peak.

Feelings can hurt,
feelings can breathe,
feelings can lead you,
so you can achieve.

Feelings are precious,
feelings are true,
feelings will determine,
every part of you.

Feelings can unite,
feelings can fly,
feelings can control,
your every why.

Feelings are unique,
feelings are you,
feelings are loving,
can you feel me too?

By Clarabelle
15 November 2021
London, UK

If God Lets Me…..

shine like the morning sun

If God lets me
I'll always lead the way
If God lets me
I'll kneel down with him and pray
If God lets me
I'll do him very proud
If God lets me
I'll help all lost in the crowd 

If God lets me
I'll shine like the morning sun
If God lets me
I'll do what he needs done
If God lets me
I'll be a beacon of pure strength
If God lets me
I'll go to any given length 

If God lets me
I'll show him my full power
If God lets me
I'll respect his every hour
If God lets me
I'll take the best right turn
If God lets me
I'll let all worry burn 

If God lets me
I'll give him my all
If God lets me
I'll knock down each brick wall
If God lets me
I'll be happy in present time
If God lets me
I'll forever be more than fine 

If God lets me
I'll forgive and forget
If God lets me
I'll get out of all bad debt
If God lets me
I'll love him like no other
If God lets me
I'll make peace with every brother 

If God lets me
I'll hold my head up high
If God lets me
I'll be truthful and not lie
If God lets me
I'll always sing his song
If God lets me
I'll make right every wrong 

If God lets me
I'll live life to the full
If God lets me
I'll obey his every rule
If God lets me
I'll share the good I know
If God lets me
I'll give all hope a go 

If God lets me
I'll believe in my self-worth
If God lets me
Every wave of life I'll surf
If God lets me
I'll be positive and bright
If God lets me
I'll sleep peacefully each night 

If God lets me
I"ll take my second chance
If God lets me
I'll celebrate and dance
If God lets me
I'll show him I am real
If God lets me
I trust he'll make the deal

By Clarabelle
Created on 10 August 2021
London, UK

Stay in Doing Mode

you will do it

Stay in Doing Mode

I read a lot, actually I read a huge amount of self-development books and I really do love them and I do get a lot from them BUT for me, where I get my GREATEST SUCCESS is when I stay in “DOING” mode, that’s me and that’s the way I like it.

I’m at my best when I am in action woman role, so this is where I’ll stay for a while.  The positives are outstanding for me and the ripple effects get me amazing results.

So I ask you today to focus on “doing” more of what will get you better results in your life for the long term, throw in some quick wins and you’re on your way.

Progress will motivate your “doing” mind – keep at it, keep the momentum going and don’t you stop until you get there….but please make sure you know where “there” is – that’s a very important part.

It’s your life, go get it!!



Surfing the Waves of Happiness

surfing happiness

Surfing the Waves of Happiness

Every second of your life is filled with temporary moments that may test you, uplift you and even make your heart sing.  Embrace these moments for indeed they are just temporary.  If it’s a moment that’s getting you down, use it to help you grow or if it’s a moment that is making you smile, treasure it.  Temporary moments, good or bad are just that – temporary.  The bad stuff will pass, yet so will the good stuff.  Life keeps moving on, tick-tick-tock.  Make your moments count and grow from them.

Everything is temporary – the tough stuff will pass and soon you’ll be surfing the waves of happiness again.

It’s your life, go get it!!




Stay Strong – Stronger Than Ever

Stay Strong – Stronger Than Ever

In the past, I was always known as the “go to” girl in places where I worked, to write a wee funny poem about someone.  I would be asked to write poems for work colleagues leaving, celebrating their 50th birthday or expecting twins!!  I really really loved it.  I could write a poem very quickly and very easily and I always gave it just the right sentiment.  As the years went on I started writing poems that would encourage people to turn their life around for the better. A lot of the times, I was talking to myself if I was having a tough day – it would definitely make me feel better.

Stay Strong Poem

A few years ago my brother was going through a particular tough time at work, he was being made redundant and was treated very badly in the process.  My Professional background was in Human Resource Management so I helped him a lot professionally – it made the tough days a little easier for him.  After the process he was exhausted and was at a loss, he had to start looking for another job and in the middle of a recession it wasn’t easy!!

I gave my brother a little card to help him feel better and I made up a little poem for him entitled “Stay Strong” for him to read and hopefully make him feel better – it did.  Below is the poem that I wrote for my brother:

Stay Strong

Life can be tough,
the weather may be rough,
but stay strong,
find the inner strength to carry on.

You are loved, have faith, believe.
You are special, focus and achieve.
One door is closed, but many are ajar,
realise your potential, you’ll go very far.

The world is on your side,
so fill your heart with pride.
Move on up, inspire your mind,
get ready for change, you’re one of a kind.

A few years later I decided to turn some of my encouraging poems into motivational and encouraging greetings cards – I just wanted to cheer people up when they were going through low times.  I wanted to give people the opportunity to buy a card for a close friend or family member who was feeling down and that the greetings card would be heartfelt and encouraging towards that person.  Sometimes we struggle to find the words to say ourselves but a little card of encouragement can say it all for us.  It signifies that caring touch and that special bond we have with that person.   

Stay Strong Greetings Card

Stay Strong Greetings Card
Stay Strong Greetings Card

Over the last 2 years I have invested a lot of time and energy into setting up my motivational and encouraging greetings cards business and I am delighted to say that it is doing very well.  I am even more delighted to report that the “Stay Strong” greetings card, containing the original poem I wrote for my brother during his tough days, is the most popular and best selling greetings card of my 45 individual designs.

Below is a link to this card on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy:

Amazon:  Stay Strong Greetings Card

Ebay:  Stay Strong Greetings Card

Etsy:  Stay Strong Greetings Card

Stay Strong Greetings Card
Stay Strong Greetings Card

Stay Strong Greetings Card
Stay Strong Greetings Card

A Caring Thought for the Good of All

I will continue to write my motivational and encouraging poems as I know they are spreading love and encouragement to people all over the world. This for me is my Happy Ever After!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


Breathing Space

breathing space

Breathing Space

Life can be one big rush rush at times and before you know it you’ve landed somewhere where you maybe don’t really want to be.  It’s important to take some “time out” of your usual and sometimes manic routine, to take stock of what’s happening in your life.  Give yourself some “breathing space”, some time for you to make sure you’re on the right path for you.  Just because you’re in “automatic pilot” mode doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in the right place for you.  It’s often the case that a lot of people spend more time planning their 2 week vacation every year than they do planning their whole lives. Spend some valuable time on the most important part and yes, that’s YOU. What’s your life plan and what are you going to do about it?

Plan well, live well, be well.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Don’t Settle

don't settle

Don’t Settle

Don’t settle for an “okay” life, you deserve much better – we all do!! Although sometimes you’ve got to do the “ordinary” on a “temporary” basis to help you move forward into the “extraordinary”.

So when in the “okay” moments of life, tell yourself another story, think about how you can use your current position to take you to the next better position. Always think about how you can make it easier for yourself, make it better for yourself, make life much more happier and much more worthwhile.

Time is going to go past anyway, so do what you need to do now to get you to the next step, keep inching forward and aim for the very best – whatever that is for you.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Do What You Need To Do

do what you need to do

Do What You Need To Do

Always focus on the solutions to your challenges and do what you need to do until you don’t need to do that anymore.

“Do what you need to do until you don’t need to do that anymore”.

Now you’ve got that one, put it into practice and you’ll see your world getting better for you – inch by inch!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


Go For It

go for it poems

Go For It

Always do your very best,
and keep a positive mind,
live your life so passionately,
and be the loving kind.
Discover your greatest potential,
in everything you do,
follow your heart’s desire,
and make your dreams come true.
Every day you have a chance,
to work towards your goal,
moment to moment, step by step,
from deep within your soul.
You can do it, face your fears,
and you will achieve,
go for it, make it happen,
and within yourself believe.

Be Your Number 1 Fan

hero image

Be Your Number 1 Fan

Start your day,
in a positive light,
aim for your goals,
as high as a kite.
Cherish each moment,
in your every day,
share your learning,
in a meaningful way.
This is your life,
do all that you can,
to make it your best life,
be your number 1 fan.
Choose the path,
that feels right for you,
there you’ll meet others,
saying “I can do”.
You will attract beauty,
and love on this trail,
driven by your dreams,
let the wind set sail.
In calm and stormy waters,
you will see,
that strength comes from within,
for you and me.

Put Yourself Out There

put yourself out there

Put Yourself Out There

Time after time,
lessons come and lessons go,
let life in,
this is your show.
The waiting game,
slows down the clock,
open the door,
don’t wait for the knock.
A pro-active mind,
is prepared for the now,
planning ahead,
will answer the how.
Discover a new path,
to travel on,
where dreams of hope,
are never gone.
Explore, take charge,
and do what needs done,
put yourself out there,
and the rest will come.


Stand By Your Dreams

stand by your dreams poetry

Stand By Your Dreams

For what it’s worth,
to all of you,
keep fighting for a life,
you want to come true.

Forget the worry,
and sleepless nights,
stand by your dreams,
to reach new heights.

For you are,
the happy ever after,
focus your thinking,
keep some laughter.

A tsunami storm,
can’t keep you away,
from better days,
so come what may.

Tell yourself,
I am that achiever,
stronger in challenge,
a warrior, a believer.

Take control,
master the seas,
forgive wrong pasts,
get up off your knees.

No more victim,
feel your desire,
feeding your heart,
aiming to inspire.

Encourage your soul,
and with arms open wide,
see yourself there,
succeeding with pride.

By Clarabelle

Lift Your Head High

lift your head high

Lift Your Head High

What’s stopping you,
from dancing in the rain?
What’s keeping you,
from moving away from the pain?
The clouds will move on,
the sunshine will appear,
uplifting your spirits,
and filling you with cheer.
Take a moment,
to treasure all you’ve got,
when you really think about it,
you have such a lot.
Open the door to life,
let the fresh air in,
don’t let the bumps on the road,
keep you from a win.
For there comes a time,
when enough is enough,
lift your head high,
and challenge the rough.
Soon you’ll be amazed,
at what you can achieve,
smile with an open heart,
and in you believe.