Time to Help

Add some goodness to each day.

What if today you decided to help someone?

It might be something as simple as giving some food or money to a homeless person or phoning a friend or family member who lives on their own.

Help and expect nothing back, just help to HELP.

You might see an older person struggling with their shopping bags, so maybe you could help them across the road.

You might decide to share some positive words on one of your social media platforms – those empowering words, might just help out a friend in need.

If you have more time to help, why not do some volunteering for a day – there are many organisations out there who would love your help.

Help where you can and with your wonderful smile.

A little help can go a long long way, so let’s help one another and add some goodness to each day.

Thank you for being here, it’s a real joy to have your presence.

By Clarabelle, London, UK
Created on 7 September 2022
Posted to Blog on 24 September 2022

I Remember When. . .

Everyone in the community knew each other and looked out for each other.


You could leave your house door open during the night;

You could go for an early sole run in the park with no fear;

You would chat outside to your next door neighbour for hours;

No one carried a mobile phone and everyone coped fine;

Children played in large groups outside after school;

Local playgrounds were filled with children, without the need for parents being there;

Children used their imagination and played ‘made up’ games with their friends;

You only had one true best friend but it was called a ‘best pal’;

We didn’t have a landline at home and no one really cared;

All family dinners were home made;

A holiday was going on family day trips to the closest seaside location;

There was only three TV channels and we felt spoiled for choice;

If you could afford a taxi, you were rich;

If you missed the bus, you had to wait another hour on the next one;

Those tiny bronze half pence pieces existed and you felt you had loads of money;

Children would jump for joy with a 10 pence mix up;

Children played water fights during the summer holidays with empty washing up liquid bottles;

Everyone in the community knew each other and looked out for each other;

Hardly anyone had a car;

Getting a 50 pence toy from the local shop, felt like Christmas;

The milkman delivered your glass bottles of milk on your front door step every morning;

As children, we played, football rounders, hide and seek, skipping ropes, kick the can, hopscotch, obstacle courses, sprint races, tennis, swingball, talent shows…and all outdoors!

My Dad, Grans, Granda, Aunties, Uncle, Godmother and some good School Pals were all living back then – now sadly missed . . . . . . oh how I remember when!

By Clarabelle, London, UK
Created on 9 August 2022
Posted to Blog on 4 September 2022

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I See You

so strong and brave

I recognize your being,
everything you give,
your caring heart,
the way you live.

I see you always,
mindful and pure,
helping another,
you are their cure.

I believe in you,
so strong and brave,
you are the gift,
everyone of us crave.

By Clarabelle
London, UK
21 July 2022

To Cheer You Up

to cheer you up

To Cheer You Up

When times are getting you down,
and you feel like wearing a frown,
Be grateful for all that you’ve got,
Ask this, “I am grateful for what?”
List 3 things, to cheer you up,
from friends in your life, to the coffee in your cup.
It’s all important, just you wait and see,
that appreciating life, makes you happy.
So think a little different, in this moment now,
to turn around tough times and to make you feel wow.


Keep Going My Friend

keep going my friend image

Keep Going My Friend

Keep going my friend,
face your fears.
Let the worry,
wash away those tears.
For today is a chance,
to be that spark.
Forever inspiring,
bringing light to dark.
Just do one thing,
to help you move on.
Each baby step closer,
towards a brand new dawn.
Look in the mirror,
be kind and forgiving.
For you really deserve,
A wonderful life worth living.

By Clarabelle


To My Someone New

meet me images

To My Someone New

Meeting new people in your life can bring you a whole new world of opportunities.  Be open to meeting new people in your life, be forthcoming to making new friends, for they could be a true friend for life. This next poem is inspired by just that…….To My Someone New…

To My Someone New

It’s nice to meet you,
Such a pleasure.
Our paths have crossed,
You are the treasure.
Your smile is dazzling,
Your heart is good.
I feel your vibe,
Your happy mood.
To my someone new,
You give me light.
You erase the darkness,
Bring warmth at night.
I embrace your hugs,
They’re filled with care.
When lightning strikes,
You stand there.
A friend for life,
Adventures together.
Stepping into this world,
Souls light as a feather.

Poem by Clarabelle

Ask for Help

helping a friend

Yes, I Will Help You

Sometimes in life you just have to ask for help, whether it is from a family member, a friend, a work colleague, a boss, sometimes you’ve got to just ask and I am sure, I am absolutely sure help will be offered.

You see, people want to help other people, if they can, they usually will.  If someone came to me for help and if I could help them in some way, I surely would, I wouldn’t even think about it, I would just say, “Yes, I will help you”.

I like to help, I like helping other people.

So, if you feel you need a little help in life, just ask for it, I am sure 99% of the time the person you are asking will say yes and will help you in anyway they can.

All you have to do is ask…..so just you pluck up the courage today and ask.



Remember Me

Remember me,
When the sunshines fades,
When darkness falls,
No light, just shades.

Remember me,
When you need my hand.
Keeping you warm,
On a snowy land.

Remember me,
When they set you free.
All of my love,
The vision I see.

Remember me,
I’m here for you,
Waiting forever,
Happy and true.

By Clarabelle


What Makes You Happy?

What makes you happy? Isn’t happiness such a lovely feeling.

Do more of what makes you happy.

I’m happy doing this, writing for you on this blog, it really makes me so happy.

Love, happiness and smiles to you,



A Christmas Hug

Give someone you love, a big Christmas hug today, it will make you both feel so good.

A Christmas Hug

Please give,me,
a Christmas Hug today,
Warmth from your soul,
In every way.

A loving touch,
a happy embrace.
Sparkling eyes,
A smiling face.

It feels so nice,
It feels so awesome.
Your cuddles of joy,
Make my heart blossom.

By Clarabelle


Missing at Christmas

Are you missing anyone very special this Christmas? I am, I am really missing someone right now and I won’t be with him this Christmas but I will be with him. every Christmas after that.

I try not to feel too sad about it because there isn’t anything I can do to change the situation this Christmas, so I keep my mind focused on all the other beautiful Christmas times we will have together. I also put lots of focus on what I do have to be thankful for in my life right now and there is a lot, a massive amount actually.

When I am having thoughtful “I am grateful” moments, I feel at peace, I feel inner happiness, serenity and very blessed. So if you are missing someone right now and they can’t be with you for whatever reason, think of what you do have in your life, right now and think of the blessing that is also you.

Love Clarabelle


How are you?

Hi there, this is a rather more informal blog posting, I was just wondering how you were, are you doing okay out there or maybe you’re doing even better than okay? So, please may I ask you,

How are you today?

I’d like to know more about you. 🙂

Love Clarabelle

PS: I’m happily enjoying a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea at the moment, and it’s, well, just lovely.


Write Don’t Type

letter writing

Write Don’t Type!!

As I “type” this 🙂 I urge you today to handwrite a letter to someone.  By writing a letter to a friend or family member, to me, it actually feels much more meaningful, it gives it much more sincerity and thoughtfulness.  That’s not to say that an email can’t be, but I just think it is really nice now and again to handwrite a letter to a special person in your life.

Today I had the choice to send an email or handwrite a letter and for the first time in a long time, I did the latter…..I sat down at my desk and wrote a letter to the person.  Now I did deliberately make more time for it and yes my hand was a little sore after filing 6 pages but, you know what, it felt really really good, I felt that I was putting some beautiful loving energy onto that paper and now that person will receive that lovely energy even more so when they read.

Who do you want to write a letter to today?  I encourage you to take some time out of your beautiful busy life and handwrite a letter to someone important in your life.  Believe me you will receive many benefits by doing this and so will the person receiving the letter, I am so sure of that.

Happy writing, love Clarabelle

Clarabelle's Musings

Dedicated to Paratrooper Steve

Following on from my previous post, I dedicate this poem to Steve who is sadly no longer here:

A Paratrooper….

I saw an Ad
To write to you
You wanted a friend
Another focus too.

In January 97,
You said “Hello”
“My name is Steve
I have a sore toe.

From all the marching,
And running too,
It bleeds sometimes,
But this is what I do.

I jump from planes,
It was scary at first.
But now these skyfalls
Quench my thirst.

I love to travel,
I love the sun
I’m studying like crazy.
When not with a gun.

A paratrooper by title,
I was 18 at the start,
5 years later,
A strong soldier with a heart.

Sometimes I’m lonely,
A lot of times I’m not.
So busy with my life,
I make good of what I’ve got.

I love my fitness,
It’s important to me.
I try to improve,
Be the best I can be.

Sorry if this letter,
Arrived a little late.
But I’ll send you some photos,
Just a little more to wait.

I love to get your mail,
Please write soon Claire.
Keep smiling, soldier on.
Love from Steve, take care.”

31 of these letters,
I treasure with happy tears
So sad that you are gone Steve,
Thank you for those two years.

By Clarabelle


Feeling Blessed


Sharing some happy tears with you today.

In 1996 I replied to a newspaper advert, pen friends for people in the British Army – I thought it would be a nice thing to do.

On the 13th January 1997 I received my first letter from Steve, he was 23 years and had been serving in the British army since he was 18 years old, the airmail letter came from Bosnia. We never actually met, we just wrote to each other for a period of 2 years.

I was clearing out old papers from my mum’s house the other day and came across Steve’s letters to me – 31 of them.  Today I am reading all these letters again, I am happy, I am sad (but in a good way) and I have gained such heart warming inspiration from them, all over again….I wonder where Steve is now? I wish him very well

These are the little unexpected moments of life that put some true meaning and purpose into it all.  Feeling blessed.

Write a letter to someone today, go on, I know it would be a very lovely thing to do and you and the other person will get so much from it.

Love Clarabelle

Please note, that sadly after writing this blog post, I was so sad to find out that Steve passed away in September 2012 at the very young age of 39 years, I am so shocked. I will try my best to get in touch with his mum and forward his beautiful letters to her. He was so happy and full of life, such a loss to this world that he is no longer here. I think this is just a little reminder to us all that we must make the most of our lives and focus on the important things to us going forward. Clarabelle

Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Moon

A poem dedicated to the kindness of new friends and the goodbye memories in my heart.

Goodbye Sunshine

Goodbye Sunshine,
Hello Moon.
Brightest stars,
So long bloom.

Hearts gone by,
Tears collide,
Hugs of warmth,
People who guide.

Sparkling eyes,
Whispered treasure,
Thank you friends,
It’s my pleasure.

By Clarabelle


My Childhood in Carfin


Carfin Past and Present

There is new facebook group that was created last week and it is about the village I grew up in, “Carfin Past and Present”.  What a wonderful idea it was by Maureen Strachan, I feel it really is bringing that community spirit back together again, even though the group members now live in all different parts of the world.  A very special thank you to Maureen for creating the group, what a tremendous idea it was.

Old Photos

So the lovely people who lived in the village of Carfin when I was a child are posting up their old photos and I must say they are absolute crackers (in a good way) and many have brought a tear to my eye.  There was one in particular (below) which I thought I would share with you.

Clarabelle from Carfin
A Young Clarabelle in the red track suit

The photo is from the Carfin Carnival Week sports day in the 1980s.  I looked at myself in this photo and I honestly just wanted to be that child again, because the happy memories I have from my childhood are second to none.

I feel very very blessed to have been brought up in a small village with such beautiful community spirit, where everyone knew your name and looked out for you – I miss that lovely feeling.  This facebook group and the old photos, inspired me to write the poem below, I hope you like it.  Maybe this has given you the idea to start up a similar facebook group or connect with some old friends.  Lots of love to you today, Clarabelle.

My Childhood in Carfin

I look at that child
I want to be her
I forgot her smile
My memory is blur
She looks so sweet
Just happy and content
Laughing with friends
Time well spent

As time goes by
Photos bring tears
Fun loving memories
From Carfin past years
A community with hope
and full of pride
A village of families
Where love did reside

A strength and spirit
very special to us all
My childhood in Carfin
with kick the can and football
We made up the games
for lots of children to play
We sometimes did fight
But were friends the next day

So when I think of this time
More than 30 years ago
I only remember good
and the Carnival talent show
Carfin was the best
I’ll say it till I die
My childhood in Carfin
Happy tears I do cry

By Clarabelle 18 January 2014

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Flowers are……

The Birth of a New Year

I hope you celebrated the birth of this new year in style and whatever that is for you I do hope it was very lovely and wonderful.  I was away for a few days with my friend and we had lots of fun, it was really nice to get away.

Beautiful Flowers

Before I went away I bought some beautiful flowers….pink and red roses, I nearly didn’t buy them, because I was going away, but I then thought the flowers are not just for me they are for my beautiful little home.  That was such a lovely decision that I made because when I arrived home yesterday, I was welcomed to their beautiful fresh scent and opening of the roses flowers, it really did make my heart smile inside.

pink and red roses
Clarabelle’s pink and red roses.

Flowers Are….

It reminded me of a quote that my friend sent me this Christmas with my Christmas present of white hanging flowers, on the package she wrote for me “Flowers are the smile of the earth”, how lovely and such a beautiful and touching quote.

Another positive from buying the flowers, when I did, is that it has encouraged me to write this blog post and share it with you……I hope you liked me sharing this story with you.

If, “Flowers are the smile of the earth”, let your heart be the garden for them to grow in.

Lots of love to you today and always,


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Friends at Christmas

Friendship Photo

True Friends at Christmas

It is so lovely to receive an unexpected call from a true friend at Christmas time.  I am just off the phone from a really good friend of mine who moved away from Scotland this year and it was so lovely to hear her voice and chat and laugh with her.  This has inspired this Day 14 Christmas Poem.  Go on, pick up the phone today and give a true friend some warm Christmas Love.  Clarabelle

Friends at Christmas

Friends at Christmas,
are so special and true.
A chat full of joy,
through and through.
We talk of good times,
we laugh a lot.
We think of Christmas,
and all we’ve got.
Friends at Christmas,
are so precious to me.
Phone a friend this Christmas,
and let true friendship be.

Created by Clarabelle, 13 December 2013

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Poems for your Christmas Cards

Christmas Poems for Your Cards

Regular visitors to this blog will know that since the first of December I have been creating a Christmas Poem everyday for you up until Christmas Day.  Today I want to share with you a Christmas Poem that you could write in a Christmas Card and give to your beautiful mum.  It’s always nice to add that personal touch, it is so much more precious and meaningful.  So today’s little poem is short enough to go into your Mum’s Christmas Card. I made this poem especially for my own Mum’s Christmas Card, which I also designed too.  I hope you like it and please feel free to use it in your Christmas Card for your lovely mum this Christmas and I am also very happy for you to share this with others. Lots of love Clarabelle.

Christmas Red Berries

Happy Christmas Mum

Christmas red berries

bring much love to you.

Because you are special

the whole year through.

Much love to you Mum

on this Christmas Day

I love you forever

forever and a day.


Happy Christmas

Created by Clarabelle, 9 December 2013

Below is a link to the personalised Christmas Card I designed for my Mum:

Mum Christmas Card

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True Friends

After I shared the last blog post, it inspired me to write this poem.  True friends will remain in your heart forever and ever and ever and ever.  Say hello to your true friends today.

Clarabelle Photography and Quotes, The light is love

The Path of Friendship

There is a road,
that’s never long.
It’s full of joy,
where friends belong.

A path so wide,
a trail so open.
Full of love,
and future hoping.

The path of friendship,
is a happy one.
It’s full of energy,
it’s full of fun.

Hold your friends,
dear to your heart.
Today they maybe here,
tomorrow they may depart.

But their soul will always,
dance with you.
Their laughter will sing,
to help you shine through.

Friends are special,
one of a kind.
You are my friend,
and always on my mind.

By Clarabelle, 26 October 2013

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The Courage Living in You

This is the second of the poems that I wrote last Friday, it is a poem about being strong, having courage and knowing that YOU really do make a difference in this world.  I hope you like it and please share it with the people you love.  Clarabelle 🙂

Photography by Clarabelle 2013
Photography by Clarabelle 2013

The Courage Living in You

Sometimes you may not always, get it right,
Sometimes you can’t, sleep at night.
Sometimes the thunder, drowns out your prayer,
Sometimes you’re lonely, when no one is there.

But a lot of times your smile, is brighter that the sun,
A lot of times you skip, no need to run.
A lot of times your happiness, cheers up a friend,
A lot of times your heart, reaches the rainbow’s end.

So when life gets you down, as it sometimes will,
When the frosty ice, is making you chill.

Remember the love, warming you up,
Remember the joy, filling your cup.
Remember you are strong, nothing can break you,
Remember the courage, living in what you do.

It’s so easy to forget, the difference you make,
It’s so easy to give, and never take.
But I want you to know, that I am here,
Always for you, bringing you cheer.

My smile is for you, my hand yours to hold,
Melting the ice, in the bitter cold.
A friend is in me, a friend is in you,
Together we’re stronger, this is so true.

Created by Clarabelle, 20 September 2013

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What’s Your Love Story?


New Perspective

It’s nice to meet new people from different backgrounds and different walks of life, for me, it always makes fascinating conversation.  Meeting a new person is like inviting a whole new perspective on the world into your life.  I love meeting new people, I can feel their energy, see their dreams through their eyes and visualise in my imagination the stories of their lives, places they’ve been too, hearts they’ve touched and inspired.  Just through one conversation over a cup of coffee can lighten up your own world, it’s like having new eyes in that very moment.  Hopefully I will get to meet some of you in the future, I don’t know when and I don’t know where but I feel that would be wonderful to happen.

Today, I encourage you to meet a new person or talk to someone you’ve never spoken to before. Embrace the magic of this new conversation, no matter what it is about and interpret it has a “love story”, wow, how wonderful that conversation will leave you.

Every person in this world has their own “love story” to tell, listen deeply with your heart and you will be surely connecting with them on a different level.

May you be open to a fresh perspective on life today and let this renewed energy reinvigorate your soul.   Lots of love, Clarabelle

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What is Happy Ever After?

True Happiness

I believe “Happy Ever After” has nothing to do with the “after”, I believe it is in the now, right at this very moment, because this moment, right now, is always we have.  I created a poem this evening about “What is Happy Ever After?” and I also recited it on Youtube for you.  I hope you like it.  May this moment, right now in your life, fill you with true happiness, lots of love Clarabelle.

What is Happy Ever After?

Peace from within, joyful inside,
Gratefulness in the moment, being your guide.

The brightest star, shining on you,
The rainbow smiling, on what you do.

The deepest love, you ever could feel,
Hugging each other, on the family and friends wheel.

A kiss, a cuddle, a warm embrace,
Being in the now, no happiness to chase.

Calmness in the soul, free from stress,
Creating space, living with less.

So on this journey of life, enjoy the laughter,
This is my answer to, “What is Happy Ever After?”

Created by Clarabelle on 27 August 2013

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Great Minds Think Differently

New York Study Tour 2010
NYC Study Tour 2010

Study Tour

In June 2010 I led a small leadership and personal development study tour to New York City.  It was such an amazing experience and I learned so much. “Great minds think differently” is a quote that was displayed brightly on an a massive advertising sign in the middle of Times Square and I resonated with it at the time.   On the Study Tour, we met up with other leaders and professional coaches whilst over there.  We went from Wall Street to Princeton, New Jersey to Westchester to Hoboken to Staten Island, you name it we were there.  We also got the wonderful opportunity to sail on my friend’s boat on the Hudson River and I was given a complimentary helicopter ride over the very stunning New York City by another friend of mine.  My friend Maritza also got us a private tour around the United Nations building, that was really amazing.

I produced a whole brochure on the experience of leading and participating in the Leadership Study Tour and if you are interested in receiving a complimentary copy, please just email me and I will email it to you claire@murraypeople.com


The reason I am sharing this with you is because I came across the beginnings of a video I produced from the trip (see below).  I always get so much energy from visiting New York City as it holds a very special place in my heart and this is were I also met my first love in 2007.  We are not together now, for the right reasons I believe but we still remain distant friends.

In relation to the Youtube video, for anyone who is not familiar with the drink “Irn Bru”, it is a well known and very popular soda drink (pop) here in Bonny Scotland.  It is often called Scotland’s Other National Drink!!  I took it over for some of my American friends to try, hence Donna’s comment on the video of it tasting like “liquid candy“.  🙂

New York, New York I’ve been there five times now since 2007 and I know I will visit it again, I have many great connections over there and I am sure will be doing some work over there soon.

What place do you like to visit and why? I’d love to know. 

May your day today be filled with beautiful loving energy, lots of love, Clarabelle

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August – Question of the Month


At the beginning of every month I give you a question to ponder and considering answering for yourself and I also share my own answer with you.  Below is this month’s question:


When was the last time you laughed and I mean like a good old “belly laugh”?

My Answer:

I honestly do laugh every day, however the last time I remember having a good old “belly laugh” was when I visited my mum recently for a cup of tea, we were having a nice chat and she said something that surprised me, it was so unexpected I could not stop laughing and because I was laughing so much she couldn’t stop laughing either.  I am even laughing thinking about it now.  

Life can be oh too serious at times and sometimes you just need to laugh out loud, go on have a laugh with your friends today, watch a funny movie or listen to your favourite comedian, whatever it is just you make sure you laugh then I know you will feel amazing.

May this month of August be filled with sweet laughter for you.

Love Clarabelle

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There’s a Friend in Each Stranger

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Seed of Change

Every person you have not connected with yet is a potential friend, companion, confidante or seed of change.  There is indeed a friend in each stranger and every day we let potential friends pass us by.  A gentle smile towards another can surely make their day, for a smile is one form of communication that no matter what the language barrier, it will always warm another’s heart.

My heart speaks to you today, it is graciously smiling like an upside down rainbow – colourful, magical and beaming with joy.  There is much beauty to be found in the stranger by your side, this next poem is inspired by just that.  Pay your smile forward today and spread a little happiness.  Much love to you Clarabelle.

There’s a Friend in Each Stranger

There’s a friend in each stranger, look and see,

Be brave, take a chance, with he or she.

It may lead to forever or a short term thought,

But if you look at the positive, you’ll find such a lot.

Welcome a new world, from inside their eyes,

Exchange happy moments, desires or surprise.

Be truthful and listen, for their heart will speak,

Don’t hide any more, just take a peek.

poemsbyclarabelle, 30 March 2013

My Soul is Free

I am thinking about my happy childhood today, so I decide to take a snapshot memory from one of these true moments and share it with you today.  Release the child inside of you, just for a moment, just for today, be that child once more, it feels so loving and carefree.  Lots of love, Clarabelle.  

My Soul is Free

My Soul is Free

I am 8 years old, I am playing in the swing park and look up to the pretty red sky on a sweet summers night. I see a million lights sparkling in the distance, like the most precious jewels I have ever seen, they mesmerize me.  It feels like I am in a hypnotic state, my heart feels happy, my soul is free, I dream, I visualise my future….

“I’ll be there one day”, I say;


Here, right now, I can be there any moment of any day, for my childlike imagination, can take me there.  Whenever I want to go there and without physical travel, I can instantly be there.

Where is there?

There is “Happiness” my friend, Happiness is my home and my heart has always lived there.

poemsbyclarabelle, 17 February 2013

Prayer for the Loss of a Loved One

When someone close to us dies, often prayer can help us to see through each day until we become strong again and are ready to face the world.  I wrote this prayer after hearing about the loss of a friend’s loved one, I hope its sentiment brings strength to anyone who is going through this deep sadness at this time in their life.  Love to you Clarabelle.

Prayer for the Loss of a Loved One
prayer for the loss of a loved one

Prayer for the Loss of a Loved One

Dear God,

I pray that my loved one, is now held gently in your loving arms.

May their soul now be free and abundant with love and light.

Let their happy loving spirit, shine and guide us here on earth.

I pray that my close family and friends, remain strong for each other.

May we continue to be blessed with your loving presence, every moment of every day.



There’s a Champion in YOU!!

Life can be really really tough sometimes, it can throw you curve ball after curve ball, whilst you’re climbing up the highest mountain, in the toughest terrain and then just when you think you’re getting somewhere, down comes the avalanche!!  You may not realise it, but this is where the lighting strikes, this is where the miracle happens….saturated in doubts and drenched in tears, your heart and soul gets to work and creates a special magic inside of you, which reaches out and touches the stars.  When you feel the deepest pain, believe me, it’s the start of your healing. How do I know?……I’ve been there.  The New Year is just around the corner, there is life after 2012, I see it is so very special for you, full of love and abundance. My inner calling told me to share this with you today…….sometimes we all need a helping hand – listen to the whispers of your heart, for they only speak truth to you.  Much love to you today, Clarabelle.

New Year
New Year 2013

There’s a Champion in YOU!!

Your light shines brighter, in the dark,

Your heart beats stronger, but leaves no mark.

The soul reconnects, to all of you,

The mountain climb, is in full view.

Pause for a second, feel the calmness in the air,

Your inner being, has much love to share.

The battle ain’t over, but YOU will win,

Believe it and see it, hold up that chin.

Because sometimes we fall, and keep on falling,

Tumbling down the hill, away from our calling.


But where you land, is the start of your healing,

Disguised in your tears, and in the pain you are feeling.

Nothing feels worse, but please trust, in what I say,

As you freeze in the moment, in the heat of the day.

You are a miracle, you are the one,

That can move any mountain, your journey has begun.

For inside your being, a bright flame does glow,

The tougher life gets, the more it does grow.

The eyes cannot see it, as the mind struggles on,

But it’s burning down the virus, until it’s all gone.

Don’t shut out these whispers, have faith, they are true,

Keep going, my friend, there’s a champion in YOU!!

poemsbyclarabelle, 26 December 2012

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Friendship is the Gift

I have been reflecting today on the wonderful close friends I have in my life, some of them I have known for over 30 years of my life and others for about one year. Regardless of the length of time I have known them, each and everyone of them is very special to me, their support is second to none and just talking to them instantly uplifts my spirits to another dimension.  This poem is dedicated to my dearest friends, Donna, Sharon, Richard, Debbie and Dagmar, I shall champion you forever, thank you for all that you give me and much more. May I encourage you to let your friends know how truly special they are to you.

Friendship has true meaning, a simple gifted treasure,

When you’re feeling a little stuck, or need a partner for your leisure.

A real friend will be there, always just for you,

Holding your hand, to help you see tough times through.

An empathetic listening ear, gentle hug or warm smile,

A forever empowering note, that goes the extra mile.

Friendship is so sweet, like sugar in your tea,

Friends separate from the ‘I’ and turn it into ‘We’.

Friendship is the gift, of endearment and inner strength,

To support you indeed, friends will go to arms length.

Today I reflect on my friends, who are so very dear,

Like beautiful guardian angels, they bring me good cheer.

So wherever your dreams take you, please remember to tell,

Your friends that they are magical, like an enchanting wishing well.

Happy are their hearts, that shine upon you,

The closest of connections, without needing any glue.

Now we share the laughter, and hopes for all time,

I have friends in a million, I’d give them my last dime.

So often we forget ,the joy they bring each day,

Thank you my closest friends, in my heart for you I pray.

poemsbyclarabelle, 2 May 2012

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The Stars Come Out To Play

Have you ever had a friend that you lost touch with for a few years and then all of a sudden and out of the blue, they contact you to say ‘hello’.  This happened to me the other day and although it was unexpected at that time, I somehow always believed that I would hear their call, I just had to give it time.  Rather than trying to catch the butterfly, give it the time it needs and then it will come and sit on your shoulder.  May your day be filled with beautiful butterfly moments.  Lots of love Clarabelle.

The stars come out to play

The Stars Come Out To Play

He said ‘hello’ today, on his own,

No prompt from me, when I felt alone.

It’s taken 5 years, to melt the ice,

Because a broken heart, does not feel nice.

Letting go of emotions, frees me from pain,

I’ve learned a hard lesson, not to do that again.

So I’ll take this step forward, detached from it all,

The flame is still flickering, and burns down the paper wall.

I don’t hold on to hope, or feel any fear,

It is what it is, this moment is here.

I cherish the movement, as the stars come out to play,

And the moon masters the night sky, at the end of the day.

poemsbyclarabelle, Created on 4 October 2012

Sunshine Yellow

This Sunshine Colour

I wanted to make up a poem for my friend who has recently celebrated her 60th birthday. She absolutely loves the colour yellow and every time I visit her house it is surrounded by the beautiful brightness of this sunshine colour.  May your day be filled with the magical joy and enlightenment of sunshine yellow.  Lots of love Clarabelle

Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine Yellow

Young at heart, that’s certainly you,

Effervescent, in all that you do.

Love is abundant, in your magical soul,

Life’s energy surrounds you, fulfilling and whole.

Outgoing and fun, sunshine smiles all around,

Wonderful friend, and happy spirit I have found.

poemsbyclarabelle, 2 October 2012


This was my first poem posted here on this blog in April this year, now that I have many more blog followers I thought I would reblog some of my favourite postings.  I hope you enjoy.  Have a beautifully inspired day.  Lots of love Clarabelle



I was inspired to write the following poem after spending some time with a new friend in my life, his spirit was very refreshing and his soul was very honest and true.  I sensed he was coming from a good place and it was that real connection with him that led me to write ‘Superhero’.


Here comes the superhero into the night

Flying around, so wonderful and bright

There is magic in his eyes, I see he is brave

A courageous manner, towards all he will save

His strength is not obvious, it comes from within

A growing heart, that’s looking for its twin

Softly spoken, comes out these wise words

Turning my mind, like humming birds

Shall I ask him the question, that I want to know

How he picks up my spirits, when I’m feeling low

There is a connection, that the eyes cannot see


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Sister Dear Sister

Poem, Sister Dear Sister

Often we go through life and we forget how influential our closest family members have been in our life.  This poem is a heartfelt sentiment to my wonderful and beautiful younger sister,who through the highs and lows of my life has always been there for me.  Thank you Leanne, you are so very special to me, more than you’ll ever know.

Sister Dear Sister

When we were young sis, we always used to fight

Early in the morning and mostly every night

I didn’t really appreciate back then, the special person in you

I now recognise that failing, so evident and true

But as we got older, I changed my poor sisterly ways

You became a best friend and we went on holidays

I love you my dear sister, you are so special to me

More than you’ll ever know, more than I let you see

I always feel so happy, when you are around

You cheer up the room, lots of laughter is your sound

And always when I need you, to my door you come a knocking

There with open arms and then we do some talking

You laugh at your own jokes and I find that very funny

Your spirit is so alive and your attitude is always sunny

Sister dear sister, you’ve made my life so great

I couldn’t ask for a better sister, 10 out of 10 you rate

 poemsbyclarabelle, 25 February 2012

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You are the King

Poem “You Are The King”

This poem ‘You are the King’ is written about my good friend who lives thousands of miles away from me and although we have actually never met in person, we continue to communicate regularly through the internet.  We have helped each other through tough times over the last year and this poem celebrates our brotherly, sisterly bond and growing friendship.

You are the King

We are miles apart but I feel close to you

A special connection between us two

Through challenging times, we helped each other

Our friendship grew stronger, like sister and brother

You are highly intelligent, with dark handsome looks

We chatted for hours and discussed inspiring books

I learned so much, in a short space of time

Uncovering raw moments, your soul it touched mine

In this crazy world, there is one law that’s true

The Law of Attraction, brought me to you

And in this dimension, new beginnings took place

Rekindling self-awareness, that showed your real face

Leonardo, Leonardo, you are the King

When I hear your smooth voice, my heart it does sing

And at the edge of the pier, I look out to the sun

The horizon is honest, where we meet everyone

Sunshine smiles, love and laughter

Our worlds did meet……I wish you happy ever after

poemsbyclarabelle, 20 April 2012

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Chuck you are so special to me


This poem was requested by a wonderful gentleman whose beautiful dog ‘Chuck’ sadly passed away recently.  The poetic words capture the true essence of Chuck in every sense of the word and highlight the special bond between Chuck and his owner.  Chuck’s spirit and vitality continues to live on in the hearts of the people he touched in his local community.

Chuck you are so special to me, and although you can’t be here

You’re forever in my heart, every moment throughout the year

We had the strongest bond, together we were one

Your caring ways were captured, in your playfulness and fun

Never have I had, such a best friend like you

As my protector and guardian, your bravery did shine through

And even though your presence, is missed each and every day

I know that you are watching over me, in a loving kind of way

A companion in a million, nothing will take your place

My soul it smiles inside, when I look at your happy face

Your memory will last forever, in me your spirit lives on

It fills my heart with happiness, even though you are gone

Chuck you were just like my shadow, always by my side

And every time I think of you, my heart fills up with pride

poemsbyclarabelle, 10 April 2012

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