Let Fun In

let fun in poetry

Let Fun In

Sometimes you have to,
let fun in,
life without it,
can be a little dim.
Feel the excitement,
enjoy it for a while,
let your hair down,
and your face it will smile.
Jump to the music,
just let go,
treasure the moment.
let fun flow.
Head’s in a spin,
this feels so good,
embrace the happiness,
within your  mood.
Now is the time,
to banish all blues,
have a wonderful day,
dancing in your shoes.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Sometimes I think I may take life a little too seriously, I think it’s because of some of the leadership and management roles I’ve had in the past…..anyway, I feel it’s time for some fun, fun, fun…..I know it’s time for some fun, fun, fun and a few belly laughs along the way. So all I need to do now is to take some action towards this…….

What’s fun for you?

Bring a little fun into your life.



Happy Little Blogger

I am such a happy little blogger, I really am. I want to share all these happy vibes with you, everyday, so just so you know, I am blogging 3 times a day. New fresh posts will be published at UK time 4am, 12 noon and 6pm, so there will always be some very special words of wisdom, inspiration and motivation coming your way.

Do what you love, and I love blogging for you.

Love Clarabelle


City Lights

City Lights

My friend Sharon and I are having some fun time this weekend in Manchester City Centre, this is the view from the famous Cloud 23 Bar at the top of the Hilton Hotel we are staying at. This is fun, this is dancing, this is sweet happiness and I am very grateful. Wherever you are today, let the fun in your heart shine, love Clarabelle.

City Lights

Sweet sweet city lights
Feeling good rainbow heights
Smiley faces, having fun
Dancing like number one
All is cool, wild and free
Cuban nights, you and me
Glitz and glamour, make me shine
Feel the beat, rhythm and rhyme
One more dance, one more song
My heart is happy, I am strong

poemsbyclarabelle, 10 August 2013

Clarabelle and Sharon

Positive Mindset

Below is a post taken from one of my other blogs, I posted this one on 1 March 2010 and I thought I would share it with you on here.  Wishing you a day filled with an abundance of positive thoughts.  Love Clarabelle

My Niece Megan
My Niece Megan

Full of Character and Excitement

I was looking after my 3 year old niece the other week whilst her parents went off to pick up their new puppy dog.

I love watching my little niece she is such a funny, cheery little girl full of character and excitement. She was happily looking out of the window into my back garden when she shouted “look Auntie Claire, they’re dancing”, I asked her what was dancing and she said “the trees are dancing” and she began to copy the swaying movements of the trees blowing in the wind outside. It was so cute to watch, I smiled and I thought to myself what a truly wonderful positive perception she has on Mother Nature.

Such an Amazing “Mummy”

Later on that day I kept thinking about my niece’s words and how she could have said something completely different using a more negative connotation, but she didn’t. I then thought about my younger sister, who is such an amazing “Mummy” and how positive and happy she is. I just know that my sister’s love for nature and optimistic outlook on life has made such a positive influence on my little niece’s young life.

It made me think about how important it is for us all to choose to have a positive mindset and positive take on the world. Like in those famous lyrics sung by Whitney Houston “I believe the children are our future” – I do hope the trees stay dancing!!

My Soul is Free

I am thinking about my happy childhood today, so I decide to take a snapshot memory from one of these true moments and share it with you today.  Release the child inside of you, just for a moment, just for today, be that child once more, it feels so loving and carefree.  Lots of love, Clarabelle.  

My Soul is Free

My Soul is Free

I am 8 years old, I am playing in the swing park and look up to the pretty red sky on a sweet summers night. I see a million lights sparkling in the distance, like the most precious jewels I have ever seen, they mesmerize me.  It feels like I am in a hypnotic state, my heart feels happy, my soul is free, I dream, I visualise my future….

“I’ll be there one day”, I say;


Here, right now, I can be there any moment of any day, for my childlike imagination, can take me there.  Whenever I want to go there and without physical travel, I can instantly be there.

Where is there?

There is “Happiness” my friend, Happiness is my home and my heart has always lived there.

poemsbyclarabelle, 17 February 2013

Dancing in Your Shoes

I have been working very very hard lately and not had much of a break, so now I think it is time to let my hair down a little and have some fun.  After all, it can’t always be work, work, work, even though I do love what I do, it really is nice to have a break and dance to the sound of the music.  This next poem is all about that – go on have some fun!!

Sometimes you have, to let fun in

Life without it, can be a little bit dim

Feel the excitement, enjoy it for a while

Let you hair down and your face it will smile

Jump to the music, just let go

Treasure the moment, let fun flow

My head’s in a spin, this feels so good

Embrace the happiness, within your mood

Now is the time, to banish all blues

Have a wonderful day, dancing in your shoes

poemsbyclarabelle, 29 April 2012

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