If God Lets Me…..

shine like the morning sun

If God lets me
I'll always lead the way
If God lets me
I'll kneel down with him and pray
If God lets me
I'll do him very proud
If God lets me
I'll help all lost in the crowd 

If God lets me
I'll shine like the morning sun
If God lets me
I'll do what he needs done
If God lets me
I'll be a beacon of pure strength
If God lets me
I'll go to any given length 

If God lets me
I'll show him my full power
If God lets me
I'll respect his every hour
If God lets me
I'll take the best right turn
If God lets me
I'll let all worry burn 

If God lets me
I'll give him my all
If God lets me
I'll knock down each brick wall
If God lets me
I'll be happy in present time
If God lets me
I'll forever be more than fine 

If God lets me
I'll forgive and forget
If God lets me
I'll get out of all bad debt
If God lets me
I'll love him like no other
If God lets me
I'll make peace with every brother 

If God lets me
I'll hold my head up high
If God lets me
I'll be truthful and not lie
If God lets me
I'll always sing his song
If God lets me
I'll make right every wrong 

If God lets me
I'll live life to the full
If God lets me
I'll obey his every rule
If God lets me
I'll share the good I know
If God lets me
I'll give all hope a go 

If God lets me
I'll believe in my self-worth
If God lets me
Every wave of life I'll surf
If God lets me
I'll be positive and bright
If God lets me
I'll sleep peacefully each night 

If God lets me
I"ll take my second chance
If God lets me
I'll celebrate and dance
If God lets me
I'll show him I am real
If God lets me
I trust he'll make the deal

By Clarabelle
Created on 10 August 2021
London, UK


vibrant throughout

With its twists and turns,
and turbulent times,
with its happy memories,
and sweet sublimes.

Life is colour,
and vibrant throughout,
Life is beautiful,
it's all about.

With its songs of mercy,
and praise in between,
with its dance of joy,
and what has been.

Life is precious,
and tender in touch,
Life is magical,
I love it so much.

Being “Me”

this is your call

Do not try to be loved,
for that force never wins,
opening up your heart,
is where attraction begins.

Do not try to be wanted,
for this wonderful you,
is unique and special,
for the right person too.

Do not try to be liked,
for you have it all,
talented and beautiful,
this is your call.

Do not try to be something,
you never want to be,
always stay you,
enjoy being "me".

By Clarabelle
2 November 2021
London, UK

What is…..?

a miracle glowing

What is love,
without surprise,
a caring thought,
heartfelt eyes.

What is kindness,
without the giving,
touching lives,
soulful living.

What is forgiveness,
without a prayer,
sharing you,
unique and rare.

What is gratitude,
without the knowing,
a thankful bond,
a miracle glowing.

What is here,
without your presence,
healing time,
your very essence.

by Clarabelle
1 November 2021
London, UK

You’re the Star

forever inspiring

You're the Star,
that shines so bright,
giving me hope,
bringing me light.

You're the Star,
in my heart,
forever inspiring,
igniting each part.

You're the Star,
strong in power,
fading the darkness,
sparkling each hour.

You're the Star,
soulful in time,
guiding to goodness,
simply divine.

By Clarabelle
28 October 2021
London, UK

Oceans Run Deep

waves rush through

Oceans run deep
waves rush through
time is of the essence
beneath the sky so blue.

A thought on hold
may change your ways
igniting your spirit
to happier days.

Beauty embraces
energetic light
forever inspiring
enchanting the night.

Hope in your heart
unlocks your mind
captivating magic
you're one of a kind.

By Clarabelle
20 October 2021

Be Brave

She said, “be brave”.

Today she dreams
of what will be
her vibrant heart
beating free.

Her thoughts they shine
beneath the sun
glowing brightly
in everyone.

When it was dark
in pasts gone by
she battled her way
she challenged her why.

She said "be brave"
be the one
who strives to make it
until it's done.

No other path
could take her where
the heavens opened
soul stripped bare.

She gives her mind
to this cause
silence in love
kind self-applause.

She raised her spirit
embraced inner beauty
to achieve her purpose
she made it her duty.

By Clarabelle
19 October 2021

Second Chances and Life Advances

be brave

Second Chances and Life Advances

Grab yourself a second chance in life, take it, run with it and celebrate it, for second chances and life advances don’t come around very often – do you hear me?

Second chances and life advances.…you’ve got this!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


The Knock On Effect

the domino effect

The Knock On Effect

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

Who said this and what does this really mean?

This is a statement from Newtons Third Law, now I’m not going to go into the laws of physics today but I want to help you to think about this phrase in terms of what you put out to the world.

Do you put out good, positive, happy energy OR do you, more often than not, put out the opposite of this?

Think of the “domino effect” of putting out good energy, giving someone some words of encouragement – how will that make the person feel and how will that make you feel?  Great….right?

Now I want you to apply your positive energy in a good way in your everyday behaviours.  When you’re going about your business today, spread some goodness, give off some cheer, be happy and share happiness.

I want you to try it for one full day, go on try it today or tomorrow and I bet you that the “knock on” effect from these positive behaviours will return to you in abundance.

Practice this art of giving out positive energy and it will be returned to you in kind.

It’s your life, go get it!!





Happy Days Are Here Again


Happy Days Are Here Again

“Happy Days” to you.

Happiness is in you, so no matter where you go, what you do and who you are with, happiness starts with you.

And the great the news is….that means, you can have happiness anytime.

Enjoy your happy days.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Fresh Air Thinking

fresh air thinking

Fresh Air Thinking

Go out into the fresh air and free your mind of all the noise, you know all that head stuff that gets in the way of you progressing.

Fresh air thinking brings you clarity, renewed focus and more control of what’s going on.  Get out of your box, go for a walk, run or drive and breathe in the stillness.

Give your body and mind the break it deserves, you’ll return focused and back on track to pick up where you left off, but only this time, you’ll be in a better head space.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Are You Happy?


Are You Happy?

Are you happy right now….well, are you? Maybe you don’t feel like answering that question because then you have to deal with the reality of it if it’s not answered with a big fat “yes”.

The search for happiness doesn’t always come easy and very sadly, for some people it will not come at all, not because they can’t have happiness but probably, more often than not, it’s because they won’t allow themselves to be happy.

Make a choice today to be grateful for the little things in life, things like, having warm clothes to wear on a cold winter’s day, being able to access running water at the turn of a tap, having a roof over your head, being able to watch the sunrise and to smell the summer flowers.  Some people call these the simple pleasures of life but I like to think of them as the miracle pleasures that we experience almost everyday and sometimes never give them a second thought.

Today, give them a second thought and a third thought and so on because that my friend will help you see the answer to that initial question for what it truly is. So, I’ll ask you again, are you happy right now….well, are you?

It’s your life, go get it!!


Stick to the Plan

stick to the plan

Stick to the Plan

Sometimes your plan doesn’t go to plan, but that’s alright.  Remember why this plan was important to you in the first place.  Set backs reach the best of us, it’s our opportunity to grow.  Stick to the plan and keep moving forward, as you never know just what’s around the corner.

Stick to the plan my friend, stick to the plan.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Help to Help

help to help images

Help to Help

It’s always a nice gesture to help someone who is needing a little bit of help.  I really love helping people, it makes me feel so good inside when I help someone.  Offer a helping hand today, even if it’s just a little thing because that could make the biggest difference to someone else.

Hold this one in your heart and help to help.

It’s your life go get it!!



Bounce Back to Happiness

bounce back to happiness

Bounce Back to Happiness

The book of life brings its fair share of ups and downs – one day you’re flying and the next day you could be sinking.  I want to talk about the latter today because it’s so easy to be happy when you’re flying, when everything is in flow and you’re scoring every goal – that’s amazing. It isn’t so easy when you hit a huge road block and everything going on around you seems to be getting in the way of progress.  Progress is a great feeling, it’s motivating, encouraging and uplifting but that “stuck” feeling can be a complete nightmare for you. So how do you bounce back to happiness when your heart is heavy, your mind is fuzzy and your body feels drained?  Well, you have to come up with your own strategies to deal with each one differently, let me explain.

  • Think about what will help you lighten the load of a heavy heart and channel your energy into something more encouraging for you.  Yes, it’s time to stop wallowing on what hurt you and time to visualise bright positive images that will help you move past the pain.
  • Adopt some strategies that will help you gain clarity and clear that fuzzy mind, where does your new focus need to be?  You won’t find any answers in a dusty brain, take yourself out of the situation, give yourself a little shine then revisit your next move – what will this be for you?
  • Feed your body with goodness and put into practice daily habits and rituals that will renew your energy, uplift your spirits and make you feel radiant again. Only you can help yourself here.

In the process of applying the above strategies you might feel like giving up, you might feel like saying “stuff this, I’ve had enough” but the only way you will make a full recovery and bounce back is to do things that will help yourself and I mean for the long term. Quick fixes will not help you build true resilience, so chip away at your bad habits and replace them with “stay strong” rituals.

Take true ownership and responsibility of where you’re at and make a decision today to face that road block and bounce back to happiness.

You can do it, you can.

It’s your life, go get it!!



Take a Chance on Believing

J K Rowling Quote

Take a Chance on Believing

Make a commitment to grow your self belief into such a powerful tool that nothing will stop you from succeeding. Believe in your potential, believe in your capabilities, believe in your knowledge, believe in your experience, believe in your resilience – take a chance on believing.

When you have a real passion and excitement for what you are trying to achieve and you mix this with the perfect ingredient of a strong self belief in yourself – the only way is up for you!!

Just believe and go do that thing.

It’s your life, go get it!



You’re Stronger Than You Think

stronger than you think

You’re Stronger Than You Think

I heard a saying yesterday that if you’re not doubting yourself in the pursuit of your goal then that goal isn’t challenging enough for you – what a fantastic positive  twist this saying put on all my seeds of doubts.

You’re stronger than you think you know, sometimes you just can’t over think it, sometimes you’ve just got to go and do that thing.

I encourage you today to “go and do that thing” because you know you can and I believe YOU WILL, take the first step and you’ve got this.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Your Time Will Come

your time will come

Your Time Will Come

Take the weeds of worry out of your life today – just for today and erase all negativity, all complaining and all blaming.  Even this very thought should make you feel lighter inside. It may seem hard right now to think that your glory days are on their way but if you keep sticking with what’s working, keeping changing what’s not, keep fining tuning your current position, then my friend, your time will surely come.

Your time will come, it will, so keep at it and believe what you’re doing will absolutely work for you in the end.

Oh and remember to have some fun along the way!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


30 Days to Change Your Life

change your life

30 Days to Change Your Life

As we enter a new month, think about the positive changes you want to make in your life.  Now let’s really do something about this.  Give yourself the next 30 days to change your life, to experience great things and to amaze your heart and mind. Do you think you could do that?  Would you like to give it a go?

That sounds like a fascinating challenge to me, so give it some thought today and start blowing your mind away from tomorrow.  Everything starts with that first step and I encourage you to take it now. By the beginning of the next month you could be a completely new person experiencing the best things for you.  So take the next 30 days to change your life, what will you do?

It your life, go get it!!




Are You Talking Sense?

talking sense

Are You Talking Sense?

Your thinking is very powerful and what you say to yourself when alone with your own thoughts can either make you or break you. When you talk to yourself, are you talking sense? It’s most important that the conversation you have with yourself is one that serves you well. So next time your silent whispers raise true thought, ensure that they are encouraging, empowering and help you work towards achieving the best version of you.

I trust I’m making sense!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


No More Waiting

no more waiting

No More Waiting

Choosing the life you want to live is really about eliminating the waiting game and being proactive enough to go get the opportunities. Amazing opportunities can sometimes be hidden in the most strangest of packages but you have to say “yes” to the surface opportunity before you can get to the truly amazing stuff. You might have to start in the most bizarre place but if you’re insightful enough you will see that this is merely a stepping stone to getting you to where you want to go. You have to be brave and take your own path regardless of what the people closest to you might say. Some people can be really great at giving you their opinions on how you should live your life, but only YOU know what’s right for you – only YOU can live YOUR life.

So, I encourage you today to be wise in your decisions and choices going forward and don’t wait for anyone.  You know you have to keep going, you know where you’re heading, so keep taking those baby steps and vow to a life of “no more waiting”.

It’s your life, go get it!!


From Pain to Gain

crossroads images

From Pain to Gain

When will it all be worth it, I hear you asking yourself?  Your pathway to success and pure life fulfilment can be painstakingly tough and I mean emotionally, mentally and physically.  “Give me a break……please”, yes, we’ve all been there at times and I am no different.  Hang in there my friend, because just when you feel like letting it all go, like throwing in the towel, a glimmer of hope shines from the darkest depths of despair.  Where does this light come from?  This light is in you, it’s your inner strength growing and shimmering like the brightest star. No matter how many mistakes you have made, no matter how tough it gets, there is always a way, ALWAYS.  Let that way, be your way and no one else’s, for you have to take the driving seat in your own life. Your very own path may not make sense to anyone else, but that’s why it’s your path and no one else can decide that for you. As soon as you take charge of your own choices, your destiny will start to take shape. Mould and design your life your way, it doesn’t matter if no one else understands, it really doesn’t matter, you have to do what you want to do and master the game your way.

It’s the only way to move from real pain to real gain – do it your way, I DID 🙂

It’s your life, go get it!!




Selling Yourself Short?

selling yourself short

Selling Yourself Short?

On your own pathway to change ensure that you hold your integrity and stay in alignment with your deepest core values.  I say this because if you don’t there is a danger of selling yourself short and you know more than anybody that you have much more to give.  There is a challenge in every challenge and at the heart of it all is your greatest potential, so push yourself past any fears that get in your way.

Think about all the areas of your life that you want to change for the better and ask yourself this question, “Where am I selling myself short?”.  You see, when I answer that question for myself, I do see many opportunities that I am not engaging in for myself and I am sure you will see some for yourself too. Maybe it’s time to sort out the things in your life that are not serving you well, get rid of the weeds in your garden and put your energy into the good seeds that you want to blossom.

Test your capabilities and realise your potential, you are more than worthy of it and deserve the best.

Thank you for being here,

It’s your life, go get it!!


Get Doing

get doing

Get Doing

It’s so easy to over think things that you want to change in your life and I myself have been guilty of this recently. However, there comes a time in your life when you have to just do that thing, just get out there, forget the think, think, think button and press play.  This is your time now to get on that playing field, to be all you can be, to become the best version of yourself, this is your time……your time NOW!!

Get going, get moving, get doing and there is nothing more to be said on the matter.

Remember my motto:  “It’s your life, go get it!!”


Consider All Options

crossroads images

Consider All Options

When you want to change something in your life for the better and you feel you’ve reached a crossroad, before you take your next step, consider all options. Initially when you think about your options going forward you may only come up with a few ideas but if you really take the time to sit down and map out all the options available to you, I bet you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with. Leave no stone unturned when you look at this area because this could be the difference between a good opportunity and a great opportunity going forward. Your destiny is in your decision making, the choices that you make day in and day out, so make sure you’re committing to the most fulfilling choices for you.

There is a big wide world of opportunity out there for you and you must take the time to explore many different ways you could go. It’s best not to rush into making any rash decisions to change an area of your life, think about why you really want to change in this area and what is most important for you going forward. Coach yourself into making the right decision for you because life is far too precious to go down a wrong path.

Be mindful of honouring your core values for they will provide you with the inner guidance that you seek. Change is good, life is always changing, always moving on, so don’t get stuck at the crossroads, take one meaningful giant step towards the life that you deserve.

Thank you for being here.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Are You Good Enough?

good enough

Are You Good Enough?

A question you maybe ask yourself every now and again. Your answer may vary depending on your mood, what’s going on around you and what you’re currently involved in.  However, I want you to believe, really believe that yes you are good enough. In this moment now, you are good enough to take the next step, good enough to challenge your thinking and good enough to get back in control of your life.  As a matter of fact, good is not complimentary enough because you are amazing, wonderful and can create positive impact wherever you go – it’s all a matter of choice.

Limiting Beliefs

Never let your own limiting beliefs starve you from an unlimited amount of possibilities open for you.  Master the right thinking, thoughts that will serve you well, thoughts that will challenge the norm and catapult you into a new, invigorating and forever thriving life.

Aim High

I encourage you to set your target, aim high and focus on building momentum, reviewing progress along the way. Don’t live a dull, boring and unfulfilled life because you are set in your ways or lack the energy to do anything about it. The less you do the less motivated you will feel, so embrace the opportunity in the now and conquer the life that you want.

Winning Formula

We all dream of better things, a better life, more happiness and more fulfilment but dreaming and doing are completely two different things.  One without the other proves to be meaningless but combine the two together and you get a winning formula for the life you deserve.

Break the Chains

The days, weeks, months and years can go past really quickly in an unchallenged lack lustre life.  Raise your standards and don’t allow yourself to settle for what currently is.  Break the chains from your robotic life and feel alive again and if you don’t remember how feeling alive really feels, then this is surely your cue to take over.

Over and out…….keep at it!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


Clarity of Thought

Albert Einstein Clarity of thought

Clarity of Thought

It’s very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life doing the same thing day in and day out. The treadmill of life can be a bit like that, if you let it. What if you did something different today, what if you surprised yourself with trying something new, maybe something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t quite got there yet?

Your Day

Let this be your day, your day to express yourself in a different way, your day to shine in a different way that adds sparkle to your own life and brightens up another’s life. What would that be for you?  When you gain clarity of thought in this area it will immediately perk you up, you will feel excited and joyous about this new activity in your life.

Follow Your Heart

“Follow your heart”, it really is one of those sayings that a lot of people love and a lot of people quite frankly dismiss. Personally, I have been in both sides of the camp at different times of my life, sometimes following my heart and sometimes following my head!!  Lot’s of times I didn’t follow through with the heart stuff because my head got in the way – is this good or bad?  No regrets that what I say, I am here now, grateful in this moment and that is what matters most to me now.

Dig Deep

What do you enjoy most about your life right now? Even if you are finding that question hard to answer, dig deep if you have to, you’ll most definitely find something – you are a lot more richer than you realise.

Be Present

Review the experiences you are currently having in your life right now, are these experiences of quality, of fulfilment, of purpose?  Are you growing and contributing to life as much as you want to be?  Questions, questions, so many questions but the right question will lead you to be present in the fullness of life.

I ask you today, to ponder the thoughts that this post raises for you, reading between the lines, what speaks true for you?  Here is one conclusion of many, heart with no effort equals a head with more troubles – work that one out!!

Gain real clarity in why you do what you do, your head and your heart will thank you for it.

Thank you for being here.

It’s Your Life, Go Get It!!


Energise You

energise you

Energise You

You need energy to live a happy life, good energy, vibrant energy, wholesome energy, healthy energy…..you need lots and lots of lovely energy.  So where does this energy come from?

The powerful energy that you need to attract everything you want in life and more comes from within you.   It’s in the way you breathe, the way you think, the way you walk, it’s in everything you do.

It’s your time now to energise you.  What will you do today, in this moment now that will contribute to building up the necessary energy you need to feel amazing and to believe you can take on the world and then go out and actually do it?

There are many different things that you can do, one thing for sure is to get out of your own way and create the life of your dreams.  You could make one important decision today that will change your destiny forever.  Think about that decision you need to make and just decide, this decision alone will create massive energy within you – it really will.

Everything is energy, including every part of you.  Manifest the right energy within you and you will be one great step in moving your life forward, just the way you want it.

Make that decision and energise you TODAY.

Thank you for being here.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Begin Again

begin again

Begin Again

What if you had to begin again and I really mean begin again, right where you are, what would that mean for you, what would you want to start again?

Life is a bit like that, sometimes we just have to begin again, start afresh, let go of old ways and encompass new ways – new ways of thinking, new ways of doing and new ways of feeling.

Think of your life ahead as one big blank canvas, lots of white space to fill with whatever you want to fill it with – what do you want to fill your white space with?

Use your imagination right now to envisage a life of love, love for everything you want to do and who you love being with.  Reinvent the next chapter of your life into something truly amazing for you and your loved ones. This space can be entered into the here and now by changing things up for yourself, whatever that will be for you.

So I encourage you today to fill your walking boots with courage, bravery, energy, love, self-discipline, creativity, imagination and determination to make each baby step of change fulfilling and purposeful for you.

Get those walking boots out and rock your socks off into the next episode of YOUR AMAZING LIFE.

Thank you for being here.

It’s your life, go get it!!


How Are You Doing Out There?

how are you doing out there

How Are You Doing Out There?

How’s life with you? I mean how’s life really for you? Are you happy, content, fulfilled or are you feeling there needs to be more happening for you, more excitement, more joy, more passion?  I think we all maybe feel like we need to have more in our lives every now and again and when you do feel like that be grateful for that feeling because that feeling is telling you you’re so ready for change and you’re ready to move on to bigger and better things.

Great Challenge

Life is one great challenge, one hell of a rollercoaster ride, sometimes it’s fast and furious and sometimes it’s laid back and lazy. Think about what you need more of in your life today and everyday, what would make you feel more fulfilled?  Take time to answer these questions for yourself because life truly is what you make it, life could be your most greatest story ever told or the ugliest one, which one do you choose?


Take a stance, focus on growth and contribution – the ultimate fulfilment.  No growth, sucks, it actually means you’re not even standing still, it means you’re actually going backwards, as other people who are growing take over you.

Be Grateful

Every second that goes past, is a moment to change for the better, it’s a moment to be grateful for what you’ve got and to look at how far you’ve come no matter how tough the road has been.


So there you have it, what are you going to do today? Don’t just say it this time, live and breathe those words and if that means picking up the pen, reading the business book, choosing the healthier food choice, applying for the job, making the phone call – then that is what you MUST do.  Punch your way through the challenges for there is no better fight to win than holding the trophy of true life fulfilment in your heart.

Thank you for being here.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Which Attitude?

choose a happy attitude images

Which Attitude?

There is a magnetic, captivating and contagious attitude that when embraced and shared throughout your daily activities will catapult you and your life to the greatest level.  It’s the the attitude of “yes I can” “yes I will help” “yes I will do it” “yes this is a great opportunity” “yes, thank you for the experience” “yes I will certainly give it a try” “yes I will keep going” “yes I will give it 100%”. THIS attitude is the ultimate attitude of moving you one step closer to your dreams. This beautiful attitude attracts to you the life that you desire.


I hold this attitude in my heart and mind every day, I live and breathe this attitude as much as I can and it has been very good to me in return. Opportunities are abundant, they are everywhere, living and breathing around you but only with the right attitude will you see them and get a chance to experience them.

Scenic Route

This is the right attitude which will help you to get to where you want to go, it’s sometimes the scenic route, in other words, not always the quickest route, but certainly when you look back on life it’s the most fulfilling.

Yes I Can

What’s the point of living your life with a “I hate the world” attitude, what’s the point of letting everyone know you’re having a bad day?  Think about it, with that attitude you’re just dragging everyone else around you down – well if they let you.  Personally, I never gravitate towards people with that unhappy negative attitude, I move away from them as fast as I can.  Think about lifting yourself up for a change, practice having a “yes I can” attitude and be grateful for your everyday challenges for without them you would not grow and without growth your contribution to the world becomes less and less and thus moving you away from a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Live your life with zest, with an upbeat attitude that will allow you to tackle even the most difficult of challenges.  A positive attitude will attract the right people into your life, people who will want to help you, people who will be there for you, people who will support you and stand by your side in the toughest of times.  Be enthusiastic, be excited about life and engage in new things that interest you and do as much as you can of what you love.  Your whole being will thank you for it.  Get going and take the right attitude with you today and everyday.

It’s your life, go get it!!


You’ll Do It

you will do it

You’ll Do It

When you need to do it, you’ll do it and I mean you’ll really do it.

You see sometimes there is this little switch that goes off inside of you and sometimes we don’t even really know what specifically has triggered it but get ready for when it goes off.  When you switch the switch you can move mountains, it’s amazing where your resourcefulness can come from.

You see, you are full of the greatest imagination and abundant creativity.  Let this magic within you pour out of your veins and into your world.  You have everything you need right now, you can absolutely be the champion of dreams, yes you can.

I dare you today, I dare you to get ready for the change of your life, you know it’s there, maybe you just got a little lazy, a little complacent, but that’s all in the past now – do it all now.  I believe you’ll do it and guess what, so do you.

It’s your life, go get it!!


Lift Yourself Higher

lifting yourself higher

Lift Yourself Higher

It’s all down to you to lift yourself higher, unfortunately there is no magic wand out there that will do it for you.

Think about what will uplift your mood if you are feeling a little bit lower than normal. Plan ahead for when those low times come and prepare to react responsibly in way that will cheer you up.  Get your strategy in place to combat those feelings, for we all get them every now and again.

Sometimes the most simple things can do the trick, like phoning a friend, going for a walk, watching your favourite movie, doing a little bit of exercise, writing a poem, drawing, reading an inspiring book.  Whatever you have to do to cheer yourself up, just think ahead and be prepared in advance to lift yourself higher.

It’s time to get out of that lower mood and into that higher happier place, it’s time to take inspired action on changing your life for the better, it’s time to take charge and put yourself back in the driving seat.

It’s time, you know it’s time, you know more that anyone else that it’s time.

Go for it.

It’s your life, go get it.


Feel the Energy

feel the energy

Feel the Energy

Feel the energy of achieving your dream, put your energy out there and see what catches.


Your enthusiasm is a wonderful thing, it can inspire the greatest action, the most magical “out of the box” thinking, that just might lead to activities that invite the perfect opportunity for you.

Feel the Vision

Be determined, feel the vision, believe that your energy will enthuse and attract other like minded people.

This is just the start, this is the beginning of an abundance of opportunities, this is your key to success.

Make it Happen

Feel the energy in your heart of hearts now and put it out there, it’s your time to make it happen.

There are people who want what you’ve got to offer, so get going and put your energy out there….the time is now!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


A Life Worth Living

A Life Worth Living

A Life Worth Living

A life worth living, starts with you. Yes, you, from inside, from deep inside your heart because that’s where the core of your own truth lives and breathes.

That Natural Feeling

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own saturated heads that we forget what that natural feeling is really like and it’s so easy to do, as I am sure each and everyone of you have experienced at some time in your life.

Cut to the Chase

So what is a life worth living to you? What does this really mean for you? Let’s cut to the chase here, as a matter of a fact I feel a true life worth living eliminates all chasing completely.  What are you chasing?  Happiness? Success? Money? Love? Belonging?  Think about this, if you’re always chasing, are you really living……well, are you?

It’s Your Time to Decide

A life worth living, say it out loud, A LIFE WORTH LIVING, again a life worth living, it’s your time to decide what that is. One thing for sure is though, if you’re always chasing you’re missing the best parts, the best moments, the best part of now because a life worth living is this moment in time now and now…..and well, now!!

With Open Arms

What can you do in the now to fully embrace with open arms a life worth living? It’s there you know, IT IS there, right in front of you, its energy is all around you.

I encourage you today, to really think about this one because if you’re merely existing and/or just surviving, what beauty and magic are you missing right now because it is everywhere you know?

A Life Worth Living…..be in it now!!


A little bit of gratitude….

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude….


A little bit of gratitude goes a long long way.  

Below is an updated version of the YouTube video which relates to the eBook I am currently creating entitled “It’s All About Gratitude”.  The eBook will be available to purchase on Amazon Kindle soon and the video shares extracts from the content of that eBook.

The backing track has been updated on this latest YouTube video.  The backing track piano instrumental is from my original song “I Am Here” and I will be in the studio very soon recording it for my up and coming music Album, “The Becoming of Me”.  The backing track you hear playing on this YouTube video was arranged and played by Denis Kilty, http://www.deniskilty.com and I am so grateful to Denis for arranging this piano backing track, he did such an amazing job.

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Think about your thinking…..

Inspiration With Explanation

Are you happy right now?

If not, it’s because you’re thinking about something that you shouldn’t be… or not thinking about something that you should be.

Shakespeare once said… “Nothing is either good or bad, thinking makes it so.”

For example: my friend was recently sick & every time they thought about being sick… they felt worse.

Every time they thought about something else… they felt better.

The goal for today: think Right… & don’t knock it ’til you try it!

Have a great day everybody!

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Choose Happy; Choisissez Bonne; Elija feliz; Scegli Felice

Be Happy…….

Mon Ange

Good Day, Beautiful People!

Life is difficult, but those difficulties, when we face them squarely, are often the secret keys to growth and joy. -Edward Grinnan

One of my Goals for 2016 is to actively seek joy and happiness even when I face difficulties and challenges along the way. Hope and believe for many many many good days ahead.

My brothers and sisters, you will face all kinds of trouble. When you do, think of it as pure joy. Your faith will be put to the test. You know that when that happens it will produce in you the strength to continue. – James1:2-3 (NIVR)

Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. – James1:2-3 (MSG)

Joy is a state of mind and an orientation…

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What is Perfect Anyway?

Embrace in the fullness of this life…..



Beautiful sky

I set myself high standards because I want to be the best that I can be.  I want to become a better person every day, sometimes I get this right, sometimes I don’t, but as long as I learn from it and apply the learning going forward, I know I will progress.

I don’t strive to be perfect, what is perfect anyway?  To me the closest thing to perfect is in the imperfections, that I feel is our uniqueness.  I don’t want to be like anybody else, I just want to be me, I like being me and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today, I want you to embrace in the fullness of this life, the wonderful person that is YOU, everything about you is special, believe you are the miracle of all miracles.  Believe in YOU, in all that you do, let your spirit fly…

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Line Up With Your Dream

Dreams, dreams and more dreams….keep on dreaming, keep on believing, keep on doing……


line up with you dreams

Line up with your dream, go on, line up, I know you want to, so just try it, go on, give it a go.

Line up with your dream, see yourself receiving everything that you want, let your heart take those feelings in and thrive on that good feeling, feeling.

Line up with your dream, align yourself with who you need to become and relish in the receiving of it coming to you.

Line up with your dream.

Line up with your dream.

Yes, you’re getting there, you really are.  How do I know that? Well, because you are here, because you are reading this blog post right now, so you must be one step closer to being aligned with your dream.

Now keep up that great work because I see for you that your dream is beautiful and it is sparkling all around you.

Keep reaching, keep growing, keep…

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Get a Plan that Works

What does your action plan look like?


I have a plan, a vision, a strong desire for changing things for myself for the better and you know what, the plan is working, it is starting to show me results in the areas I am wanting them.

I think it really does go to show, that you get more of what you focus upon, this is so true. You do have to put the work in though, but if it’s a strong passionate desire you’re working towards, then the work is never an issue and often the work is a complete joy.

I have a plan, a BIG plan and it’s working.

I urge you today to get yourself a plan, and then put it into daily action, yes, moment to moment, go to work on your plan – it may take some time but you will get there, believe me, YOU WILL.

What does your action plan…

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It’s Your Life – Go Get It!!

It’s your life – Go Get It!!


It's Your Life - Go Get It!! It’s Your Life – Go Get It!!


I believe YOU have a magnificent capacity to grow and fulfill your potential. Yes, sometimes there are barriers in the way but only YOU can break these barriers down. Ahh! But! I hear you say ‘it just ain’t that easy’ – you’re telling me!! Sometimes your greatest learning will come from your own failures or learning from other peoples’ failures. Moving towards the fear is one of those inner challenges which seems so much easier to avoid. But when you go against your core values it tears a part of you away and day by day your true identity slips into the hands of others.

Do you really want to reach the age of 90 and discover through your REGRET that it could all have been different if you only remained true…

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The Law of Gratitude

I am grateful for……



It’s All About Gratitude

When I was researching into the science of gratitude for my eBook, “It’s All About Gratitude” I came across some amazing findings.  Here is an extract from my eBook which relates to the famous book, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

“There is a law of gratitude and it is absolutely necessary that you should observe the law.  If you are to get the results you seek, the law of gratitude is the natural principle that action and reaction are always equal and in opposite directions.  To fix your attention on the best is to surround yourself with the best and become the best.  The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best, therefore it tends to become the best.  Faith is born of gratitude.  Every outgoing wave of grateful thanksgiving increases faith.  It is necessary then to cultivate the habit…

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The Message

The message

The Message

No matter how long it takes, no matter how long the road, no matter how tough the journey, the message you are well and truly waiting for will find its way to you.

What is this message?

It’s beyond anything you could ever imagine, and is for the highest good of all…….always.

Thank you for the message, I have travelled far and wide to reach it, unknowingly, that it was always by my side.


Take the Happiness Test

Who has made the biggest impact on your life?….


The Science of Happiness

Watch this short Youtube video, it touched my heart because I know the power gratitude has and this experiment reveals that and little bit more.  Maybe it will inspire you to “Make the Call”  when you answer the question:  

“What person has made the biggest impact on your life?”

Clarabelle Logo

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Bad Days Only Last For 24 Hours

Cheering you up, thank you Kittty. 🙂

Hello world. Hope your all well. This week has been a really odd week. Been a bit sad this week, not going to go into it? But I thought to myself : I am definitely not the only one having a bad day? What if I share my tips on cheering yourself up. So these are a few really basic tips on cheering yourself up.

Be Warned : This is a very girly blog.

feel good

1. Pamper. Being a girly girl, I love a good pamper session. Run a bath, chuck in your entire lush collection. I’m talking bubbles, bath bomb, soap. Have a nice long bath, take a magazine or a book your currently reading and just relax.

2. Listen to music. Sometimes when your sad listening to sad songs fits the mood, but ignore the need for sad music. Upbeat, happy songs will help you feel much better.


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You Are Worthy

You deserve the best…


you are worthy image

You Are Worthy

You are worthy of the greatest life, you are worthy, you deserve happiness, peace, harmony, joy, balance, love, wealth and true fulfilment in your life.

See yourself embracing the fullness of life, envision yourself as happy as can be, let your imagination take you to your dreams.

You are worthy, you are more than worthy, you, my friend, deserve the BEST.


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If you don’t have a simple strategy to play when the chips are down, why not think about one for yourself now. Whatever works for you is a must for you to action at the times you need it most.


I do believe I am, probably 99% happy with lots of things in my life. I suppose, it’s all actually down to my perception because another might experience an equivalent life and not perceive it as high a percentage. I am, in general a happy person, a natural happy spirit. This doesn’t mean I don’t have down days and hard times, I just automatically feel most true to myself just being, well……..happy!! I do my best to focus on solutions to problems, but I don’t always get it right. When I am in the 1% moments I immediately recognise it and put so much energy into turning it around for myself. Simple things like going for a walk, watching a motivational video on YouTube, writing a poem, posting to this blog or visiting my mum, they all help me get back to that happier feeling again.

If you don’t have…

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