Shooting Star?

In 2013 I looked out my back garden and I was awesomely astounded by the beautiful brightness of the full moon in the midnight sky, I quickly grabbed my iPad and took the photo below.

It’s only now when I properly look at this photo, I see another beam of shooting light, it could well be an aeroplane in the sky, but I like to believe, I actually love to believe that I captured on camera a shooting star…….WOW, how magical is that. Please make a wish on my shooting star, I know it will come true for you.

The magic is in you, you see. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love Clarabelle


Icy Puddles

I was out walking the other day and took the photo below, I just thought the scenery around me was stunning. Beautiful Bonny Scotland, on a winter’s day.

Icy Puddles

Icy puddles,
Reflecting on me.
Frosty edges,
Pure beauty.
Landscape wonders,
Spellbound eyes,
A magical mirror,
Full of surprise.

By Clarabelle


Loch Lomond Sky

Loch Lomond Sky

A friend allowed me to share with you a stunning photo (below) he took of Loch Lomond, Scotland recently and it inspired me to write the poem about it below, I hope you like it. Thank you to Gerry Mitchell for allowing me to use his beautiful photo of Loch Lomond for this blog post. Lots of love to you all today Clarabelle

Loch Lomond Sky
Loch Lomond, Photo by Gerry Mitchell

Loch Lomond Sky

A bird flies high,
Beneath the Loch Lomond Sky.

With freedom in its wings,
The whispers of its soul sings.

A beautiful tranquil day,
Where shadows guide the way.

And reflections of white light,
Keep my heart bright.

As I stand here all alone,
Loch Lomond feels like home.

It takes my breath away.
Forever this moment will stay.

Poem created by Clarabelle, 7 January 2014

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The light….

Clarabelle Photography and Quotes, The light is love

Photo of Canvas and Quote by Clarabelle ๐Ÿ™‚


Today is your….

Clarabelle Photography and Quotes

Photography and Quote by Clarabelle ๐Ÿ™‚


Beauty is everywhere….


I was visiting my mum yesterday and I just had to take this stunning photograph for you of the sun setting in the sky in my hometown village of Carfin.

This is the sky view I used to look up at as a child in the summer time and dream of exciting adventures way far in the distance. ย The beauty of the sky can really take my breath away at times, just like this very moment yesterday. ย  ย May you find much beauty in the magical moments of your day today. ย Love Clarabelle

Clarabelle Quotes, Beauty is everywhere

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True Beauty…..

Clarabelle Quotes, True Beauty

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