Feeling Truly Inspired

get inspired

Feeling Truly Inspired

Inspiration is full of heart, it comes from deep inside,

It fills your soul with energy, and captures you with pride.

There is nothing greater, than feeling truly inspired,

Connecting the mind, body and spirit, never feeling tired.

In these inspirational moments, there is nothing you can’t do,

Life feels amazing and fulfilled through and through.

It moves you, it makes you, it changes your inner self,

It masters your soul and gives you abundant health.

By Clarabelle

When All Seems Lost….

when all seems lost

When All Seems Lost….

Sometimes she’s scared,
in the darkest night,
trembling for hope,
seeking the light.
Questions run riot,
in her mind,
What is she doing?
What will she find?
I think I know her,
I’ve felt her before,
wrapped in the secrets,
she don’t dare explore.
But I see she is brave,
fighting her war,
doing her own thing,
What’s it all for?
Her spirit is high,
unusually so,
cos she wins every battle,
tough tests when low.
I see she is grateful,
in the now,
when all seems lost,
she doesn’t ask how.
For her desires are stronger,
than the fear she feels,
she knows she can win,
positive belief heals.
So she shares her story,
cos all can relate,
she frees her happy spirit,
and dances through the gate.

By Clarabelle


Vulnerability is a Strength

vulnerability is a strengthVulnerability is a Strength

Like flipping a switch,
free your mind,
let down the barriers,
peace you’ll find.
Wars are not won,
with a broken heart,
that battle is lost,
before you start.
Forgive in the moment,
open the door,
vulnerability is a strength,
see yourself soar.
Capture in the now,
the real essence of you,
a feeling of pure love,
shining through.

By Clarabelle


3 Years Ago…..

great progress

Happy Birthday to my lovely Clarabelle Blog today, thank you for being here.  Here is the very first video poem I ever created for this blog, way back in July 2012,  so much has happened since then…….so many great things and amazing experiences.

I am very grateful for you being here, thank you.


Lead Me To Your Heart

lead me to your heart

Poetry, poetry, where would we be without Poetry.  🙂  For you:

Lead Me To Your Heart

Lead me to your heart,
For I’ve forgotten the way.
It’s like New York City,
With no people today.
It all seems bizarre,
Confusion in my head.
Running on empty,
No sleep in bed.

It feels a little colder,
And darkness is falling.
I can’t see the stars,
I don’t hear you calling.
I had it in my hands,
I remember its strength.
Now it feels out of reach,
Further than, arms length.

But I come with a gift,
To help you grow.
It’s very special,
To only you, it will glow.
Open the box,
Treat it with care.
There is only one,
There isn’t a spare.

It will guide you through,
Your toughest days.
It’s stronger than the sun,
More clever than the maze.
Give it a wee cuddle,
Now and again.
It’s your golden umbrella,
Shielding you from all pain.

So no matter the storm,
Or the thunder that roars.
This special present,
Always thrives and soars.
It sleeps with your soul,
Breathes life into you,
Reviving your energy,
So loving and true.

Uncover the treasure,
See for yourself.
My heart is for you,
It’s your forever wealth.
No one else can see it,
It’s only visible to you.
For you hold the magic,
And it’s in your heart too.

By Clarabelle

You Are My Everything

secret cave

You Are My Everything

Who am I,
to know what I want.
To unleash the veiling,
a mirror of haunt.

What’s the purpose,
to flow like a river.
Clouds drifting by,
You and me forever.

When I feel amazing,
you have been the key.
You are my everything,
letting me be.

Just like a star,
shining at night.
You bring me sunshine,
Happiness and light.

Each day goes by,
I never told a soul.
No words, just silence,
You make me whole.

A locked in secret,
buried in a cave.
Inside a treasure box,
Ghostly, yet brave.

Today I reveal,
the source of that code.
This oxygen feeds my spirit,
in freedom feeling mode.

For true love can’t be hidden,
it seeps from every pore.
It gives off a magic energy,
the senses can’t ignore.

Even every human angel,
waving a wand so strong.
Can’t match the love
where two hearts belong.

For the birds they know,
and the trees dance too.
They’re feeling the vibe,
Igniting us two.

There goes a second,
and another one too.
And as time passes by,
It brings me closer to you.

By Clarabelle


Dreams and The Law of Attraction

Dreams and The Law of Attraction

A poem about dreams and the power of The Law of Attraction.  Just for you and your dreams.

dream big the law of attraction

It’s Called The Law of Attraction

I had a dream,
It lit up my heart.
I could feel its energy,
Right from the start.

The dream was big,
and gloriously bright.
It shone over mountains,
Dancing like a kite.

It captivated my soul,
Kept my spirits high.
This dream, what a dream,
In this dream, I could fly.

And then one day,
It knocked on my door.
“I am your dream,
come with me and soar.”

I was so excited,
my heart skipped a beat.
This dream wanted me,
I went, fast on my feet.

When I asked for my dream,
I held it tightly in my mind.
A vision so strong,
One of a kind.

I was grateful for it coming,
I knew it was only time.
Until that wonderful dream,
Would surely be mine.

Next time you have a dream,
See yourself there.
Appreciating its magic.
Gracing the air.

I had a dream,
And with inspired action.
The dream came to me,
It’s called The Law of Attraction.

By Clarabelle

On a Road, Not Many Travel

the road less travelled

I write from experiences, experiences close to my heart.  This is my very own poetic true story, “On a Road, Not Many Travel.”

On a Road, Not Many Travel

Blinded by the fog,
Congested in my head.
Trapped in an ocean,
of troubled thoughts instead.

I waited for an answer,
I tried almost everything.
I wanted to get better,
Hear my happy heart sing.

I had to make a change,
I needed to get out.
I wanted to see the world,
Explore and go about.

It took away the pain,
Distracted my old focus.
Held me in nature’s hands,
Like magical, hocus pocus.

The world I sit in now,
Was never in my vision.
It was an unknown footstep
Each one with real precision.

I stumbled upon an idea,
That would make a genius proud.
I was thinking on my own,
In the silence, it shouted loud.

The wheel it started to turn,
It was flowing like a river.
Gentle in its movement,
Capturing my heart forever.

The lesson I did learn,
Whispers deep within my soul.
I had a big big dream,
A never ending goal.

My spirit was set free,
On a road, not many travel.
People questioned my doings,
Like a mystery to unravel.

They thought I had gone mad,
They talked behind my back.
Thinking that I had failed,
Gone down a real bad track.

Now I stand almighty,
For I discovered the code.
Of how to be so happy.
And drop the heavy load.

I share my story with you,
A journey of untold tales.
Which dusted away the cobwebs,
Made successes from many fails.

I am not a magician,
Nor an angel without wings.
I just wanted to be happy,
Find love in wonderful things.

I took charge of my life,
I said, “I’m in control”.
“I am the light,
That brightens the darkest hole.”

I took brave bold decisions,
That inspired my curious mind.
This gave me the positive energy,
To give me, what I now find.

I’ll write another chapter,
It’s now a long life mission.
To always be so happy,
And I give myself permission.

About Clarabelle, By Clarabelle.



Come With Me

come with me

A poem for you.

Come With Me

Come with me,
To the river bank.
This waterfall of life,
Gives you lots to thank.
It’s beauty is deep,
Just like your eyes.
It’s running on love,
Mother Earth’s surprise.

Let me hold your hand,
As tight as can be.
I’ll show you everything,
Your heart needs to see.
I’ll take you places,
Your soul’s never walked.
I’ll share tender thoughts,
Happiness, only talked.

For I am your reflection,
Of your inside out.
Encouraging your confidence,
Banishing all doubt.
Stay with me forever,
Our horizon glows strong.
Dancing footsteps of passion,
To where we both belong.

By Clarabelle

The Mirror of Life

the mirror of life

Reflections of perceptions, that’s what this poem is about.  Let the words inspire your ways and may you always keep your perceptions positive.

The Mirror of Life

The mirror of life,
So crystal clear.
Or is it blurred,
With what we fear?
To someone close,
You’re young and bright.
To someone unknown,
A stranger at night.
Perceptions of people,
Paint a dim view.
Of what is real,
In me and you.
With a pinch of salt,
Sugar coated in thought.
Your actions speak louder,
In time lost forgot.
So carry yourself,
Just like you do.
Soft reflections like clouds,
Breathe life into you.

Poem by Clarabelle

To My Someone New

meet me images

To My Someone New

Meeting new people in your life can bring you a whole new world of opportunities.  Be open to meeting new people in your life, be forthcoming to making new friends, for they could be a true friend for life. This next poem is inspired by just that…….To My Someone New…

To My Someone New

It’s nice to meet you,
Such a pleasure.
Our paths have crossed,
You are the treasure.
Your smile is dazzling,
Your heart is good.
I feel your vibe,
Your happy mood.
To my someone new,
You give me light.
You erase the darkness,
Bring warmth at night.
I embrace your hugs,
They’re filled with care.
When lightning strikes,
You stand there.
A friend for life,
Adventures together.
Stepping into this world,
Souls light as a feather.

Poem by Clarabelle

Confidence is a Thought

confidence thoughts

Confidence is King

When you have confidence, you have the real belief that you can achieve anything in this world, confidence can truly be King in your life.  When you have confidence it gives you the key to open many doors in life, confidence is an opportunity magnet.  I wrote this poem below about confidence.  Think confidence, do confidence, be confidence in your life.

Confidence is a Thought

Confidence is a thought,
Living in your mind.
Don’t let it sleep,
Wake up and find.
That you have the world,
Waiting at your feet.
You have the power,
To victor, do defeat.
So think with confidence,
Be strong and alive.
You’ll achieve anything,
Watch yourself thrive.

Poem by Clarabelle

What is Poetry?

what is poetry

My poetic thoughts on poetry. What is poetry for you?

What is Poetry?

What is poetry?
Spoken words so true.
Reflections of the heart.
Connecting with you.

What is poetry?
I write here alone.
Simmering my thoughts.
Silence in my home.

What is poetry?
Like a lover’s kiss.
Tender on the soul.
Something I miss.

What is poetry?
Between you and me.
It’s the light in my spirit.
Setting me free.

Created by Clarabelle, 24 March 2015

The Colour of My Heart

coloured hearts

It was World Poetry Day yesterday, and to honour the celebration of this wonderful day, I share a poem with you. I wrote this poem, today, especially for this blog post.  I have missed creating and sharing my poetry with you and I am going to do lots more of it again.

The Colour of My Heart

The colour of my heart,
Brightens the dullest day.
It sparkles in the moonlight,
Lights up, when I do pray.

It gives out lots of love,
For others to embrace.
It paints a magical picture,
Cheers up a saddened face.

It beams across the land,
Spreading happiness all the way.
It shapes a beautiful future,
Like sunshine on a rainy day.

Pastel pink and youthful yellow,
Add a shimmering sparkle or two.
Like golden butterflies in the air,
This miracle lives in you.

Poem by Clarabelle, 22 March 2015

One Day


And then one day…….

And then one day,
She closed the door.
No saddened heart,
A new dance floor.

The box was small,
She had to get out.
“I need a change”,
I hear her shout.

To pastures new,
To freedom feelings.
Adventures awakened,
New heightened healings.

She meets new people,
Along her path.
A welcomed embrace,
A smile, a laugh.

Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is her home.
Her ambition it flies,
Wherever she does roam.

By Clarabelle

Replenish Your Soul

happy endings

Replenish Your Soul

Replenish your soul,
With all that’s good.
Healthy foods,
Happy moods.
Feel the sunshine,
On your face.
Lovely freshness,
At your place.
Love and glow,
Dance and sing.
A thriving spirit,
Is what this will bring.

By Clarabelle

In The Eye of a Needle

New Year

I am in poetic flow at the moment, this one’s for you.  Sometimes I don’t know what these poems mean, I wonder what they mean to you?

In the Eye of a Needle

In the eye of a needle,
My soul breathes deep.
I see my heart,
Secrets I keep.

I bury my mind,
In a tunnel of love.
A cave with no light.
Blue sky with no dove.

It’s beyond the horizon,
Seems so far away.
Yet closer than I think,
Honest whispers I pray.

And on a misty morn,
The freshness I feel.
Both of us together,
This dream is real.

I hold out my hand,
Please take it with care.
A nurtured passion,
Leaves my soul stripped bare.

By Clarabelle

Do It With Pride

You're a Star

Celebrate how far you’ve come and welcome the journey of tomorrow.  Today is your blessing, today be grateful for everything you have achieved so far, you’ve done good you know, you’ve done real good!! This poem’s for you.

Do It With Pride

The bells’s ringing,
I’m ready to go
Are you with me?
Bring on the show.

Smiles in your pocket
Hope on your back
Plough through all weathers
Get back on track

Start where you are
Think always good
Be kind to yourself
Don’t say “should”

Come on my friend
You’re almost there
One more step
A little more care

Concentrate, focus
Have faith in your stride
Go a little further
Do it with pride.

By Clarabelle

Thank You World

Loch Lomond Sky
Loch Lomond, Photo by Gerry Mitchell

I was having a little look at my blog stats today and I am over the moon with the people from all the different counties who have visited my blog.  Out of 196 countries in the world, so far, people from 138 countries around the world have visited my blog.  I am actually astounded, that’s 70% of the world’s countries are represented on stats on my blog.

So, as a massive THANK YOU to you from around the world, I am going to do a poem for your very own country. So I will make my list very soon and then I will do a lovely bespoke poem for you in your country, that’s the least I can do as a special thank you for visiting.  So if whether you’re from Ireland or Australia or France or Brazil…..all 138 of you will be getting a dedicated poem.  Of course, any new arrivals of countries, will also get their own poem.  I’m really looking forward to this, I really am.  Look out for your poem for your country.  I am smiling, I am looking forward to doing this.

Thank you for being here.

Love Clarabelle, Bonny Scotland, UK

Isn’t Life Funny


A poem of how funny life can be sometimes….funny strange that is!!

Isn’t Life Funny

Isn’t life funny,
In a strange kind of way.
One moment you’re up,
Another you’re in dismay.

As the clouds pass by,
Remember one thing.
That all can change,
With a telephone ring.

For what you seek,
Is seeking you.
It’s in the air,
Travelling through.

It wants to make you happy,
It wants to make you thrive.
Growing like a sunflower,
Feeling so alive.

So laugh when you can,
Smile at the passer by.
Life is what it is,
And I know you know why.

By Clarabelle