You are extra special

Stay aligned to your core values and your path will appear.

There are times in our lives when we can feel lost and you must know, this can be a very normal thing.

In times like these, allow your core values to be your inner guide. By doing this, you will never take a wrong path.

Know who you are and what you stand for, then take baby steps towards staying aligned to your true self.

Know that you are extra special in each and everyway.


Because You Shine

I am here because you shine

I closed my eyes and walked into the light.

There I met an older and much wiser woman.

She smiled at me.

She held a beautiful azure blue flower in her hand.

She took my hand and placed the flower in it.

Without any words, she gave me this message…..

Your magical heart can make the invisible visible.
I am here because you shine.
The blue of this flower represents the ocean and the sky.
The petals represent the fragility of life.
The wonder is not in the flower.
The miracle is in you.

The old lady then disappeared.

The flower turned into tiny little seeds in the palm of my hand.

I then knew, it was time to self-nurture and grow.

By Clarabelle
London, UK
21 July 2022

Feel Love In Your Heart

Here is a special little St. Valentine’s Day poem for you, to celebrate true love, the joining of passionate hearts and the magical miracle of life.  “When you feel love, act on it.  Speak your heart.  Be truthful. Be Open.” from the book The Path to Love by Deepak Chopra.  Happy St. Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones, Clarabelle.

Feel Love In Your Heart
Feel Love In Your Heart

Feel Love In Your Heart

Love is abundant, love is in me;

I feel it so strongly, flowing free.

The soul is uplifing, light shines from within;

Carrying my spirit, to welcome you in.

Feel love in your heart, just let it be;

Miracles happen, as it grows within thee.

Treasure the feelings, share them too;

Beauty is life, I am so grateful for you.

poemsbyclarabelle, 9 February 2013 

To Rekindle A Heart

Meaningful relationships hold a special place in your heart, sometimes they last forever, sometimes we allow the pressures of life to stretch the bond so far that it breaks. I believe however, that the invisible connection that first brought these human souls together will never die.  Where there is real love, there is a way, often a different way. What happens next may take you on a spectacular journey of hope, mystery and magical bliss – dare you risk it?. . . . maybe yes or maybe no – this potentially rekindled love is indeed your life choice.  I dedicate this next poem to the joining of two hearts that are just meant to be together.  And even if none of this makes sense to you, the heartfelt message I am conveying is:  May serendipity prevail.  Lots of love Clarabelle.

 To Rekindle A Heart

Just, when I see you there

I take a step, I feel your stare

My soul is taken, to another place

My eyes fill up, as I see your face

For love was present, there one time

We laughed, we danced, we joked in rhyme

An unbreakable bond, we once had

I’m glad ‘we’ happened, I am not sad

These emotions are like clouds, they drift away

But then the lightning strikes, are they here to stay?

To rekindle a heart, to fuel the fire

Is a mixture of sensations, a dream desire

Where hope did live, I knocked on the door

Confusion set in, as I reached out for more

Then you let go, the butterfly did flutter

Stages of healing, rose me up from the gutter

This deep lesson now lives, inside of me

Its wisdom now shared, welcome serendipity

Smile in the moment, sing in the sun

Play in the puddles, for true love is fun

Treasure the knowing and heartfelt forgiving

Choose to be happy, life is for living

poemsbyclarabelle, 20 July 2012

Battles of Life

Today I seem to be in a strong creative flow, fully connected to my inner emotions and life experiences.  It takes me to another place, another dimension brought on from memories of the past and thoughts of what could be.  I feel the words in my heart, they strengthen my self awareness and help me to understand the person I am today.  I continue to try to master the art of letting go. . . .what will be, will be.  This next poem shares some of this for you.

Battles of Life

Goodbye my love, like ships passing in the night

Our paths crossed, the lights were bright

The waves were fun, swept away in emotion

Our hearts danced, under the moonlit ocean

Feelings were high, but so were our fears

Abundance of laughter and moments of tears

The look in your eyes, told me your story

Battles of life, tales of hope and glory

The unspoken words, held close in the heart

Brought us together and tore us apart

The most powerful magnet, cannot compare

To the connection we have, but no longer you stand there

The sadness I feel, holds silence in me

Shall I leave this to fate? – What will be, will be

poemsbyclarabelle, 18 May 2012