Guest Blogger: 10 Life Lessons by Clarabelle

Thank you Aviral for letting me share my words of wisdom with the world on your blog. Clarabelle

Being a Science student, I always learned, ‘Red color has the highest wavelength’.’The highest wavelength has the highest energy. This energy reflects from red colored pic, who inspired me at every bit of seconds and I truly feel lucky to have her on my ship of Life: Clarabelle.

ClaireClarabelle means Bright. As I said, red color is the brightest color which reflects from her poetic heart and beautiful mind.

Being a guest blogger, Clarabelle is sharing her 11 invaluable life experiences and I call it – life experiences shared are eleven, she is gorgeous poetess from heaven.

At the ripe age of 39, I believe I am not even half way through my life and I know and have faith  that the best is yet to come, however I do feel I am life experienced enough to share my life lessons with the world, because wisdom is…

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LOOKING FOR NEW: Music Producers and Songwriters for New Album!

Open the door to opportunity…this one could be for YOU!!

Praise 104.7

New York, NY – If you are a Music Producer and/or Songwriter, here is your chance to have your work possibly featured on Stellar & Dove Award Nominated Trio GI’s next album!! GI is looking for creative, original material to be used for their upcoming album!

Read Official Statement from GI below!

“Good people! We are excited to announce that this week we start on our 3rd Album! We’re looking for producers/songwriters for our new album.”

 If you think you’ve got what it takes send your HOTTEST and most ORIGINAL tracks (it can be music/or music & lyrics) to .

If you are only a songwriter, email your contact information and the label will send you tracks to write to. Any questions on style, direction, etc. can also be emailed. This opportunity will only be available from April 3rd to May 3rd, so be sure to hurry and get…

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Daily Inspiration – Be Yourself

Thank you Simple Tom for this blog post, “Your calling is calling” go for it!! Clarabelle

Simple Tom

2778-be-yourself-everyone-else-is-already-takeninspiring-quotes-about-life-be-yourself1to_be_yourself be-yourself-quotes-250x300

One of the most powerful things you can do is be yourself. Is to follow your heart and to stay on purpose in your life. 
Thats honestly when EVERYTHING starts to “flow” in your life is when you live in purpose.
But I know this is easier said that done. Thats why I made this short video for you.
Because in todays world – being different, unique, and your own person is really suppressed. Look at all the messages that were shown that we have to be look a certain way, buy a certain car, and do certain things to be happy. And its bullshit. 
I may be really happy and on an incredible journey right now, but it was always like this…
I was bullied almost all my life growing up.
I was almost always different compared to the people I grew up…

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Authentically You

I love this because being true to myself is such an important value to me. Authenticity will bring you everything you have ever hoped for and more. Thank you to Me and the Boss for this wonderful blog post. Clarabelle

Me and the Boss 2013



“This world needs

more people who are

authentically themselves,

to share and love,

to give joy and light

to the darkness,

to help another soul

reach their dreams and goals.


Robin Lello


Who cares what other people think about you.

If you are the nice, honest, hardworking person

that your Higher Power wants you to be, have faith,

people will stand in line to become your friend.

Today, follow your soul, that intuitive feeling,

knowing that the brighter you shine

the better this world will be for all.

Kindness is being the authentic you.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss






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The Goodness of a Person

The Goodness of a Person

There is this quote on my Vision Wall which I absolutely love, here it is below:

The goodness of a person
The goodness of a person

“The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind.  But the goodness of a person ‘spreads in all direction’.  (Chanakya Philospher)  

Sharing the Story

I am currently training to become a Mental Health First Aider and at the start of the training yesterday morning, each attendee was asked to select an object from their bag and explain to the whole group why it was interesting or important to you.  I brought out a little keyring that was given to me a few weeks ago – let me share the story about it…..

A Lovely Gesture

A client and good friend of mine were having lunch in the newly opened Zizzi’s Restaurant, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow City Centre.  After our main meal we ordered deserts which took a very long time to arrive.  The waitress very kindly and sincerely apologised to us for the long delay and told us that there would be no charge for the deserts – we thought that’s a lovely gesture.  About 10 minutes later the Manager of the Restaurant came up to our table and he handed my friend and I a little keyring each.  He apologised again for the delay with the deserts and said that the keyring he had given us would give us free deserts for LIFE when buying a main meal in the restaurant anytime in the future.  We thought WOW, now that seriously is a lovely LOVELY gesture and we truly thanked him for this, we certainly did not expect this kindness!!

The goodness of this person has now indeed spread, as I continue to share this story of kindness with others.  If this situation was handled in the opposite way of this, it could have been a whole different story.  The power of kindness is very empowering.  Have you ever had a kind experience like this?  If so, please share it in the comments section below.

May your kindness abundantly flow from your heart today.  Clarabelle

What makes you tick?

Welcome to my newly monthly post, where I will post a question for you to answer (I will share my answer with you too).  You may not wish to answer straight away, you may wish to contemplate the question for a few minutes/hours/days or even a couple of weeks.  You don’t even need to post the answer on here, but it would be nice if you would and share your answers with others.  So here is your question for March 2013:

What makes you tick?
What makes you tick?

What makes you tick?

Here is my answer:

Creating meaningful poetry from my heart and soul and sharing it with you. 


Clarabelle New Year 2013
Clarabelle New Year 2013

Poemcasts for YOU

I do hope 2013 is getting off to a great start for you. I am so focused and driven to achieving my goals this year and one of them relates to putting a lot of energy into this blog and making it even better and more impactful for you.  I can genuinely and honestly say that I LOVE this blog, I just love working on it, love sharing with you and love reading your comments and your posts too.  

Podcast Host

Whilst looking into blogtalkradio this evening, I came across a podcast host,  I got so curious and excited about it and after a good 6 hours playing around with it and voice recording some of my poems, I have now created my own Poemcast website which is directly related to and linked to this blog.  I wanted to create podcasts, which as I am sure you have guessed by now, I have renamed to Poemcasts (thanks to a wonderful conversation I had with my friend Tom last year – his idea).     


I think it was Tony Robbins who said the quote “where focus goes energy flows” and I can’t agree more, because my focus on making this blog even better has led me to a new world of Poemcasting!!  I share this information with you today, because you may wish to try it out for yourself.  

So, if you would like to hear my beautiful Bonny Scotland accent whilst reciting some of my poems, you can.  

Below are three links to my most recent Poemcasts for YOU, I do hope you enjoy.  

PBC Poemcast 1 – Happiness is the Way

PBC Poemcast 2 – Love is Free-Flowing

PBC Poemcast 3 – Postcards from the Heart

I have also added the above links into the related posts on this blog and I have a lot more to update!!

I am sure I have still a lot to learn but baby steps all the way and I am very excited on this journey.  

Much love to you as always, Clarabelle.

Can you understand my broad Scottish accent?

If you enjoy what you read here on this blog, you may be interested in borrowing for FREE and/or purchasing one of Clarabelle’s self-published inspirational poetry ebooks available to download now on Amazon Kindle, please refer to the Author page on this blog or click HERE