Clarabelle Blog Weekly Programme.

Each day on this blog will be dedicated to a different theme. This is all still in the planning and will gradually be introduced over the coming months. Below is a taster of the weekly programme to look forward to:

MONDAY – sharing the best of Clarabelle’s “MOTIQUOTES” i.e. Motivational Quotes (starting from 19 September 2022).

TUESDAY – this is VIDEO SHORTS day, where Clarabelle will share her videos of inspiration (starting from 20 September 2022).

WEDNESDAY – more details coming soon.

THURSDAY – “POETRY CORNER” – every Thursday (from 4 August 2022) Clarabelle shares her original poetry – may the wisdom therein fulfil your soul.

FRIDAY – Every Friday (starting from 16 September 2022) will be the “CLARABELLE PODCAST” and hopefully getting your weekend off to a great start.

SATURDAY – more details coming soon.

SUNDAYPOST-IT PICS will be shared with you, offering a real sentiment of wisdom and heartfelt inspiration. (starting from 25 September 2022)

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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