Elspeth Thorburn

Every month I introduce you to a Guest Blogger and share their creative talent with you on this blog.  A very warm welcome to this month’s Guest Blogger, Elspeth Thorburn. Elspeth has wonderful talent for poetry and has written this very beautiful poem entitled, The Path of Peace that she wishes to share with you today.  I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Elspeth Thorburn
Elspeth Thorburn

My passion is life. I empower people to discover and utilise their own limitless potential for all areas of life.

I am a qualified Mentor and I empower individuals, families and small business owners /entrepreneurs. My purpose as a Mentor is to help individuals and business owners discover that they already have, within them, the ability to achieve their goals, create solutions to life’s challenges and instil passion for growth.

I deliver an Empowerment Programme specifically designed for young people in Education. This gives them soft skills and an alternative way of viewing challenging life events and develops crucial coping strategies. This helps young adults to discover their own potential and their life’s limitless possibilities.

My second passion is health and wellbeing. I specialise in teaching yoga in nursery, primary, additional needs and secondary schools, as well as teaching adults and private clients.

I am also an Independent Distributor under the umbrella of Forever Living Products, who have many Aloe Vera based products in health and nutrition, skin care and weight management etc.

My Background 

I trained horses working in several different equestrian disciplines. I was also ‘head hunted’ and helped establish two Equestrian Centres, one in England and the other in Scotland. I moved from the equestrian scene into the world of commerce, working in many different corporate environments, as well as charities. During this period I took up Sky Diving and enjoyed that for many years, prior to training in Yoga and Mentoring.

My hobbies and interests  

Singing: song writing: playing guitar and harp: poetry: recording relaxation CDs: environmental issues: walking in nature: and enjoying life to the full with family and friends.

I am a former President of the BPW (Business & Professional Women’s) Network.

Currently a member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IoEE)

Dip DY Post Grad

The Path of Peace

The Path of Peace

(Inspired by the World Peace Pathway

at the Hague, Netherlands)


The Path of Peace – it is a Key

A key for human kind

The Path of Peace at its centre

Has a Flame that burns Eternally


The Path of Peace – it is a Key

A key that man must choose –

To turn and open up each heart

And touch Eternity


This Planet that we’re given

The Blessings from above.

We are showered with God’s creation

We are bathed in God’s Love


But sometimes – when the shadows come – we simply turn away

And – turning to the darkness – we forget the Light of Day

But even in the darkness – somewhere the Sun still shines

No matter which part of night or day – the Sun will always shine


The Path has at its centre a Flame lit from the Sun

Just as in our heart our own Flame burns

Let us each unite – each and every one –

Uniting all humanity underneath God’s Sun


Let’s circle this beautiful Earth – where so many of creation’s gifts are given birth

Let’s circle it with Friendship

Let’s circle it with Love

Let’s circle it with Hope

Let’s circle it on the wings of the Dove

Let Peace encircle your Heart –

Then spread it out to every one

Let Peace encircle your Heart –

Let it be in every Home

Let Peace be in your Heart –

And in every Community


Let Peace be in every Nation

Let Peace be Now and in Eternity

Let Peace shine from your eyes

As they look up to the Stars

Let Peace Shine with Light

As the stars look on from afar


Just simply feel into your Heart

Into your “God Part” and into the Light

Then when you open up your eyes

You’ll brighten someone’s night


Then – if you smile – you will radiate the sun

Giving it to the happy souls and to the lonely one

For as long as anyone is lonely

As long as anyone is sad

As long as anyone hungers

For the touch of a loving hand

How can any of us rest and be at Peace with our fellow man


Reach out to every child – every nation – every creed

For the hunger in each soul merely reflects our own need

Touch your heart – touch your Light

Ignite the Passion – ignite the Flame

Ignite the Peace – Ignite Creation

Reach out to the World


In the centre of our beautiful Earth

Is a burning ball of Fire

Emblazoning its light and love –

Through the Earth it does aspire


Let your love and your light – that burns within

Let it Shine out through your Being

Let it Light the Way for you

And all others then will see in you

The Light that is in them too

Reflecting back the Lightest part of them

As they see the Light in you


Oh my Friends – reach out your hand

Touch another close to you

Reach out with your heart

Be open  – judge not as others do –

But simply do and simply be

What it is YOU are


YOU are Unique

You are your own Bright and Shining Star!

So twinkle in the night my friends

Be dazzling in the Sun

And know that Peace to Man

Will most certainly and surely Come!

 (with Love and Thanks from Elspeth Thorburn)

Copyright, Elspeth Thorburn 2013

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Linked-in: uk.linkedin.com/pub/elspeth-thorburn/61/826/b42

Email: etflyinghigh@yahoo.co.uk

Facebook – Elspeth Thorburn Forever Living Products Independent Distributor

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