A Mother in a Million

Happy Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day here in the UK and I want to send out a beautiful blessing to all the wonderful Mother’s out there, who bring much love and abundance to this world.  This next poem is dedicated to my own beautiful mum, to your mum too and indeed, if you are a mum.  Wishing you a very special day filled with love.  Clarabelle

My Beautiful Mum
My Beautiful Mum

A Mother in a Million

Mother you are so beautiful, in every single way,

You brighten up each moment, and listen to what I say.

Your love is so very special, to each and everyone,

You’re a mother in a million, stronger than the sun.

I love you so dearly, more than you’ll ever know,

Thank you my wonderful mother, your wisdom has helped me grow.

The Purest Perfection

To show someone you care, to give out a warm smile or a well needed hug can make all the difference.  Think about who you could share that with right now, who needs your loving hand at this moment in time?  I am smiling right now and it is for you, I do hope you will pay it forward today.  Have a wonderful day touched with inspirational moments.  

The Purest Perfection

As I hold your hand, it feels just right

Loving and carefree, heart burning bright

To show warmth for another, is comforting inside

Wholesome and truthful, beaming with pride

The soul is touched, in every way

Positive energy, flows through me today

Moment to moment, eyes they do glisten

Words are not needed, the spirit does listen

To share your kindness and gifts of affection

Is the ultimate prize and the purest perfection

poemsbyclarabelle, 5 June 2012

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