Courageous You

Trust in your heart

Challenges are a blessing, they make us stronger from within, although at the time it doesn’t really feel that way.  

Courage will always find you. Please have faith and know in your heart of hearts that setbacks make us dig deeper and a new opportunity awaits for you.  

May you create the right opportunity for you in your life today.  

Couragous words coming your way in the following poem by Clarabelle.

Courage Will Always Find You

Have patience my dear,

for all is well,

I see it for your future,

I hear its jingle bell.


For just around the corner,

is a beautiful light,

waiting for the darkness,

to shine on you so bright.


Challenges are a blessing,

they make us who we are,

welcome them with open arms,

jump on that magical star.


Courage will always find you,

be brave and carry on,

just because you can’t see it,

doesn’t mean all hope is gone.


Trust in your heart,

have faith in all that’s here,

this path that you are on,

is quite simply crystal clear.


This encouraging poetic message,

is especially for you;

it brings peace and loving thoughts,

to make you stronger through and through.

Created by Clarabelle January 2013

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