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Life Saver

I want to tell you a story, a true story from 22 years ago, it is the story of the day I believe, my best friend saved my life.  I just feel I want to share this with you today and I want to dedicate this blog post to Donna my BFF, best friend forever.  Thank you for everything and more.

Accident 1

I was 18 when I was in my first very serious car accident, the police officers who visited me in hospital afterwards told me they don’t know how I got out of the car alive, because where I was sitting in the car, there was basically nothing left of it.  I remember that evening so clearly, the sounds, the smells, the conversations, every one of my senses seemed to be fully enhanced.

Full Recovery

Leading up to it, there was lots of fun, joking around and laughter and then all of a sudden I was squealing in pure agony, trapped in a car I couldn’t get out of.  But thankfully I did get out of it and after almost 6 weeks in hospital and one and half years with crutches I managed to make a full recovery and get back on track with my life.

That was the first serious car accident I was in but it is the second car crash that happened four and half months after the first one, that  I want to tell you about.

Accident 2

My best friend and I were offered a lift by some other friends, I was in crutches and insisted on sitting in the back of the car behind the drivers seat.  There was five of us in the car and my best friend was sitting to the left of me, in the middle seat position.  The driver stopped to get petrol and my best friend got out to get some sweets.  When she came back she wanted me to move into the middle seat of the car but I didn’t want to go into the middle of the car, she insisted and we had a silly mini argument about it and I had enough and just moved into the middle of the car.  No less than 2 minutes later the car crashed and my best friend got the full impact of the car hitting a steel pole in the middle of a roundabout.  I was protected because I was in the middle, I did get crushed but with bodies rather than metal and steel.  My best friend was in a really bad way, she was lying in the middle of the road and all she kept shouting was “is Claire alright, is Claire alright”.  Yes, I was alright in comparison to her.  She was taken immediately to intensive care and was put on a life support machine, she was given a very low chance of surviving.  We said lots of prayers, I have never said so many prayers in my life so that she would get well again, we were told the chances were very slim but I always believed she would and thankfully she did and she made a full recovery within 6 months.

Saved My Life

I know that my best friend saved my life that night of the second car accident.  My body was still in recovery from the first one and I was so weak and thin, if I had been sitting in the same seat, I would never have had the strength to have survived that second car accident.  As I shared earlier, my friend insisted on changing seats 2 minutes before the accident happened, I believe my best friend saved my life that day.

Fighting Fit

We are both fighting fit now and full of health and we often now just laugh and cry about those times, not funny I know but after 22 years you start to look at things a little differently.

It wasn’t our time to go, all those years ago, God had other plans for us.  Thank you so much.

Love and Strength of Friendships

I had many dark days when recovering from my accident, many many dark days, lots of tears, lots of frustrations and lots of anger built up inside of me.  I was still a teenager and had a great dreams and plans that I thought, at the time, were getting taken away from me. My dad was also suffering from cancer at the time so I think that didn’t help either.    Now that I reflect upon it, I think I was a little ignorant and possibly a little bit selfish.  I couldn’t see past my own pain and I blamed a lot of external things for my unhappiness.    These life experiences, I believe have made me a better and stronger person.  My bitter thinking was all wrong at the time, I can see that now and I am sorry I felt that way, but I learned a lot, I learned a lot about myself and about the love and strength of friendships.


I am such a grateful person now, I have so grateful to be alive, to be healthy, to be happy and to still have my best friend in my life……forever 🙂  I treasure everything that I have and I nurture my positive energy every day.

I actually never ever thought I would share this story on my blog, but for some reason it just felt right to share it today.

In life we are faced with many challenges and sometimes at the time we are facing them we don’t see the lesson……but believe me there is a lesson and it will be revealed through time or if we take time out of the equation, through a change in our thinking.

Much love to you today, as always, Clarabelle

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Guest Blogger – Amy Rew

Welcome to this month’s Guest Blogger post from Amy Rew.  Amy is an inspiring business woman and wonderful friend of mine, she also has a special talent for writing poetry from the heart.  I am sure you will agree her creative writing is indeed a beautiful work of art.  Also, Happy Birthday today Amy, wishing you a beautiful day.

Amy Rew
Amy Rew

Amy Rew has trained to Post Graduate level within the field of clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Amy is a member of the British Society Of Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

Using a blend of clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour (CBT) and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) along with life coaching, Amy works with her clients to help focus motivation, increase confidence and generally optimise and unlock each individual’s personal potential.

Before training to become a hypnotherapist and life coach, Amy worked for over 10 years within the entertainment and fashion industry giving her great insight and experience into issues relating to confidence building, performance anxiety and self body image.​

After working with a number of clients recently who wanted to overcome challenges that were essentially related to past experiences that had resulted in limiting belief patterns and self abandonment, Amy felt inspired to write the following poem along the lines of facing ones fears and realising that we are our own best friend.

Best Friend

I’ll stay with you now
I won’t leave your side
Nowhere to run
Nothing to hide
Catching the moment
Slowing down time
I’m all alone
These emotions are mine
Drying the river
Turning the tide
Breaking the chains
So these worlds can collide
As we hold on so tightly
To illusions gone by
But Live for today
With no worry or sigh
Stay with me now
Cause there’s nowhere to go
Play the best friend, lover or foe
Jester magician
With all tricks of the trade
Hold on to him tightly
till he starts to fade
Oh mirror mirror
what do you show
I see what I want
I don’t know if you know
Make an impression
lets make it the last
Tie to the sail
And stick to the mast
The question’s the answer
The start is the end
You won’t fool yourself
But it’s fun to pretend
Stay in your shoes
Don’t leave your canoe
Create the next step
You know you can choose
Like ships on the ocean
Thieves in the night
Silent and strong
Set sail for the light

Copyright Amy Rew, June 2013

A very special thank you to Amy for sharing this beautiful and touching poem with us, I am very grateful that we got to share in its magic.  Love, Clarabelle

Best Friend

I got some really good news in the post today, one of my poems ‘Best Friend’, has been selected to appear in a new poetry book ‘Painting with Words’, soon to be published. The book will be available in all good bookshops worldwide and will be kept in the British Library and in other libraries across the UK.  I am even more so delighted because of what the poem is about and its heartfelt significance.  My mum’s dog, Ben, sadly lost its life to cancer this year, mum had Ben for over 14 years and she got him immediately after my dad had died of cancer.  When my siblings and I flew the nest, Ben was the greatest comfort to my mum, both of them went everywhere together.  The passing of Ben was extremely painful for my mum and she asked me if I would write a poem about him – this poem ‘Best Friend’, is the poem that will be published in the book and I have dedicated it to my mum and Ben.  This is the poem ‘Best Friend’ below:

Best Friend

My life filled with sadness, when you had to go

I held off and held off, but the pain was starting to show.

I loved you so much, you were my best friend

The best of companions, until the very end.

I look at your photos, from the early days

I remember your vitality, your boisterous ways.

Full of energy, you gave life everything

A gentle giant and protection you did bring.

I’m no longer sad, I’m happy it’s true

I know you are safe and the angels have you.

I still feel your presence, in a strange kind of way

Like you’re watching over me, every single day.

Our bond was so rare, you gave me comfort when I was low

Your eyes had such a sparkle, a special kind of glow.

And when we were together, everyone could see

This was a partnership, that was always meant to be.

I will always love you, nothing will take your place

In my heart is your spirit, and in my mind your loving face.

This experience has made me stronger, and good things will come from this

But one thing is for sure, I’m not replacing you with a goldfish.

Specially dedicated to my wonderful Mum and Ben, I love you.  

poemsbyclarabelle, 25 February 2012

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