Motiquote Monday

gifted with love

Happy Monday to YOU. It’s that time of the week again, Motiquote Monday, where I share one of my original quotes with you.

Today’s original quote, is the real deal because when you have friends like these quoted, you are forever blessed.

You are one of these gifts and you are truly treasured by your friends – remember that.

“True friends are light, brightful and giving, gifted with love, Angels here living.” Clarabelle

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The Road to Happy Friendship

Friendship Photo

I love this image above, it was given to me by my friend who has recently moved away from Scotland……I think it is a very beautiful message of love and happy friendship.

Be mindful of the wonderful friends you have in your life today, maybe you will want to give them a visit, phone, text or send them a letter after reading this post……maybe just maybe you were supposed to read this right now, yes I believe this message is for YOU.

Wishing you a beautiful day today filled with and abundance of love and happy friendship.

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