Happy Birthday Mum

My Beautiful Mum
My Beautiful Mum

It’s my lovely Mum’s birthday today, she is 71 years young and looks wonderful on it too.  🙂  I love birthday celebrations, lots of smiles, hugs, fun and laughter……and of course, yummy birthday cake too!!

Below is a little poem I created this morning, which I will write on the inside of the birthday card I give to my mum today.  Looking forward to celebrating this special day with my mum and the rest of the family.

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Mum

Happy birthday,
to my beautiful mum.
You’ve always been,
my number one.

So lovely and caring,
a heart made of gold.
Your hugs warm me up,
when I’m feeling cold.

Such a loving touch,
and engaging smile.
Your words of wisdom,
walk the happiness mile.

So may today,
be so special for you.
I love you mum,
May your birthday dreams come true.  🙂

Created by Clarabelle, 4 November 2013

A Smile from Clarabelle

Birthday Wishes

Clarabelle & Friends
Clarabelle & Friends

I celebrated by 40th birthday in Edinburgh this weekend and I had a lovely time with my bestest friends.  It got me thinking about birthday wishes.  What is a wish really and does it hold more depth of meaning on your birthday?.….You know, that moment of precious thought and hope just before you blow the birthday candles out, in the photo below, I was thinking of that….that special birthday wish, the secrets of my soul, the desires of my heart and all that.  What did I wish for?  Well, it has always been tradition to not share your birthday wish with anyone, because if you did then it might not come true.

My birthday wish this year was very general, not too specific but something I feel is also really achievable.  I will stick to tradition and not share it….just yet, actually, now that I think about it, in that very moment captured in this photograph below I believe I have it….yes, indeed I do truly have it – I wonder if you can guess what it is?  I wonder if it actually shows, can you see, can you feel it, can you tell I already have it?

Clarabelle’s 40th Birthday