I’m Free

I’m free,
As the air I breathe.
I’m happy,
Like an autumn leaf.
I’m loved,
Like the moon so bright,
I’m peaceful,
In a starry night.
I’m smiling,
As my dreams come true.
I’m here,
Always believing in you.

By Clarabelle


A Touch of Love

Be fearless

Spread a touch of love today, it will really make a difference to your day and to someone else’s day.  This could be anything from buying someone a cup of coffee, to making their dinner for them, or baking a cake for your neighbour.  A little bit of love goes a long long way and people will always remember how you made them feel and there is no better feeling than feeling loved and cared for.

Wishing you a lovely day wherever you are in the world.

Love, Clarabelle



Show Your Heart

Dubai Beaches

When you meet someone for the first time, show your heart.  When you are introduced to someone new, show your heart.  When you are welcomed by a stranger, show your heart.

Show your heart, show you care, show the real lovely and wonderful you and you will be so amazed at the abundance of warmth that comes back.

So my post today, is about showing your heart and people will not only see that but they will feel it too.

Lots of love to you today from Sunny Dubai,


A Mother in a Million

Happy Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day here in the UK and I want to send out a beautiful blessing to all the wonderful Mother’s out there, who bring much love and abundance to this world.  This next poem is dedicated to my own beautiful mum, to your mum too and indeed, if you are a mum.  Wishing you a very special day filled with love.  Clarabelle

My Beautiful Mum
My Beautiful Mum

A Mother in a Million

Mother you are so beautiful, in every single way,

You brighten up each moment, and listen to what I say.

Your love is so very special, to each and everyone,

You’re a mother in a million, stronger than the sun.

I love you so dearly, more than you’ll ever know,

Thank you my wonderful mother, your wisdom has helped me grow.

You’re Never Alone

Life can be full of shocks and surprises, usually when you least expect it.  I heard some sad news recently, the unexpected passing away of an adult friend from my childhood. Instantly I thought of the loved ones that are left behind and trying to cope with their loss and sadness.  It made me think of how I was able to cope when my Dad passed away many years ago.  I wrote this poem in the hope that it will bring some comfort and solace to the grieving family and friends, you are all in my prayers.  Much love to you Clarabelle

You're Never Alone
You’re Never Alone

You’re Never Alone

Today I feel your sadness, it’s present in my heart;

Your loss is very tragic, many tears from you depart.

A sinking soul, with a deeper beat;

Emotions are heavy, no people you want to meet.

Is this real?  Is this me?

Questions stir your mind, make you feel crazy.

But let me tell you a secret, one I want to share;

When loved ones leave us, important people do care.

They offer a helping hand, to ease your current pain;

Their love surrounds you, to fill your heart again.

The human spirit comes alive, and reaches out to you;

It shines a light on your darkest days, to help you see it through.

You’re never alone, at this difficult time;

Angels dance around you, until you feel just fine.

So when you close your eyes tonight, and rest your head to sleep;

A warm blanket of love and light, penetrates your soul so deep.

poemsbyclarabelle, 16 January 2013

There’s a Champion in YOU!!

Life can be really really tough sometimes, it can throw you curve ball after curve ball, whilst you’re climbing up the highest mountain, in the toughest terrain and then just when you think you’re getting somewhere, down comes the avalanche!!  You may not realise it, but this is where the lighting strikes, this is where the miracle happens….saturated in doubts and drenched in tears, your heart and soul gets to work and creates a special magic inside of you, which reaches out and touches the stars.  When you feel the deepest pain, believe me, it’s the start of your healing. How do I know?……I’ve been there.  The New Year is just around the corner, there is life after 2012, I see it is so very special for you, full of love and abundance. My inner calling told me to share this with you today…….sometimes we all need a helping hand – listen to the whispers of your heart, for they only speak truth to you.  Much love to you today, Clarabelle.

New Year
New Year 2013

There’s a Champion in YOU!!

Your light shines brighter, in the dark,

Your heart beats stronger, but leaves no mark.

The soul reconnects, to all of you,

The mountain climb, is in full view.

Pause for a second, feel the calmness in the air,

Your inner being, has much love to share.

The battle ain’t over, but YOU will win,

Believe it and see it, hold up that chin.

Because sometimes we fall, and keep on falling,

Tumbling down the hill, away from our calling.


But where you land, is the start of your healing,

Disguised in your tears, and in the pain you are feeling.

Nothing feels worse, but please trust, in what I say,

As you freeze in the moment, in the heat of the day.

You are a miracle, you are the one,

That can move any mountain, your journey has begun.

For inside your being, a bright flame does glow,

The tougher life gets, the more it does grow.

The eyes cannot see it, as the mind struggles on,

But it’s burning down the virus, until it’s all gone.

Don’t shut out these whispers, have faith, they are true,

Keep going, my friend, there’s a champion in YOU!!

poemsbyclarabelle, 26 December 2012

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A Kiss On The Cheek

I received a very special ‘kiss on the cheek’ today.  Why was it so special?….because I sensed it came from a very caring, honest place and was wrapped in love and kindness. You know the kind of kiss I mean…. innocent and sweet, a kiss that seems to flow through every cell of your body – I can still feel it on my cheek now.  If you could offer up one of those special kisses to someone’s cheek today, who would you give that gentle kind kiss to?  I know the thought of this is making you smile, it might even be melting your heart.  I do hope you share that kiss today.  Lots of love and kisses, Clarabelle

kiss on the cheek

A Kiss On The Cheek

kiss on the cheek, so touching indeed,

Love and kindness, has come from this seed.

Mother nature, has cast its spell,

Magical moments, come out of this shell.

Barefooted on the sand, life is bliss,

Serenity in the air, a happy face with a kiss.

poemsbyclarabelle, 22 August 2012

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It Made My Heart Smile

I received a lovely supportive email the other day from my good friend and business partner Debbie Hollingsworth.  Debbie was offering me her enthusiasm and encouragement regarding the Charity Walk that my mum and I did on Sunday  – that email really made my day.  Debbie ended the email with ‘It made my heart smile’, I loved that phrase and I told her I was going to write a poem about it.  This next poem is dedicated to Debbie, thank you for your inspiration and wonderful friendship.

It Made My Heart Smile

What makes your heart smile?

What makes you go the extra mile?

What is the passion, that burns deep in you?

What gives you hope, to see it through?

Lots of questions, to make your mind tick

Choices and decisions, so important to pick

To make a difference, love starts inside

Showing you care, fills me with pride

It made my heart smile, breathing life into me

Your spirit is alive and gave me energy.

poemsbyclarabelle, 5 July 2012

If you enjoy what you read here on this blog, you may be interested in borrowing for FREE and/or purchasing one of Clarabelle’s self-published inspirational poetry ebooks available to download now on Amazon Kindle, please refer to the Author page on this blog or click HERE

How are you today?

“How are you today?”, A simple question that speaks volumes but how often do you ask someone that question?  I received a phone call this morning from a research company and the young gentleman calling asked me, how I was doing today, I very kindly responded and asked him the same question, he was so surprised that I showed an interest in him, he said he had made thousands of calls like this and no one had ever asked him that question back. . . . it does make you think!!  It certainly made his day because he told me so and it made me feel good also.  May I encourage you today to go out of your way and show a genuine interest in others by asking them “How are you today?”.  I do hope you are very well. This next poem is for you.

How are you today?

How are you today?

What response will you say?

Will it be good?

Or show a dull mood?

Will you show you care?

With the smile that you wear

Or not answer at all?

If the question, is in a phone call

Take a moment, make someone’s day

Asking “How are you today?“, can go along way

Just 4 little words, so simple and true

Spreads a little happiness, and reflects back on you

So next time you meet, someone on your path

Ask them this question and give them your half

poemsbyclarabelle, 18 May 2012