Festival of Faith

Have faith, strong,strong faith that your dreams are here, feel them in your heart right now and rejoice in your festival of faith. A poetic verse for you today:

A Festival of Faith

A festival of faith,
Lives in me.
In gives me hope,
So I can be.
Everything I want,
And even some more.
Believing in the “yes”,
And an opened door.
It encourages my soul,
Breathing life into me,
An explosion of knowing,
That no eyes can see.
A feeling from within,
A heart with a spark,
Igniting my spirit,
Shining light in the dark.

By ClarabelleIMG_1045.JPG

4th of July Poem

4th of July

Here’s a 4th of July poem for you:

4th of July Poem

Her independence,
sets her free,
Happy spirited,
that is she.
Clouds pass by,
like her thoughts.
Windswept hair,
tied in knots.

light her soul.
Angels dance,
she feels whole.
Born on this day,
high as a kite.
4th of July,
Is in full flight.

Created by Clarabelle, 4th July 2014


A Big 20K

Clarabelle Blog Celebrating 20,000 Blog Hits

Today I am celebrating over 20,000 hits on this Clarabelle Blog and I am super super excited about it.  So a very special thank you goes out to all of you who pop by and show me your love.  Next official blog posting celebration is 25,000, so I look forward to that.

Woo hoo, I feel like having a party, want to come?  🙂

Dream Big my beautiful friends and reach that mountain top.

Lots of love, Clarabelle

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10,000 Blog Hits – Thank YOU

Clarabelle blog hits

Today I am celebrating 10,000 blog hits and I am super excited and abundantly happy about this.

I want to truly thank YOU for making this happen, you have visited my blog on a daily basis and you have inspired and encouraged me to keep going.

I truly feel that this blog is part of my life now, I just absolutely love it and I really do hope it shows and that it offers you some real value when you visit.

I started this Clarabelle Blog on 20 April 2012, it was unplanned, something came over me that day and I just acted on what I was feeling and I now know I was so right for doing that.  I remember that moment very clearly because I was super excited to get it going and my first blog post was a poem I created called “Superhero” about a friend of mine.

I have developed and grown with this blog and it will continue to evolve as my career transition to Singer/Songwriter takes shape.  I do hope you stick around for the long term, because I really do love it when you visit and I love reading your comments, I always make a point to respond to every comment on this blog.

Thank you my friends, thank you from the core of my heart, you contribute so much to my happy spirit…..long may it continue.

Lots of love and gratitude goes out to you today,  a very happy Clarabelle

Happy Clarabelle
A Very Happy Clarabelle

I Love You

Very dear friends of mine are celebrating 50 years of marriage this weekend, and I wanted to get them a very special gift from me, so I thought about writing them a beautiful poem of their amazing partnership together and putting it in a lovely frame.  I share this poem with you today.  Love is beautiful, love is memorable and love is all around, I hope you embrace love in your life today.  Clarabelle

I Love You

We dance in love, embracing our time together

50 years have passed and we shine, whatever the weather

A glimpse of hope, a sparkle in the soul,

Together as one, now we are whole

The smiles on our faces, tell the story

Of a bond so strong, entwined in gracious glory

We let love in, our hearts did melt

Stars in our eyes, passionately heartfelt

This new chapter in our life, like our wedding day

Is a golden anniversary reflection, of the vows we did say

We celebrate our laughter, and the magic so true

The sweetest memoirs, blossomed from ‘I love you’

[The above poem is especially dedicated to Lucy and Marc on your

Golden Wedding Anniversary]

poemsbyclarabelle, 17 August 2012

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