A Colourful Life

happy colours image

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about wearing some brighter, sunnier colours – I feel it’s time to get out of the black and into those cool shades of blue, pretty pinks, sunshine yellows and energy giving oranges. This thought inspired the colourful poem below, enjoy it!!

Magical Colours

Magical colours,
Pretty tonight.
Sparkly and glittery,
Pink, yellow and white.
A vibrant soul,
A youthful touch.
Purple and reds,
Have energy, so much.
The orange of life,
With apple green hints.
Super delicious,
Refreshing as mints.
So choose a colour,
Reflect your happiness.
Wear it with a smile.
And in the way that you dress.

What’s your favourite colour to wear, what colour, when wearing it, makes you feel so good?

I have a strong pull at the moment, towards wearing the colour yellow and also bright red…..I’m looking forward to brightening up the room when I walk in wearing it.  (Smile) 🙂

From a Colourful Clarabelle today.