So Happy

Today, I collected my first ever paperback book from Amazon. I was the happiest person ever picking up the book. I excitedly opened up the package on the street and wanted to shout out to everybody, “Hey, this is my book”, I was wearing the biggest smile ever. This book’s content has spanned over a 3 year period and I honestly can’t believe I’ve written it. I read each page with new learnings and rejuvenated wisdom and I am amazed all over again.

I know some of my best writings in this book have been written at some of the toughest times in my life, when I was going through some inner challenges of lost love, tough business times and knock back after knock back. These writings, through that inner pain were inspiring me to “keep going”, to “never give up” and to do my very best to help myself achieve all that I have ever wanted. It was like I was connected to something else when writing these musings……like something else was speaking through my heart, mind and soul. I would just sit there alone in the silence of my own home and write… all just flowed out of me so easily and I would instantly feel an inner calmness after it.

So, in my humble opinion, this book, Clarabelle’s Musings are miracle writings, whispers of my soul to share with the world and connect in a very special way with other hearts and ultimately help you positively move forward in your own journey of life.

I often wonder where I got my writing spirit from, as my Mum and Dad don’t write but my younger sister Leanne is a fabulous writer, although I am sorry to say that she doesn’t write anymore.

I remember Leanne came home from High School one day, she was about 13 years old and she was stunned because the Head of the English Department, at the time, didn’t believe she had written the essay she wrote, she was upset that she had to convince him that she did write it all herself. He was so amazed by her talent, he took her School book from her and showed it to the other English teachers in the department. Not very inspiring for a 13 year old, when your teacher doesn’t even believe in you. I wish Leanne would write again, her story writing, really is amazing but she is so happy being a wonderful mum of 3 children with another one on the way in February next year. Leanne also home schools my nieces and nephews……her children will always be inspired, she will make sure of that.

I think we got it from my Grandfather, Eddie, who told me, at 90 years old, that when he was a child, he came first place in a UK and Ireland wide School writing competition. I felt so proud of him when he shared that with me, he hadn’t told anyone, until then, sadly he passed away at the age of 92.

So today is a momentous day and I am dedicating this paperback to my Granda Eddie and my younger sister Leanne, both inspirations to me.

Clarabelle’s Musings, this is my new bedtime reading book.

Lots of love to you today, Clarabelle





Bubblegum Ambitions Video Poem

I hope you like this next video poem, it’s about dropping the ego, not focusing on competition but focusing your creativity and authenticity as you move forward in your life. Much love to you today, as always, Clarabelle.

Bubblegum Ambitions 

You are not what you have, or even what you do,

You are what you are, be grateful for you.

To compare your life, to another one,

To aggressively compete, under the sun.

Will take your ego, into the sky,

Bubblegum ambitions, no tears you will cry.

But then one day, there will come a time,

You want to change, from what’s mine is mine.

You crumble to the floor, and what once was real,

Is starting to flake, and numbness you feel.

There is always a way, to shine at night,

Glowing and flowing, it’s a natural flight.

Silent is the heart, it speaks to you here,

Vibrations of energy, simmer the fear.

Truth is where it’s at, go to the ocean,

The waves clear your thoughts, love is in motion.

Now you are hollow, now you are free,

Knowing what you live for, let your life be.

Created by Clarabelle.

Clarabelle Blog Vision Statement

Beauty is All Around

I am receiving such beautiful comments from followers of this blog and these wonderful sentiments of support are really touching my heart.  I want to thank everyone for their heartfelt comments, I am so grateful for them.  This next poem is all about that.  Have a beautifully inspired day, love Clarabelle.

Beauty is all around

Beauty is all Around

Touching words, moving hearts,

Lost in the moment, in all of its parts.

Feelings are special, unique and true,

Gratitude means everything, and I believe in you.

Love is on the horizon, its energy attracts me,

Beauty is all around, as far as the eyes can see.

poemsbyclarabelle, 8 October 2012

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The Stars Come Out To Play

Have you ever had a friend that you lost touch with for a few years and then all of a sudden and out of the blue, they contact you to say ‘hello’.  This happened to me the other day and although it was unexpected at that time, I somehow always believed that I would hear their call, I just had to give it time.  Rather than trying to catch the butterfly, give it the time it needs and then it will come and sit on your shoulder.  May your day be filled with beautiful butterfly moments.  Lots of love Clarabelle.

The stars come out to play

The Stars Come Out To Play

He said ‘hello’ today, on his own,

No prompt from me, when I felt alone.

It’s taken 5 years, to melt the ice,

Because a broken heart, does not feel nice.

Letting go of emotions, frees me from pain,

I’ve learned a hard lesson, not to do that again.

So I’ll take this step forward, detached from it all,

The flame is still flickering, and burns down the paper wall.

I don’t hold on to hope, or feel any fear,

It is what it is, this moment is here.

I cherish the movement, as the stars come out to play,

And the moon masters the night sky, at the end of the day.

poemsbyclarabelle, Created on 4 October 2012

The Sands of Time

I am introducing the poem I created today on video, I thought it would be a nice idea to connect with you in this more personal way. So, I will let the video do the talking and hope you enjoy this next poem inspired by the writings on my vision wall.  Lots of love Clarabelle.

The Sands of Time

The sands of time, go drifting by

I’m moving on, no questions why

All I know and want is here

Inspiring senses, dropping the fear

My time is now, I trust in me

Living well, being the best I can be

A world of learning, is there for the taking

What makes you tick?  What is self-motivating?

The spirit is connected, new ideas come to light

The fire burns deep inside, glowing through the night

It’s your choice in life, to change at the roots

Nurture the seeds, to create positive shoots

poemsbyclarabelle, Created on 3 July 2012