Poetry Corner #10

Tomorrow is a chance

A very warm hello to you. Every Thursday is Poetry Corner. My poems can be soulful, loving, joyful and encouraging – all at the one time. Here’s a happy one for you.

Happy Dance

Choose to make,
each brand new day,
full of life,
everything your way.

With a smiling heart,
and uplifted soul,
start your day,
to reach any goal.

You don't need sunshine,
or rainbows above,
give all your energy,
and lots of self love.

So decide today,
tomorrow is a chance,
to dive out of bed,
and do a happy dance.

By Clarabelle, London, UK
Created on 27 September 2022
Posted to Blog on 6 October 2022
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Clarabelle Quotes, Dance Your Way Through Life

Photo of Picture and Quote by Clarabelle 🙂


Happy Child

Carfin Village Gala Week
Clarabelle Age 7, Carfin Village Gala Week

I was such a happy child, I honestly had a fabulous childhood it was so much fun, adventurous, exciting and full of imagination.  I had lots of friends and most of the time we made up our own entertainment.  We used our imagination to make up dances and songs, we played at football rounders, kick-the-can, hide and seek, beds (hopscotch), races, treasure hunt, lee voy, relay races, obstacles courses, we would climb up trees and make up hidden camps in the park.  I am smiling now because my childhood was so so so so happy and I am very proud to say that I am still very close with some of those very special childhood friends almost 35 years later.

Clarabelle and her Brother
Clarabelle Age 6 and Brother Age 9

As a child I always remember being full of dreams and excited ambition, although it was probably portrayed as being too far fetched and a little ‘show off’ at times.  I never interpreted it as that myself, I was just so happy and wanted to display my happiness to others, I suppose I wanted them to share my happiness too.

Clarabelle Age 5
Clarabelle Dancing Age 5

My mum said to me that her memory of me as a child was that I was always singing, she said I would sing from the moment I woke up until I went to bed.  The funny thing is I forgot I did that until my mum reminded me of it a couple of years ago.   I forgot that I used to do that as a child and I guess I forgot what it was to be that child again singing, dancing and living in a very free-spirited way.  However I am finding that the more I understand who I am as a person the more I am becoming that happy spirited child again, the person that I always was but somehow got lost along the way.

Clarabelle and Leanne
Clarabelle (Age 10) & Sister Leanne (Age 5)

At this moment in time, on my journey of life, I am really happy, I feel free-spirited, creative and mesmerised by the beauty in this world. It’s like I am seeing the world again through my childlike eyes, like when I was 7 years old again.

Clarabelle Age 11
Clarabelle Age 11 (holding Courage Banner in pink)

As a child I loved things like catching my reflection in puddles on a rainy day, gazing up at the stars at night, staring at a summer nights sky and being wondered by all the magical colours and different shapes of clouds.  I loved making daisy chains and I would look endlessly at each petal on the daisy, really feeling and smelling its fresh air scent.  I loved the great outdoors and just being free, I guess just being me, living in each very moment and seeing each and everything around me as magical.

Now I know why I was a happy child.  🙂 🙂 🙂

May your day today be filled with magical childlike moments that allow you to see the beauty in everything around you.  Lots and lots of love to you today, Clarabelle

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Just Dance

A man and a woman performing a modern dance.
A man and a woman performing a modern dance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.
(Japanese Proverb)

Two Hearts

A little love goes a long long way.  This next poem jumped out of my heart today and I share it with you.  May you be showered with an abundance of true love today.  Clarabelle


Two Hearts

Two hearts, beat as one,

Feel the energy, feel the fun.

Embraced with love, happy thoughts,

Smiles on our faces, stomach in knots.

Dance to the music, sing to the song,

Together in love, is where we belong.

My Heart is Dancing

One of the things in life that motivates my spirit, is when I hear uplifting, heartfelt, soul touching music, it makes such a special connection within.  The strange thing is, I forgot about this for a while, I didn’t listen to the sounds that made me come alive……I have now discovered that again and every morning it is now part of my early wake up call.  This next poem is for you – have a magical musical day.

Music warms my soul

Making me feel so whole

Igniting my spirit, all the time

Notes of passion, rhythm and rhyme

My heart is dancing, when I hear the beat

Twisting and turning, as I move my feet

Excited feelings, what a ride

Fingers tapping, happiness I can’t hide

Awaken your senses, to high from low

Turn the sound up, just let go

poemsbyclarabelle, 10 May 2012