The Magic of Life Itself

Truly ‘live’ your life

In life we see death, In death we see life.

The quote above may seem a little bit morbid at this time of year and I definitely don’t want to bring any darkness into your life today.

I want you to think about how this quote speaks to you. In my own mind, it creates a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the now and the magic of life itself. It pushes me to see ‘LIFE IN LIFE’ and to cherish that each and everyday.

Truly ‘live’ your life and know what that means for you.

As 2023 approaches believe in life, believe in your magnetic energy and believe in your self-power.


Now is Forever

There is no greater presence than now

I want you to really think about the above quote and what it speaks to you.

There is no greater presence than NOW and no greater answer than NOW.

As soon as you become solely aware of this power, a positive internal shift begins to happen.

Time begins to slow down and eventually doesn’t exist. Worries become non-existent and joy becomes more of a priority or just IS.

Life changes thought or thought changes life? – that won’t matter anymore, because your true presence will thrive in natural flow.

You may never get to experience pure reality but one thing is for sure, if you do miss out on this one absolute truth, you truly haven’t lived.

Life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it. Calm waters make more impact than stormy seas.

I invite you to ponder in the stillness of life today.


Powerful Language


Miss Positivity

What does using positive language mean to you?  It’s a good thing, right?  Of course from Miss Positivity here there was only ever going to be one answer to that!!

I am a very positive person, I always look for the best in people, I can easily see other peoples’ strengths and talents shining through, I guess that is because that is where my focus is.


I was doing some deeper research recently on how to overcome procrastination and I came across something which I feel may have much more impact that just using positive language.

Imagine, just for one day only, you switched from using your usual positive language to more powerful language.  YES, I mean think about this, positive IS really good, yet I feel sometimes only scratches the surface.  When I use POWERFUL language, for me it is much more impactful, inspiring and motivating.  I move from “I can do this ” to  “I am doing this”, powerful language is much more solid and definite.  Another example of saying powerful language might me, “I am committed to this” and with these thoughts, I really can feel my power growing inside of me, I feel I can move mountains…..let me at them!!  🙂

I Am Succeeding

Even writing this post is making me feel like a cannon ball flying through the sky and ready to explode with excitement, energy, enthusiasm and 100% determination.  “I will succeed, I am succeeding, I hold the key to my dreams in my heart and I know the combination.  Get ready for me world because I’m coming at yah and it feels so amazing.”


So there you have it, I challenge you today, to use only POWERFUL language, empower your happy spirit, raise the bar, reach new heights, catch that falling star…….give your passion wings, I know the results will be life changing.

Wishing you a very beautiful day filled with empowering thoughts and powerful conversations that catapult you into inspired action. Love Clarabelle

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How to win any battle?

Anything is Possible
Anything is Possible

“Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing.  You have to make the mind run the body.  Never let the body tell the mind what to do.  The body will always give up.  It is always tired in the morning, noon and night.  But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired.”
George S. Patton, U.S. Army General, 1912 Olympian

Loch Ness Marathon

I signed up for my third marathon a few weeks ago and I started my training this week.  I am doing the Loch Ness Marathon, Inverness, Scotland, UK on Sunday, 29 September 2013.  I previously completed the New York Marathon in 2007 and the London Marathon in 2010, both I found very challenging but also remarkably rewarding and fulfilling in terms of committing to a specific goal and achieving it.  When I completed my first marathon it really did give me the belief that “anything IS possible” if you put your mind to it and do what you need to do everyday to get there.  I am excited about doing the Loch Ness Marathon this year because I feel I am experienced enough now to totally relax and enjoy the whole experience, I know it will still be physically and mentally challenging but I am prepared for that.  After I complete this third marathon I am going to give each of my marathon medals to my nephew Sean (9 years), niece Megan (6 years) and niece Carmen (1.5 years) – I want them to receive these medals in the hope that it will inspire them to believe in themselves and go out and achieve anything they want in their lives, so I really do need to get that third marathon medal!!


I have been reflecting a lot recently (well actually, I reflect all the time, so nothing new there really 🙂 )  I have been thinking about what really works for me in terms of achieving my own goals and below is a list of what works for me:

  • Firstly, I need to want to do something, I have to see the real benefit and purpose in doing it or I will not fully commit.  My goal has to be meaningful to me and be in alignment with my core values. It also has to be my goal and definitely NOT someone else’s goal unless I am in fully alignment with their idea/goal.
  • Once I have decided that I want to do something, I then make a full commitment to doing it, without a real commitment there will be no real follow-through to the end, so I know I need to fully commit.  Commitment to me is doing whatever it takes to get there, not in a unselfish or mean way, in a “I can do this” way.
  • Next I need to do some research into what I need to do to ‘make it happen’, I research into who has done it before, what the experts say, what do I need to know that will help me on my way.
  • Then I need to make a plan of action to ensure I commit to what needs to be done, this plan of action is a structural stepping stone for me, I have realised that if I have an easy and simple daily structure to follow I will do that – simple, visual diagrams and charts work best for me.  I put the new learning into practice and tick off my daily achievements along the way – for me this definitely works!!
  • I also ensure I measure my progress along the way, What were things like at the start?, Where am I now in terms of progress? and How close am I getting to my desired goal?
  • I also like to celebrate my mini successes along the way, this is the fun part and I am also very mindful of “enjoying the journey” and having gratitude for what I am progressing towards and achieving in my life.
  • Another important aspect of me achieving my goals is, in some way to inspire others to work towards and achieve their goals, “if I can do it, then YOU can do it“, that really is an important one for me.
  • Throughout the whole process I know I have to stay super focused to get to the end goal, I constantly visualise succeeding and celebrating my achievement.  I am a highly visionary person, so I find this one quite easy, I imagine and picture in tiny details me achieving my goal, what I am wearing, who I am speaking to, how it feels, I visualise every specific detail of the end result.   I 100% know this is one of the most important steps in helping me get there – it keeps the dream/goal alive inside of me, and gives me that “never give up” attitude.
  • I am a confident and determined individual and I know that from my past experiences anything I have put my mind to achieving I always have, I know I am a “High Say” “High Do” person and I set high standards for myself.

The above are just some things that I do towards achieving my goals, for you it may be slightly different or a lot different and I would love to hear, What works for you?

Whatever you do today, may it take you closer to your dreams and goals in life, YOU have the ability to achieve whatever YOU want to achieve, BELIEVE that, SEE that, YOU are the creator of your own reality…..GO NOW MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOU!!

Much love to you today, as always and thank you for reading this post, Clarabelle.

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It’s Your Life – Go Get It!!

It's Your Life - Go Get It!!
It’s Your Life – Go Get It!!


I believe YOU have a magnificent capacity to grow and fulfill your potential. Yes, sometimes there are barriers in the way but only YOU can break these barriers down. Ahh! But! I hear you say ‘it just ain’t that easy’ – you’re telling me!! Sometimes your greatest learning will come from your own failures or learning from other peoples’ failures. Moving towards the fear is one of those inner challenges which seems so much easier to avoid. But when you go against your core values it tears a part of you away and day by day your true identity slips into the hands of others.

Do you really want to reach the age of 90 and discover through your REGRET that it could all have been different if you only remained true to yourself and took action.

So here comes the empowerment part!!

The greatest of triumphs don’t come easy—that’s why you feel so so FANTASTIC when you do achieve them. Can I help you to make a difference in your life today?– well maybe not, but I am going to give it a damn good try.

Find a quiet space, one where you’ll not get any interruptions for the next 15 minutes or so.

Grab a pen and paper and just take a minute to silence your thoughts.

Now make a list, no matter how wacky it may seem and write down your dreams, goals and aspirations in life. Don’t know what you want? Then the following questions might help you:

What are you truly passionate about?
What life desires are you moved to meet?
What excites you?
What are you really great at?
When are you at your most happiest?
What is your dream career?
What is important to you?
What does a purposeful and meaningful life look like for you?
What places would you like to visit?
What would you like to learn?

GREAT—you may not realise it but you have made the first important step and hopefully you feel inspired to take another step forward. I bet you’re feeling just a little bit excited—if not a lot!

Extreme Passion

When I was planning for my Coaching business—long before it actually started, I got so so excited about helping others to achieve their own dreams in life. My extreme passion released a tremendous amount of energy to motivate action. For me I felt an abundance of excitement that I had never really experienced before. I was 34 years young (always thinking positively) and I am now approaching 7 years of having my own business.

Now, I do want to keep it real here because life is not a bouquet of roses everyday (and I would be crazy to expect that) but I go to sleep feeling happy that I got one step closer to meeting my vision and I wake up EVERY morning delighted that yesterday I faced my fears, took a risk and just went for it.

Inspire Action in YOU

I feel it is such a loss for you not to experience this for yourself –I want this blog post to inspire action in YOU.

A few hundred words merely says it all but if I have inspired just one of you to discover your potential and go for your dreams—I will be absolutely delighted, so please let me know. Personally, I think hearing real stories are the best. I always love to hear readers’ inspiring stories —I invite you to share them with me here on the comments section of this blog.

It’s your life – Go Get It!!

Living Life Now

You can always make a fresh start moment to moment, by living in the now and using your mindfulness to change your immediate thinking.  It is always important to remember to come from a place of love, because when you let love run freely from your heart, it will always make sure it does its job.  This next poem is inspired by living life now, go on make it happen, because every moment, is a moment to change for the better.  Lots of love to you today, Clarabelle.

Live Life Now
Live Life Now

Living Life Now

Living life now;

Frees you from the how.

Just let go;

Let love in you, flow.

Take a step, achieve;

Really do believe.

That you can have it all;

Aim high, stand up tall.

Let worry, pass you by;

There’s a smile, behind your cry.

The pain will come and go;

This, I want you to know.

Today’s a brand new day;

Stay focused and go your own way.

poemsbyclarabelle, 24 January 2013


Make it Happen

There are many great mentors and coaches in this world and one that I choose to learn from is the wonderful and wise Jim Rohn, “if you can change, everything will change for you” – go to work on yourself more than your job and share life’s lesson with others.  Imagine the life you want, have faith in your abilities, do the work and measure your progress, this is one way of learning to live a good life.  This next poem is inspired by just that.  Be the architect of your dream life.   

Make it Happen

Design your life, the way it should be

From the money in your pocket, to feeling free

To the sounds in your life and the books you do read

Who you’re around and everything you need

Take the time, to plan it out well

Make it happen, under your spell

True magic exists, when you really believe

That a fulfilling life, you can achieve

Take in the knowledge, embrace the dream

Collaborate with others, work as a team

Go to work on yourself and measure it all

Progress will motivate you, this is your call

poemsbyclarabelle, 14 May 2012

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