High Spirits

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When your spirit is high, you feel like flying, you feel like you can do almost anything and you feel motivated to change.  My spirit is high today, higher than high……let’s get things moving for you and for me today.  Stay special and stay true to yourself.  Love Clarabelle

Video Poetry, I Will Fly, I Will Fly

Video Poetry, I Will Fly, I Will Fly

Welcome to today’s post which is another video poem from myself, entitled “I Will Fly, I Will Fly”, I hope you like it.  Make this year count, make it a year where you are your own catalyst for positive change in your life, for only YOU can turn your life around for the better.  So go make YOUR life a GOOD LIFE.

I Will Fly, I Will Fly

I rest my head to sleep,

Silent thoughts I do keep.

Visions of gold,

Happiness I hold.

Sparkles and bubbles,

Mind free of troubles.

I will fly, I will fly,

It’s possible, that’s why.

Changing ways,

Fulfilling days.

You are strong,

Let faith belong.

Dreams are for the taking,

Go now, do the making.

Created by Clarabelle, 2012.

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