Writing Mood

I really love it when I am in a writing mood, it can happen to me at any time of the day and when it does I just have to capitalise on it, as best I can. This moment is now, suddenly I have an enthusiastic urge to write and I just have to do it. Here is a little poem to you from this happy mood moment:

Creating My Tomorrow

Fluffy and white,
Like cotton wool.
Clouds in the breeze,
Air fresh and cool.

Snowy moments,
A blanket of space.
Tranquil surroundings,
A different place.

Making it happen,
Hopes and dreams.
Fill up my corner,
Rainbow beams.

Moonlit skies,
Are pretty and pink.
Soft melting colours,
Make me think.

Time is not here,
I am at one.
Always myself,
Smiling at the sun.

No questions to answer,
For I know what’s true.
Creating my tomorrow,
In today what I do.

Experiencing life,
Embracing this treasure.
Loving the journey,
Surprised with pleasure.

By Clarabelle


A Walk in the Rain

My mum told me when I was a little girl, I loved to play out in the rain, it always felt very refreshing and free to me.  I would be jumping in and out of puddles and catching raindrops on my tongue, it made me feel so happy.  Nowadays, with my adult head on, I simply just go for a walk in the rain but I still love it.  I suppose living in Scotland is the perfect place for me, because we always get lots and lots of rain, so I am spoiled really.  I went for a walk in the rain the other day, which inspired the next poem.  May the next raindrops that fall on you, cleanse your soul and uplift you to higher spirits.  Lots of love Clarabelle.

A walk in the rain   A Walk in the Rain

A walk in the rain, refreshes your soul,

Ignites your dreams, explores your goal.

When the heart feels heavy, and all seems lost,

The answers are awakened, where once worry was the cost.

Think of freedom, as your mind escapes,

Into the space, to form cloudy shapes.

The view is still, silent whispers you will hear,

Every deep breath you take, banishes the fear.

All is beautiful, your vision is sweet,

Be at one with yourself, hear the music in your heartbeat.

poemsbyclarabelle, 31 August 2012

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