Happy Happy Everything

Merry Christmas

Happy Happy Christmas

The countdown is on to Christmas Day so let’s celebrate with yes, you know it, another Christmas poem, woo hoo!!  I am really enjoying sharing these Christmas poems with you, we’re nearly there and I hope you are all organised for Santa coming.  Happy happy Christmas to you and well, Happy Everything too!!  Love Clarabelle

Happy Happy Everything

Happy happy everything,
on this Christmas day.
I wish you joy and lots of fun,
in a Merry Christmas way.
Enjoy the love, embrace it all,
it’s only once a year.
Happy happy everything,
for Christmas and New Year.

Created by Clarabelle, 21 December 2013

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All the Joy of Christmas

Christmas Poem

All the Joy of Christmas

It’s Day 16 of sharing a Christmas Poem with you……wow oh wow, can you believe it, 16 days in already!!  I have really enjoyed sharing these Christmas Poems with you because Christmas can be such a wonderful time of the year.  May all the joy of Christmas dance in your heart forever.  Love Clarabelle

All the Joy of Christmas

All the joy of Christmas,
Dances in my heart.

All the love of Christmas,
Fills every little part.

All the happiness of Christmas,
Lives forever in me.

All the peace of Christmas,
Spent with close family.

All the excitement of Christmas,
Sings deep within my soul.

All the beauty of Christmas,
Makes me feel so whole.

Created by Clarabelle, 15 December 2013

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And then it Snowed!!

Winter's Day in Scotland
Winter’s Day in Scotland

Christmas Love

A very warm Christmas love welcome to you and to Day 8 of sharing a Christmas poem with you everyday until Christmas Day.

A Winter’s Day

I love to look out on a Winter’s Day, snow softly falling beneath the soft pink sky and unique tranquility in the air that you can really only feel and not describe with words.  This next Christmas poem is inspired by just that.  Stay snug and warm this Christmas.  Christmas love to you, Clarabelle.

And then it snowed!

A child in the moment,
I look up to the sky.
A mesmerising pink,
I’m flyng high.

For in this beauty,
everything glowed.
Lost in the tranquility
and then it snowed!!

I run outside,
I wanted to feel.
Snowflakes on my face,
this magic was real.

Whiter than white,
but really not that cold.
Amongst this miracle scenery,
secret dreams I hold.

I look up to the light,
white blobs fall fast.
Connected to the now,
I hope this will last.

And as I close the door,
on this winter wonderland.
I feel blessed and so grateful,
as snowflakes melt in my hand.

Created by Clarabelle, 7 December 2013

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A Mince Pie at Christmas


A very warm and cosy welcome to Day 7 of my Christmas Poems leading up to Christmas Day.

Mince Pie at Christmas

I LOVE a wee mince pie at Christmas, funny thing is, when I was a child I never really liked them at all but now I really do.  I could go a Christmas mince pie, right now.  🙂  Enjoy the scrumptious festive food this Christmastime and please don’t worry about overindulging, because it’s not what you eat in between Christmas and New Year that matters, it’s what you eat between New Year and Christmas.  Yummy, Yummy!!

Christmas Mince Pie
A Christmas Mince Pie, Clarabelle enjoyed earlier!!

A Mince Pie at Christmas

A mince pie at Christmas,
Is scrumptious and yummy.
I love this little treat,
and so does my tummy.

You can have it hot,
or fresh and cool.
Whatever way you like it,
it will make your mouth drool.

So grab a cuppa coffee,
sit down and relax,
Enjoy a Christmas mince pie,
fill your taste buds to the max!!

Created by Clarabelle, 6 December 2013

A Grateful Heart

golden summer meadow

Thanksgiving Day

May I wish a beautiful Thanksgiving Day to all who are celebrating it today. This Thanksgiving Day poem is just for you.  Thank you for being here, Clarabelle.

A Grateful Heart

A grateful heart,
is so special and true.
A beautiful moment,
a caring you.

A grateful heart,
brings warmth everyday.
A magical time,
in a meaningful way.

A grateful heart,
is open and heals.
kindness in your soul,
it lovingly feels.

A grateful heart,
on this Thanksgiving Day.
Brings loved ones together,
in a wonderful way.

Created by Clarabelle, 28 November 2013, Happy Thanksgiving Day to YOU

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It’s All About Christmas

It’s All About Christmas

Well I’ve been at it again and if you read my earlier blog post from today you will know that I am in S.F.A.M (Super Focused Action Mode), hence all the wonderful eBooks and Songs I have been creating recently.  I am so passionate about this stuff and I am keen and eager to share it with you.

Why a Book on Christmas Poems?

I LOVE Christmas and I LOVE Christmas with the family so I integrated my passion for poem writing with my LOVE for Christmas and this is what you get.  Whenever I post a Christmas poem on my facebook page or on here it always gets lots and lots of wonderful likes and positive responses so I know people really love them a lot.

A Family Christmas Poem for Everyday of Advent

If you are interested in purchasing this 34 page self published Family Christmas Poem eBook then please,


The eBook costs, one single payment price of £2.99 and it is delivered in the universally accepted PDF format. As soon as you pay, you will be instantly taken to a secure page on Gumroad where you can download your eBook.

Family Christmas Poems

It’s All About Christmas is a 34 Page eBook by Clarabelle

Christmas is such a special time of the year to celebrate with the family.

This eBook created by Clarabelle contains 25 Original Family Christmas Poems, one for each day of Advent leading up to Christmas Day.

Festive Family Christmas Poems in this eBook are:

1.  A Christmas Gift
2.  Oh Mr Snowman
3.  This Christmas
4.  Christmas is Here
5.  Father Christmas
6.  Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell
7.  The Christmas Tree
8.  Sweet Christmas Angel
9.  Merry Merry Christmas
10. Christmas is Coming
11. A Christmas Wish
12. It’s Nearly Christmas
13. Merry Christmas Everyone
14. My Christmas Life
15. Christmas Is
16. Little Christmas Robin
17. Jump on that Christmas Cloud
18. Christmas is a Happy Time
19. Christmas Merry Christmas
20. I love the Snow
21. Christmas is Special
22. A Happy Christmas
23. Christmas is Here
24. On this Christmas Eve
25. On Christmas Day
These Family Christmas poems are loving, heartfelt and make a beautiful start to each day of Advent leading up to Christmas Day.
Enjoy with the family and let the magic of these Christmas poems melt your heart with Christmas love and joy.

The eBook costs, one single payment price of £2.99 and it is delivered in the universally accepted PDF format. As soon as you pay, you will be instantly taken to a secure page where you can download your eBook.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER.


Thank you for purchasing this eBook and if you have any queries in relation to the purchase or this eBook, please email me, Clarabelle at claire@murraypeople.com


Postcards from the Heart

It’s not very often that I receive a postcard these days, when I was younger it was much more common and usually every time a friend or family member would go on holiday you were usually guaranteed a postcard, which normally always arrived when they were back. However, lately, I have received two postcards from a very good friend of mine, the first one is from when she visited Berlin, Germany and the second one is from when she visited Cambridge in London,UK.  It really did make my day when I received the postcards and I have decided to pay that forward when I go on holiday – it will be postcards all round.  This next poem is inspired by just that, I hope you like it.  Wishing you an adventurous day filled with travels to wonderful worldly locations.  Lots of love Clarabelle

postcards from the heart

Postcards from the Heart

Postcards from the heart, travel very far,

Passing from country to country, raising every bar.

Caught up in the wind, making its way to you,

Filled with beautiful energy, inspiring what you do.

And when the postman knocks, to put it in your hand,

It brings with it adventure, from across this wonderful land.

It tells of happy times, memories with a smile,

And now lives in this present moment, bringing love from every travelled mile.

poemsbyclarabelle, 8 October 2012

Please click on the link below if you wish to hear the Poemcast for this blog post, recited by Clarabelle.

PBC Poemcast 3 – Postcards from the Heart

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On Christmas Day

For some reason I have been getting into the Christmas spirit and it’s only October, that’s really really early for me.  So I’m planning ahead to Christmas day and created this Christmas Day poem just for you.  Have a beautifully blessed Christmas.  Love Clarabelle

On Christmas Day

On Christmas Day

Snowstars fall, on Christmas Day,

Twinkling Angels, guide the way.

Mr Robin, joins the choir,

Chocolate hearts, melt with desire.

Family cuddles, and present giving,

Special moments, happy living.

Warm and cozy, life is bliss,

Merry Christmas, to my mistletoe kiss.


Blessings glisten, on the tree,

Prayers of hope, and dreams of ‘we’.

Icy tracks, from the sleigh ride made,

Ho, ho, ho, to the Christmas Parade.

Love creates, magic in the air,

Treasure this Christmas moment, so wonderful and rare.

poemsbyclarabelle, 20 October 2012

Family Christmas Poems

Family Christmas Poems

Please check out Clarabelle’s eBook of Christmas Poems, entitled “It’s All About Christmas” – it contains 25 festive poems for all the family, one for each day of Advent leading up to Christmas Day.  Please CLICK HERE for more information/to purchase. PRICE:  £2.99

A Christmas Gift

We don’t need to wait until Christmas Day to share love and happiness with our family and friends, each brand new day in our lives is a special gift.  Wishing you an abundance of Christmas blessings over the festive season.  Merry Kissmas from Clarabelle

A Christmas Gift

A Christmas Gift

Frozen footsteps, in the snow,

Christmas candles, burning slow.

Love and light, endlessly shines,

Carol singing,  Merry Christmas chimes.

Children giggle, with excited thoughts,

Bundles of energy, from tiny tots.

Prayers of hope, and happy smiles,

Families gathering, from across the miles.

Everyday, is a Christmas gift,

Not just once a year, for a special uplift.

Hold each moment, treasure it well,

Fairies dance, under your magical spell.

poemsbyclarabelle, 21 October 2012

Family Christmas Poems

Family Christmas Poems

Please check out Clarabelle’s eBook of Christmas Poems, entitled “It’s All About Christmas” – it contains 25 festive poems for all the family, one for each day of Advent leading up to Christmas Day.  Please CLICK HERE for more information/to purchase. PRICE:  £2.99


Sunshine Happy

The sun has come out from behind the clouds and I am smiling.  It inspires images of fun summer holidays and bubblegum dreams.  Even if the sun is not shining where you are today, believe that it is glowing within your heart.  This next poem is all about that.


Sweet sweet sunshine, oh how I love thee

Vitamins for the mind, you ignite energy in me

Fresh air thinking, soft breeze through the trees

Warm glow inside, my heart, you do please

Sand between my toes, surfers on the beach

Children making sandcastles, fruity like a peach

Lost in the laughter, carried out to sea

The yachts on the ocean, are mesmerising me

Kites flying high, imagination free

Dreams are made of this, I’m sunshine happy

poemsbyclarabelle, 5 May 2012

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