I Love You

When the heart is happy

Three of the most powerful words that touch your soul like no other, that make your heart smile inside, that help you to believe that anything is possible and that give you hope for the future and peace in the now.  What are these words?….these words can only be:

“I Love You”

Say it out loud, right now, feel how those words feel, those are three of the most impactful words you will ever say to someone.  Those three little words can turn EVERYTHING around for the better.  “I Love You” said with true meaning and heart can raise a shattered soul from the gutter and uplift it so much that it will be dancing with the birds around the sun.

When was the last time you told someone you loved them?  I know you know they know it, but when did you actually look them in the eyes, hold their hands and say to them “I Love you”?

Do it today, do it for yourself and do it for them……make today an “I Love You” day.  I KNOW it will make you and the other person feel so good.

And…….to you, YOU, who faithfully drops by every day on this Clarabelle Blog, “I Love you”…for being here…I LOVE YOU.

Wishing you a loving day, wherever you are in the world.


I Love You

Very dear friends of mine are celebrating 50 years of marriage this weekend, and I wanted to get them a very special gift from me, so I thought about writing them a beautiful poem of their amazing partnership together and putting it in a lovely frame.  I share this poem with you today.  Love is beautiful, love is memorable and love is all around, I hope you embrace love in your life today.  Clarabelle

I Love You

We dance in love, embracing our time together

50 years have passed and we shine, whatever the weather

A glimpse of hope, a sparkle in the soul,

Together as one, now we are whole

The smiles on our faces, tell the story

Of a bond so strong, entwined in gracious glory

We let love in, our hearts did melt

Stars in our eyes, passionately heartfelt

This new chapter in our life, like our wedding day

Is a golden anniversary reflection, of the vows we did say

We celebrate our laughter, and the magic so true

The sweetest memoirs, blossomed from ‘I love you’

[The above poem is especially dedicated to Lucy and Marc on your

Golden Wedding Anniversary]

poemsbyclarabelle, 17 August 2012

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