In Need of Some Motivation?


We all need a little bit of motivation from time to time and I often feel it is most welcomed at the beginning of a New Year.  So below is a Youtube video of a motivational speech I created for you last year, I have shared it on here before but sometimes a little refresher can be good.  May you stay motivated to achieve all that you want to achieve this year and much much more.  Love to you Clarabelle.

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Love is Profound

Respond with Love

I often feel that when I don’t act with love it puts me out of balance, let me give you an example.  Recently I received a message from someone, which I didn’t like the tone of, I waited for a little while before I responded, but still feel I was reacting to the emotion I was feeling rather than responding to the situation.  I feel this upset my equilibrium and for the next 36 hours it certainly did.  I knew the only way to put myself back into balance, was to see the situation for what it was and not worse than it was.  By doing this, I let go of unnecessary frustrations, this then opened up my heart and I instantly apologised for my poor response at that time.  What did I learn from this situation?  Most definitely, to never fight fire with fire and always to respond with love, this will free you from some unnecessary worry and pain.  It’s never too late to respond with love and if you feel you need to do that with someone today, please do so, it will make life for you and the other person involved a whole lot better.  Go on, put your life back into balance, what are you waiting for?  This next poem is for you.  Much love to you today, Clarabelle

Love is Profound
Love is Profound

Love is Profound

I call out my heart, do you hear my cry?

Where are you now? Don’t pass me by.

I search outside, nothing I find;

Where can it be? I know it’s one of a kind.

Then, in the silence, I discover, glowing from within;

A miracle heartbeat, I take a look in.

I see an extraordinary life, happiness all around;

Feeding pure souls, this love is profound.

poemsbyclarabelle, 9 February 2013

Follow Your Heart

It’s Okay To Feel Vulnerable

One of my coping mechanisms for releasing frustrations is to write poetry from my heart and soul.  This next poem was created at a time when I was feeling a little stressed out and frustrated with myself and I know we’ve all been there, sometimes too often!!  The purpose of me sharing this with you is because I feel through my own creative self-expression, there is much encouragement, support and positivity shining through, which may help you if you’re going through a similar experience right now.  I want you to know that it is okay to feel vulnerable at times, actually, I believe now that showing vulnerability is often a real strength of integrity and authenticity.  Give yourself permission to be who you really are, silence the overwhelmed mind and follow your heart.  May you take comfort and courage from the following verse.  Much love to you, Clarabelle.

Follow Your Heart
Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

I feel frustrated, but no one knows;

How up and down I feel, but on the inside it shows.

So I take a time out, it’s time to express;

These random thoughts, are a bit of a mess.

But my mind feels strong, I prepared for it well;

The stresses keep coming, but I’m not in hell.

There is one part in balance, so I never fall;

Even though the ground is shaky, I’m walking tall.

I believe that this, pain will go;

I’ve built up an inner resistance, no matter what life does throw.

It’s teaching me something, and breaking old rules;

Changing me for the better, giving me new tools.

So I can mend, myself for good;

Uplifting my spirits, brightening my mood.

So when life gets you down, as it sometimes will;

You can create the way out – minus the pill.

Shine from within, follow your heart;

Your new life is waiting, soon you’ll never be apart.

poemsbyclarabelle, 18 April 2012

Today I Was Stuck

Moving from ‘Stuck’ to ‘Unstuck’

We’ve all had days when we feel a little bit ‘stuck’ and I include myself here, after all we are only human.  It is possible for you to go from stuck to unstuck within moments and I believe the process for this is different for every person.  When I created the poem below I was feeling in a ‘stuck’ place, but by the time I had finished the poem, I had moved to unstuck…the answer came from within and when I was in ‘creative flow’. What will you do today to help you move from a feeling of being ‘stuck’ to ‘unstuck’? There is a way, there is always a way, silence your mind, open your heart and let the answers flow.  Much love to you, Clarabelle.

Today I Was Stuck
Moving from Stuck to Unstuck

Today I Was Stuck

It’s nearly midnight, and I’m lying in bed;

I think of my inaction, before I rest my head.

Today I was stuck, I didn’t play the game;

Life got the better of me, unleash this chain.

Many brick walls, are in my way;

Built up by me, getting higher each day.

I kick and I punch, the battle is in me;

I’m fighting myself, this I can see.

So what do I do, to turn this around?

Inside is the answer, this I have always found.

Let go of the fight, it’s not a war anymore;

Staring at these four walls, will not open the door.

Step outside, breathe in the air;

Replenish your spirit, feel the wind in your hair.

Dust yourself down, and put a smile on your face;

Slowly walk down the path, and gradually pick up the pace.

To master the mind, it not about control;

Release that desire, and you’ll discover your soul.

Silence is golden, connect to the now;

The answers will come, and then you’ll know how.

poemsbyclarabelle, 17 April 2012


Battles of Life

Today I seem to be in a strong creative flow, fully connected to my inner emotions and life experiences.  It takes me to another place, another dimension brought on from memories of the past and thoughts of what could be.  I feel the words in my heart, they strengthen my self awareness and help me to understand the person I am today.  I continue to try to master the art of letting go. . . .what will be, will be.  This next poem shares some of this for you.

Battles of Life

Goodbye my love, like ships passing in the night

Our paths crossed, the lights were bright

The waves were fun, swept away in emotion

Our hearts danced, under the moonlit ocean

Feelings were high, but so were our fears

Abundance of laughter and moments of tears

The look in your eyes, told me your story

Battles of life, tales of hope and glory

The unspoken words, held close in the heart

Brought us together and tore us apart

The most powerful magnet, cannot compare

To the connection we have, but no longer you stand there

The sadness I feel, holds silence in me

Shall I leave this to fate? – What will be, will be

poemsbyclarabelle, 18 May 2012

The Sun Will Come Out

Sometimes we go through life either suppressing our emotions or expressing them, often in the wrong way, for example, we might react to our emotions rather than responding to the situation.  A way forward would be to accept the feelings for what they are and then let them go, like passing clouds in the sky.  By letting go you create the space in your mind to come up with the right solution for you.  This poem is dedicated to the power of ‘letting go’ and moving forward in life.

Sometimes you’ve got to, just let go

Accept the feelings, let them show

To suppress all the time, will not help you

To express the wrong way, may make you feel blue

So what is the answer, when this is your way?

See the emotions as clouds, just passing today

The sun will come out and melt frozen hearts

Warming up the soul, as the thunderstorm departs

Life is not easy, sometimes we get stuck

Focusing on the good stuff, may change your luck

Keep a smile on your face and laugh out loud

Hold your head up high, feel happy and proud

poemsbyclarabelle, 11 May 2012

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