How Do You Know You Are Growing?

A Question for You to Ponder

Welcome to my monthly post, where I post a question for you to answer (I will share my answer with you too). You may not wish to answer straight away, you may wish to contemplate the question for a few minutes/hours/days or even a couple of weeks.  You don’t even need to post the answer on here, but it would be nice if you would and share your answers with others.  So here is your question for this month:

How do you know you are growing?
How do you know you are growing?

How do you know you are growing?

Here is my answer:

  • I have a greater sense of self-awareness and I practice mindfulness.
  • I am having different kinds of meaningful conversations with different people from around the world.
  • I am deliberately learning every day – educating myself on personal mastery, business, love and life fulfillment.  
  • I welcome a broader range of learning and I am open to new ideas that inspire my imagination and creativity.  
  • I am sharing my learning, every day.  
  • I am progressing towards my goal achievement – I see and feel the results. 
  • I am committed to making me a better me and I am enjoying the NOW.  
  • I am always moving outside of my comfort zone into my learning/stretch zone.  
  • I dare to dream and have big plans for the future.  
  • I practice courage every day and see the value in being brave, facing my fears and getting on with life.  
  • I am grateful, so very very grateful for everything I have in my life right now – my health, my home, my happiness.  
  • I help people, more than I ever have, I make time to help people because this is what I love to do.  
  • I sing, I dance, I run in the rain, I laugh, I cry and I don’t hold onto the sweet memories of the past, they are very special however there are many more special moments to be enjoyed now and in the future.
  • I love and I have an abundance of self-love.
  • I pray, for self and for others, this brings much peace to my heart and mind.
  • I am not frightened anymore to show my vulnerable side, I see this is a real strength.
  • I know I am stronger, I feel stronger, I look stronger from the outside and inside.
  • I am positive, optimistic, enthusiastic and full of energy….I know my heart and soul is alive.
  • I am excited about life now and all that could and will be.
  • I am making music, writing songs and the child in me is smiling.  
  • I am becoming me, nothing more, nothing less and it feels so good.
  • I believe in me, I have faith, I am truly unique.
  • I believe in YOU, you are all of the above and more.  

The Stars Come Out To Play

Have you ever had a friend that you lost touch with for a few years and then all of a sudden and out of the blue, they contact you to say ‘hello’.  This happened to me the other day and although it was unexpected at that time, I somehow always believed that I would hear their call, I just had to give it time.  Rather than trying to catch the butterfly, give it the time it needs and then it will come and sit on your shoulder.  May your day be filled with beautiful butterfly moments.  Lots of love Clarabelle.

The stars come out to play

The Stars Come Out To Play

He said ‘hello’ today, on his own,

No prompt from me, when I felt alone.

It’s taken 5 years, to melt the ice,

Because a broken heart, does not feel nice.

Letting go of emotions, frees me from pain,

I’ve learned a hard lesson, not to do that again.

So I’ll take this step forward, detached from it all,

The flame is still flickering, and burns down the paper wall.

I don’t hold on to hope, or feel any fear,

It is what it is, this moment is here.

I cherish the movement, as the stars come out to play,

And the moon masters the night sky, at the end of the day.

poemsbyclarabelle, Created on 4 October 2012


I made this short poem for my very good friend today, I want her to be inspired by the abundance of potential inside of her.  To dream, is to dream, is to dream, is to dream….love to dream, live to dream…..go on MAKE IT HAPPEN for you today.  Love Clarabelle.


Drift into your dreams, feel happy inside,

Realise your potential, fill your heart with pride.

Energise your soul, let it take your breath away,

Aim as high as you can, connect with the synergy.

Make your dreams come true, forever inspiring….forever YOU.

poemsbyclarabelle, 2 October 2012

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Bubblegum Ambitions

I was listening to a YouTube video by Wayne Dyer the other day and it inspired me to write this next poem, ‘Bubblegum Ambitions’.  This poem is about living outside of your ego and being proud of who you really are, because you are the greatest you. Have an inspired day.  Lots of love Clarabelle

you are who you are

Bubblegum Ambitions

You are not what you have, or even what you do,

You are what you are, be grateful for you.

To compare your life, to another one,

To agressively compete, under the sun.

Will take your ego, into the sky,

Bubblegum ambitions, no tears you will cry.


But then one day, there will come a time,

You want to change, from what’s mine is mine.

You crumble to the floor, and what once was real,

Is starting to flake, and numbness you feel.

There is always a way, to shine at night,

Glowing and flowing, it’s a natural flight.


Silent is the heart, it speaks to you here,

Vibrations of energy, simmer the fear.

Truth is where it’s at, go to the ocean,

The waves clear your thoughts, love is in motion.

Now you are hollow, now you are free,

Knowing what you live for, let your life be.

poemsbyclarabelle, Created on 26 August 2012

The Water’s Edge

Yesterday I had this inner calling to go close to the water, so I did.  When I got there, I instantly felt at peace, surrounded by nature which was indeed nurturing my soul.  I then got my notepad out and I wrote the following poem. Today, listen to your calling, inner silence is when it’s at its loudest.  Clarabelle

The water's edge

The Water’s Edge

The water’s edge, sets my soul free,

Nature’s hands, are holding me.

Open space, silence in the lake,

This is real here, nothing seems fake.

A treasure island, where tranquility prevails,

A rower in the distance, sets his own sails.


The rain may be falling, but it is a beautiful sight,

Soft cloudy skies, birds beneath, in full flight.

The ripples on the water, come out to where I stand,

I take a deep breath in, and reach out my hand.

I feel no coldness, for love shares this place,

Its beauty is inside me, and puts a smile upon my face.

poemsbyclarabelle, 31 August 2012

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New York, New York

Start Spreading the News

I often remember special times that filled my heart with sheer ecstasy and excitement and I know I can bring that magic into my life at any moment, just by thinking about it.  I have a favourite city that I absolutely love to visit and it is the wonderful city of New York, New York.  I have an abundance of heartfelt memories with this magnetic city and whenever I hear someone mention New York or I see a picture of New York,  my heart does smile.  However, it is also important for me to remember that although these were especially good times for me, it is not about the past, it is about right now and about creating even better memories in the future – wherever my heart takes me my soul will follow.  This next poem is about my New York experience.  Let’s reflect on our happiest days, and by being happy right now, aim to make even happier moments by planning and creating the future that we truly desire.  Start spreading the news!!  Love Clarabelle.

New York City
Clarabelle & Lorraine in New York City, November 2007

     New York, New York

I left my heart, in New York, New York,

Happy celebrations, from the champagne cork.

Fireworks in the sky, magic in the air,

People coming together, it was wonderful there.

On top of the world, feeling so good,

My soul laid its hat, in this neighbourhood.


A city of hope, where dreams come alive,

A vibrant atmosphere, where busy minds do thrive.

I was swamped in emotion, a new world at my feet,

I danced in the rain, with new friends I did meet.

Although I’m not there, the pictures still play,

My imagination can take me there, anytime of the day.


But it’s not about the past, and that amazing time,

It’s about RIGHT NOW, as I search for the divine.

I create tomorrow, from my thoughts of today,

I’ve taken my heart back, and now I’m on my way.

New York, New York, I will always love you,

We shared special moments, so heartfelt and true.

poemsbyclarabelle, 30 August 2012

Happiness I Bring

Sometimes when I am in ‘creative thinking’ mode, it is like being in a mesmerized state of mind, where all the dots seem to connect perfectly.  It’s like being lost in my imagination and the rhythm feels just right – hard to explain really.  I distinctively remember creating the poem below, even though, in that moment, I had shut off from the world.  I was in that hypnotic happy state – it was pure escapism for me at the time as I was really unhappy in my job.  This is another poem from the year 1996, which I have now categorised as, ‘Out of my head and into the archives’.  In this fast world, may your day be filled with truth, love and serenity.  Clarabelle


Happiness I Bring

Faster and faster, the world goes by,

Moving unnoticed, until you stop and think, why?

I look up to the clouds, shades of dull white,

Overlapping with each other, in slow motion, at height.

Afar in the distance, images are faint,

A mixture of shapes, and colours I paint.

Reflections on windows, the opposite way round,

Birds swifting by, some silently sound.

Reality sometimes, feels such a beautiful thing,

It this moment now, happiness I bring.

poemsbyclarabelle, Created in 1996

Where Is My Life Going?

I have been doing a lot of de-cluttering lately, and yesterday whilst clearing out my bedroom cupboards, I came across some poetry and songs that I had written many years ago.  I will share these poems/songs with you on this blog.  The poem below was written in 1996, at a time in my life when I was very unhappy in my job.  I remember, I used to take ‘time-out’ during my job tasks and drift off to another world, I would secretly write poems and songs about my life and what could be.  I distinctively remember how unhappy I was at that time, being in an unfulfilled job, but I am delighted to still see my positivity shining through in my poetry.  I guess even back then, I always believed in myself and that the current situation at that time in my life was only temporary and that I could do something to change that….and I did!!  I think by asking myself, at the time, the question “Where is my life going”, helped me to search for the answers from within.  Listen to the sound of your heart, your calling is calling you.  Love Clarabelle

Where is my life going?

Where is my life going? I ask myself,

Am I on a path full of fortune, with everlasting health?

I don’t really think so, as I trek up this hill,

For at this moment now, my fortune is nil.

But no, it is wrong, to think that sheer money,

Can change this life, from cloudy to sunny.

If I keep travelling, on this path forever,

Would it be clever?

Who could tell me, if it were wrong?

As me and my shadow, go walking along.

And when I arrive, at the crossroads ahead,

Should I go left, or maybe right instead?

I have decided, that no one but me,

Can choose my direction, in life to see.

The path may be long, and winding one day,

But on another, my feet shall dance the way.

poemsbyclarabelle, Created in 1996


Soulset Goals

I received an email yesterday from Philip McKernan, attaching with it, his latest ebook, ‘Dead Man Walking’.  I was so excited to read this ebook because I really get what Philip stands for, he is an inspirational human being and I really appreciate his work.  His ebook was based around the subject of ‘mindset versus soulset’, and it certainly got my soul searching in such a meaningful way.  What I really love about Philip’s ebook is that he shares it with others at no cost and encourages the reader to ‘pay it forward’. I would therefore like to pay this ebook forward to YOU, so please email me at if you wish a complimentary copy of this fascinating ebook. You can also check Philip out at his website –  This next poem was inspired by the ebook’s content and I pay this forward to YOU.

Soulset Goals

A mind that is positive, can take you many ways

A journey of hope, towards better days

But having meaningful, soulset goals

Takes you out of the darkness, makes diamonds out of coals

A miracle happens, inside of your heart

Experiences of fulfillment, from stress you do depart

It takes patience and time, so create the space

To honour your values, take on fears that you face

To be a ‘Dead Man Walking’, feels empty inside

Your soul has the answer, let’s share this worldwide

poemsbyclarabelle, 7 July 2012

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