Love is . . . .

I’ve been feeling alot of love in the air recently, it’s everywhere around me, it’s abundant, I know I don’t need to search for it, it is always there and you have it within and around you too.  In the silence of my heart I drew a picture of love, which then led me on to writing this next poem about love, and I share it with you today.  Much love to you Clarabelle.

love is
love is

 Love is . . . . .

Love is the fresh air, on my face,

Love is the energy, in this place.

Love can move mountains, travel in time,

Love is a symbol, that’s truly sublime.


Love is creation, with all your heart,

Love’s bond is unique, and can’t be broken apart.

Love is truth, and calmness in sea,

Love stops wars, and frustrations in me.


Love is free-flowing, and beauty at its best,

Love is mother-nature, putting us to test.

Love is the stars, moon and the sun,

Love is where we belong, love is everyone.


Love is me, and love is you,

Love is wholesome, and vibrates in all you do.

Love is the answer, love is the song,

Love just “is”, and has no right or wrong.


Love is the journey, and the destination in one,

Love is magnetic, love is pure fun.

Love is in your eyes, and in your precious smile,

Love is your radiance, shining mile after after.


Love is joy, and peace from within,

Love is happiness, and the air you breathe in.

Love is the universe, the future of time,

Love is abundant, love is divine.

poemsbyclarabelle, 21 December 2012

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