Who is this Woman?

Poetic moments from my poetic heart to you.

Who is this Woman?

Who is this woman?
With dreams for the taking.
What is she doing?
What is she making?

She talks of big plans,
And all things good.
She always shines,
In a positive mood.

Why is she writing?
Like she’s talking to me.
Building me up,
Taller than a tree.

Will she tell us?
When her desires show.
Moving from her soul,
And her spirit do flow.

I like her a lot,
This woman on a mission.
Encouraging my heart,
Retrieving my vision.

So I guess I’ll listen,
And set my goals too,
This woman is an Angel,
She lives inside of you.

By Clarabelle


Why You Do What You Do

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The Next Step

In relation to my previous posts, you will be aware that I have been working on identifying the core values of this Clarabelle Blog and what each value means to me.  The next step was for me to state the true purpose of this blog and then I will work on identifying the Vision and Mission.  It is important for me to explore, identify and share with you, why I do what I do and the direction this blog is taking.    Below is the PURPOSE of this Clarabelle Blog, I do hope you make a positive connection with it.  Lots of love to you today, Clarabelle.  🙂

The purpose of this Clarabelle Blog is:

  • To have a heart to heart conversation with the world, to encourage and inspire others to growdevelop and change for the better.
  • To share wisdom and new learning and to express the creative imagination in a happy spirited way.
  • To provide true meaning and purpose to what I do and to spread a little piece of happiness amongst others.
  • To help others find their own courage to be brave and face the storms of the now in order to have the health and energy to create a better future.
  • To give love and ignite the fire within another’s soul.
  • To show gratitude for all that I am, for all that I am becoming and for all whom I cross paths with.
  • To contribute and promote the success and dreams of others.
  • To live and breathe in alignment with the core values of this blog which are: Love-Life; Dream-Do; Give-Gratitude; Health-Happiness.  Clarabelle Logo

The Dream is Alive

What inspires you?  What gets you out of bed in the morning?  What makes you excited and fills your heart with joy?  What makes you feel good?  I can honestly say that contributing to this blog answers all of the above questions for me.  To inspire others, to share knowledge and learning, to use my creativity and express it with the world, talking to you ticks all of those boxes and more.  Thank you for your support and listening it really means alot to me.  I hope you enjoy the following poem, keep your dreams alive!!

  The Dream is Alive

 I jump out of bed, excited inside

Today will be great, I do decide

My mind is buzzing, with wonderful thoughts

Open questions, of how, why and what’s

The wheel is turning, energy flows

With abundant enthusiasm, everything goes

A skip, a hop and a heartfelt mission

Like changing skies, I’m in transition

The outlook is merry, the lights are switched on

The city awaits, soon I’ll be gone

The dream is alive, it’s happening for real

I salute the crowd, they see what I feel

The pursuit of happiness, is not always a drive

When you stop the search, only then you will arrive.

poemsbyclarabelle, 18 May 2012

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