Poetry: Wish Upon A Penny

Clarabelle's Wish Upon A Penny necklace

Personalised Wish Upon A Penny Necklace

I got this beautiful “Wish Upon A Penny” Clarabelle necklace created (handmade) for me as a special momentum of the poetry work that I do.  I have noticed that the search engines recently have been picking up on my poem “Wish Upon A Penny” and I am so very grateful to all the blog visitors reading and liking this poem.  I thought this lovely little bespoke penny necklace beautifully represents the “Wish Upon A Penny” poem so well and especially the words “In God We Trust” because I have complete faith in everything I do and go for in life – please see poem below, I hope you like it – oh, and don’t forget to make a wish!!  Love to you, Clarabelle.

Wish Upon a penny necklace

Wish Upon a Penny

I listen in the silence, sweet birdies do sing,
Should I turn on the TV and drown out their din?
I will ignore their calling, just for a while,
I’ve a busy mind, chores they do pile.
The sun it may shine, but my heads in a cloud,
A storm is brewing, amongst this crowd.
I’m strangled in frustration, fighting the war,
No one sees me and my internal decor.
To just get by, another day,
Gives me hope, paves the way.

Then Lightning strikes, STOP, look at your life,
Look at your reactions, creating this strife.
Sing another song, dance to another tune,
Darkness will fade, here comes the moon.
See the beauty, in each moment now,
Look in the mirror, don’t ask how.
Be grateful for your riches, you have many,
Create a new you, wish upon a penny.

By Clarabelle, 7 July 2013

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