Oh Little Carmen

I was in Auntie Claire role the other day and spent some quality time with my 2 lovely nieces, Megan (age 6) and Carmen (11 months) and my gorgeous nephew, Sean (age 8). I am so proud to have those 3 beautiful children in my life, I just love them so much.  We were playing around and I asked them if they wanted me to write a poem for each of them and they got so excited.  Below is the poem I created for Carmen and I am delighted to say all of their eyes lit up with joy when I read each of their poems out to them, I could see it really made them feel so very special….and they are.  Here is the first of these poems below.

Oh Little Carmen

My little beautiful niece Carmen (11 months)

Oh little Carmen, we love you so,

The cutest little girl, in a pretty pink bow.

You light up our hearts, with the smile upon your face,

A special treasure forever, the sweetest grace.

The brightest light, shines from you,

Stronger than the sun, in the sky so blue.

An angel of fun, with a curious mind,

A bundle of joy, simply one of a kind.

poemsbyclarabelle, 13 September 2012

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