encouraging your confidence

Every Thursday is Poetry Corner. 

May the words whisper deep wisdom to you.


Come with me,
to the river bank,
this waterfall of life,
gives you lots to thank.
It’s beauty is deep,
just like your eyes,
it’s running on love,
Mother Earth’s surprise.

Let me hold your hand,
as tight as can be,
I’ll show you everything,
your heart needs to see.
I’ll take you places,
your soul’s never walked,
I’ll share tender thoughts,
happiness, only talked.

For I am your reflection,
of your inside out,
encouraging your confidence,
banishing all doubt.
Stay with me forever,
our horizon glows strong,
dancing footsteps of passion,
to where we both belong.

By Clarabelle
Originally posted to blog on 15 April 2015
Updated and reposted to blog on 25 August 2022

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