The Colour of My Heart

coloured hearts

It was World Poetry Day yesterday, and to honour the celebration of this wonderful day, I share a poem with you. I wrote this poem, today, especially for this blog post.  I have missed creating and sharing my poetry with you and I am going to do lots more of it again.

The Colour of My Heart

The colour of my heart,
Brightens the dullest day.
It sparkles in the moonlight,
Lights up, when I do pray.

It gives out lots of love,
For others to embrace.
It paints a magical picture,
Cheers up a saddened face.

It beams across the land,
Spreading happiness all the way.
It shapes a beautiful future,
Like sunshine on a rainy day.

Pastel pink and youthful yellow,
Add a shimmering sparkle or two.
Like golden butterflies in the air,
This miracle lives in you.

Poem by Clarabelle, 22 March 2015