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Miss Positivity

What does using positive language mean to you?  It’s a good thing, right?  Of course from Miss Positivity here there was only ever going to be one answer to that!!

I am a very positive person, I always look for the best in people, I can easily see other peoples’ strengths and talents shining through, I guess that is because that is where my focus is.


I was doing some deeper research recently on how to overcome procrastination and I came across something which I feel may have much more impact that just using positive language.

Imagine, just for one day only, you switched from using your usual positive language to more powerful language.  YES, I mean think about this, positive IS really good, yet I feel sometimes only scratches the surface.  When I use POWERFUL language, for me it is much more impactful, inspiring and motivating.  I move from “I can do this ” to  “I am doing this”, powerful language is much more solid and definite.  Another example of saying powerful language might me, “I am committed to this” and with these thoughts, I really can feel my power growing inside of me, I feel I can move mountains…..let me at them!!  🙂

I Am Succeeding

Even writing this post is making me feel like a cannon ball flying through the sky and ready to explode with excitement, energy, enthusiasm and 100% determination.  “I will succeed, I am succeeding, I hold the key to my dreams in my heart and I know the combination.  Get ready for me world because I’m coming at yah and it feels so amazing.”


So there you have it, I challenge you today, to use only POWERFUL language, empower your happy spirit, raise the bar, reach new heights, catch that falling star…….give your passion wings, I know the results will be life changing.

Wishing you a very beautiful day filled with empowering thoughts and powerful conversations that catapult you into inspired action. Love Clarabelle

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Rescue Me

We all go through some very tough times in life and for me it is no different.  I have lived with my own inner battles and often find, that is when my creative self-expression is at its very best, because I am living the pain but moving forward at the same time.  This next poem was written about a time in my life when I was in a challenging place, this I feel to me was a breakthrough poem.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel, believe that and you shall see and experience that for yourself.  Lots of love Clarabelle

rescue me

Rescue Me

It’s been a tough old week,

Feeling stressed, and out of peak.

But by releasing the feelings,

It allows me, to start my healings.

I’ve cried and I’ve struggled with the pain,

But I’ll use my learning to recover again.

The answer is there,

In the darkness, I stare.

Asking for help, does anyone hear?

The answer is within, there is nothing to fear.


So I look at my life, from a helicopter above,

Amongst the clouds, I search for the dove.

I raise my body, out of my soul,

Floating above, I see my heart with a hole.

I begin to imagine, life is so dear,

Swimming in the bluest of oceans, near the edge of the pier.

I drift back down and join my mind,

By taking myself out, the answers I find.

To appreciate life, and all it will be,

Is discovering the truth, and then you will see.


That to end it all now, would not rescue me,

To not wake up tomorrow, will not set me free.

Emotions are high, and the tension is real,

But to give up now, on a punctured wheel,

Is to say that this low, will not change in time,

I’m in control, for this life is mine.

So I smile with a tear, and get off my bike,

This journey ain’t over, it’s a wonderful hike.

So I lift my head high, and carry on,

The horizon is so beautiful, and from dusk till dawn, I will stay strong.

poemsbyclarabelle, 16 March 2012

To listen to the Poemcast for the above poem, please click on the link below:

PBC Poemcast 9 – Rescue Me

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New York, New York

Start Spreading the News

I often remember special times that filled my heart with sheer ecstasy and excitement and I know I can bring that magic into my life at any moment, just by thinking about it.  I have a favourite city that I absolutely love to visit and it is the wonderful city of New York, New York.  I have an abundance of heartfelt memories with this magnetic city and whenever I hear someone mention New York or I see a picture of New York,  my heart does smile.  However, it is also important for me to remember that although these were especially good times for me, it is not about the past, it is about right now and about creating even better memories in the future – wherever my heart takes me my soul will follow.  This next poem is about my New York experience.  Let’s reflect on our happiest days, and by being happy right now, aim to make even happier moments by planning and creating the future that we truly desire.  Start spreading the news!!  Love Clarabelle.

New York City
Clarabelle & Lorraine in New York City, November 2007

     New York, New York

I left my heart, in New York, New York,

Happy celebrations, from the champagne cork.

Fireworks in the sky, magic in the air,

People coming together, it was wonderful there.

On top of the world, feeling so good,

My soul laid its hat, in this neighbourhood.


A city of hope, where dreams come alive,

A vibrant atmosphere, where busy minds do thrive.

I was swamped in emotion, a new world at my feet,

I danced in the rain, with new friends I did meet.

Although I’m not there, the pictures still play,

My imagination can take me there, anytime of the day.


But it’s not about the past, and that amazing time,

It’s about RIGHT NOW, as I search for the divine.

I create tomorrow, from my thoughts of today,

I’ve taken my heart back, and now I’m on my way.

New York, New York, I will always love you,

We shared special moments, so heartfelt and true.

poemsbyclarabelle, 30 August 2012

Inspirational Quotes

I don’t know about you, but I really do love reading inspirational quotes, there are some truly wonderful quotes that really do make a special connection with my heart and soul.  I decided to create some of my own inspirational quotes and have added some of them here on a new page here on this blog, named ‘inspiration‘.  What’s your most favourite inspirational quote? This next poem is inspired by just that, may you rise and smile with each beautiful word.  Lots of love Clarabelle

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes, make a special connection

Touching the soul, pure beauty at its perfection

Here in my heart, the words linger on

Drifting me in time, worries gone

They fill up my senses, like a dreamy delight

Capturing my soul, uplifting and bright

They change my thinking, the impact is so strong

Meaningful quotes, in my mind you belong

poemsbyclarabelle, 19 July 2012

If you enjoy what you read here on this blog, you may be interested in borrowing for FREE and/or purchasing one of Clarabelle’s self-published inspirational poetry ebooks available to download now on Amazon Kindle, please refer to the Author page on this blog or click HERE