Strengthen the Mind


The mind is like a loose cannon, if you don’t control its direction, goodness knows where you’ll end up.  A lot of change and unsettlement can unrest the mind and may not feel really good.  The first step is being aware that your current thinking isn’t serving you well and then you must take steps to put it back on track.  Whatever that is for you.  I have a few personal strategies in place that work for me when my mind runs away with crazy stupid thoughts that I know I don’t benefit from.  Motivational anything does it for me, I have figured out that if I am around motivational people, motivational words, I watch or read anything motivational it inspires me to take control of my thinking so that it serves me best.  So I will end this short blog post today with some motivational words for you today, here goes:


You gotta help yourself, you gotta believe that you can change for the better, you gotta feel it in your heart and have deep faith that better days are on their way to an even better YOU.  You gotta start with any type of negative thinking that doesn’t serve you well, you gotta replace that thinking with more positive thoughts, more positive intentions and you’ve gotta do whatever you need to do to change it up for yourself, to make it better, to turn each dull moment into a brighter sunny day.  You don’t need to wait for the sun to come out, it’s already there, shining inside of you.  Believe me, if you master your thoughts, you’re half way there to entering the door of your dreams.

And remember, you don’t always need to look outside for the sun.

Wishing you a day filled with inspired action.

Love Clarabelle


Question of the Month

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Welcome to the month of July, below is this month’s question for you to reflect upon.


What one small change could you make to your life today, right now, that would make a positive difference to you in the long term?

My Answer:

Drink more water………so many man y positive benefits, I must do this and I shall!!

Go on, make the change, make that small change, you deserve it.

Love to you, Clarabelle




High Spirits

beach and birds

When your spirit is high, you feel like flying, you feel like you can do almost anything and you feel motivated to change.  My spirit is high today, higher than high……let’s get things moving for you and for me today.  Stay special and stay true to yourself.  Love Clarabelle

The Story of Life

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What’s Your Story?

What’s your story?  Where is your heart’s passion taking you?  Today, in this moment, tomorrow is unknown, with no guarantees of what will be, until it happens.  You have right now, you have this moment, yes, pinch yourself, this one, right now, this moment… do something that is going to enhance the story of your life.  This next poem is all about that., I hope you like it.  Much love to you today, Clarabelle

The Story of Life

The story of life,
its twists and turns,
a loving a heart,
a flame that burns.
Head in the clouds,
Dreams at my door.
Living life curiously,
wonders to explore.
To never give up,
To never give in.
A stubborn mind,
Or an attitude to win.
For all you have,
Is here and now.
It’s in this moment,
Take a bow.
For what you seek,
Is seeking you.
Words of wisdom,
do come true.
So believe in your soul,
Have faith in the dark.
Your story of life.
Is making its mark.

Created by Clarabelle, 3 February 2014

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Let 2014 Be Your Year

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Let 2014 Be A Year To Remember

2014 is just around the corner and it’s now time for you to get thinking about all that you want to achieve next year.  Let 2014 be a year to remember, a year where you take full control of your life and make life changing decisions that will catapult you to the next level. The important part here, is that you must know where you are going…..yes, that’s step 1 of the process, because if you don’t know that, then chances are you could be going around in circles.  So where are you going?  Take some time today, to think about answering that question for yourself. This next poem is inspired by just that.  Start your New Year planning NOW!!  After all there is no time like the present.  Lots of love to you today, Clarabelle.

The New Year

Where are you going?
Not just for today.
What steps are you taking?
To move you on your way.
Let the New Year,
Be prosperous for you,
Decide NOW,
What you’re going to do.
For this is your chance,
To turn life around,
No more negativity,
Or staring at the ground.
Lift up your head,
Stand up tall,
Go make it happen,
This one’s your call.

Created by Clarabelle, 26 December 2013

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True Beauty…..

Clarabelle Quotes, True Beauty

Photo of Canvas and Quote by Clarabelle 🙂

Crossed Paths

Beautiful sunset

Life Lessons

Every person who comes into your life teaches you a lesson, whether they are in it for a day, a month or a lifetime.  Think about the people you have crossed paths with, what did they teach you?  You could even flip this question on the other side and ask the person “What did I teach you?.  I don’t mean this in an egotistical way, I mean in a very spiritual way.

From Negative to Positive

Sometimes you never really know the real difference you make to a person’s life until they actually tell you.  I know there is a person out there who you have inspired, motivated, shared true wisdom with, really helped them by listening to them with empathy, boosted their self-esteem and confidence, helped them to become more authentic to themselves and helped them to listen to their heart and change their thoughts from negative to positive.

Think about this today, what did another person teach you or what did you teach another person?

Sometimes we are oblivious to the beautiful lessons around us, until we stop, think and reflect on them.  Maybe it’s now time to reflect upon that.  🙂

Wishing you a day filled with positive thoughts, love Clarabelle.

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In the Heat of the Night


Sometimes we all need a little bit of motivation to help us see through the day, when times are tough, sometimes you can be uplifted by hearing the right words.  I wrote this song last week which is all about being in “Yes You Can” mode and funnily enough I called it “Yes You Can” I have created the melody and just need to work on the backing track and getting it recorded but I thought I would share the words here with you today.  Wishing you a day filled with positive self belief, because “YES YOU CAN”.  Love Clarabelle

Yes You Can

Verse 1

You may not win them all
But you can win the fight
You won’t win all hearts
In the heat of the night
But protect what you’ve got
Cos you’ve got such a lot
Feel in your soul
The mountain top goal


Yes you can
Yes you can
And you will
Get up that hill
And you will fly
Across the sky
And you will soar
Let your spirit roar
Oh yes you can

Verse 2

You may want to let go
But believe in your heart
You should never feel low
Don’t let dreams fall apart
So protect all of you
Cos you’re human too
Experience life
Forget trouble strife


Yes you can
Yes you can
And you will
Get up that hill
And you will fly
Across the sky
And you will soar
Let your spirit roar
Oh yes you can


Keep your dreams alive
For you are oh so special
Let your happy spirit thrive
Have strength and be strong
This is where your heart belongs

Chorus (to fade)

Yes you can
Yes you can
And you will
Get up that hill
And you will fly
Across the sky
And you will soar
Let your spirit roar
Oh yes you can

SongsbyClarabelle, 11 July 2013

Click here to listen to Clarabelle singing “Yes You Can”.

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The Key to Change

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You are…….

You are amazing, unique and very special indeed, there is no one else exactly like you. You have the capacity to achieve all that you have ever dreamed of, I want you to visualise that now, see yourself in that place of abundance, love and lots of beautiful laughter. Yesterday is now a distant a memory, tomorrow is not here yet, embrace today, welcome the NOW with open arms, go out for a walk and let the gentle breeze outside blow away the remaining cobwebs.

Awakening Your Soul

Right now, I want you to take 3 long deep breaths, inhale positivity and exhale worries and stress, give yourself a pat on the shoulder and smile……this is your first step to feeling alive in this moment, awakening your soul and freeing your spirit to the thriving energy of the Universe.

This next poem is for you, I wrote it especially for you, because you are so special to me and you are truly loved in this world, more that you will ever know.  Believe that someone out there right now is thinking of you and holds you very close to their heart.

Have a beautiful day today my friends. Much love to you Clarabelle.

The Key to Change

Stop, think, listen so deep,

The key to change, is for you to keep.

The combination is simple, think out of the box,

Discover the opportunity, under the rocks.

At the centre of the cave, a heart beats strong,

A musical drum, dancing to the song.

A mystical moment, so special and rare,

The magic is within you, uncover and share.

poemsbyclarabelle, 21 March 2013

Positive Mindset

Below is a post taken from one of my other blogs, I posted this one on 1 March 2010 and I thought I would share it with you on here.  Wishing you a day filled with an abundance of positive thoughts.  Love Clarabelle

My Niece Megan
My Niece Megan

Full of Character and Excitement

I was looking after my 3 year old niece the other week whilst her parents went off to pick up their new puppy dog.

I love watching my little niece she is such a funny, cheery little girl full of character and excitement. She was happily looking out of the window into my back garden when she shouted “look Auntie Claire, they’re dancing”, I asked her what was dancing and she said “the trees are dancing” and she began to copy the swaying movements of the trees blowing in the wind outside. It was so cute to watch, I smiled and I thought to myself what a truly wonderful positive perception she has on Mother Nature.

Such an Amazing “Mummy”

Later on that day I kept thinking about my niece’s words and how she could have said something completely different using a more negative connotation, but she didn’t. I then thought about my younger sister, who is such an amazing “Mummy” and how positive and happy she is. I just know that my sister’s love for nature and optimistic outlook on life has made such a positive influence on my little niece’s young life.

It made me think about how important it is for us all to choose to have a positive mindset and positive take on the world. Like in those famous lyrics sung by Whitney Houston “I believe the children are our future” – I do hope the trees stay dancing!!

Rescue Me

We all go through some very tough times in life and for me it is no different.  I have lived with my own inner battles and often find, that is when my creative self-expression is at its very best, because I am living the pain but moving forward at the same time.  This next poem was written about a time in my life when I was in a challenging place, this I feel to me was a breakthrough poem.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel, believe that and you shall see and experience that for yourself.  Lots of love Clarabelle

rescue me

Rescue Me

It’s been a tough old week,

Feeling stressed, and out of peak.

But by releasing the feelings,

It allows me, to start my healings.

I’ve cried and I’ve struggled with the pain,

But I’ll use my learning to recover again.

The answer is there,

In the darkness, I stare.

Asking for help, does anyone hear?

The answer is within, there is nothing to fear.


So I look at my life, from a helicopter above,

Amongst the clouds, I search for the dove.

I raise my body, out of my soul,

Floating above, I see my heart with a hole.

I begin to imagine, life is so dear,

Swimming in the bluest of oceans, near the edge of the pier.

I drift back down and join my mind,

By taking myself out, the answers I find.

To appreciate life, and all it will be,

Is discovering the truth, and then you will see.


That to end it all now, would not rescue me,

To not wake up tomorrow, will not set me free.

Emotions are high, and the tension is real,

But to give up now, on a punctured wheel,

Is to say that this low, will not change in time,

I’m in control, for this life is mine.

So I smile with a tear, and get off my bike,

This journey ain’t over, it’s a wonderful hike.

So I lift my head high, and carry on,

The horizon is so beautiful, and from dusk till dawn, I will stay strong.

poemsbyclarabelle, 16 March 2012

To listen to the Poemcast for the above poem, please click on the link below:

PBC Poemcast 9 – Rescue Me

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Flourish and Blossom

Sometimes we don’t see ourselves the way others see us, often we can let our negative self talk hold us back but somewhere out there, remember there is at least one person who truly loves you for just being you, if only you could see yourself through their eyes, just knowing that is enough to make you feel wonderful inside today.  This next poem is all about that, I hope you enjoy and may all your inner thoughts be positive about yourself.

Flourish and Blossom

If you could see yourself, through my eyes

There would be no mask, or false disguise

You’d be true to yourself and all that could be

Walking tall, dancing on the sea

Your vibe is beautiful, the frequency high

Take a peek, a glimpse, just one more try

For you are, all you need to be

Your heart is shining, set it free

You have the power, to water the seeds

Flourish and blossom, fulfill all your needs

poemsbyclarabelle, 24 May 2012

If you enjoy what you read here on this blog, you may be interested in borrowing for FREE and/or purchasing one of Clarabelle’s self-published inspirational poetry ebooks available to download now on Amazon Kindle, please refer to the Author page on this blog or click HERE