Day 17 of Clarabelle’s 90 Day Challenge

Progress Update

EP HJearts Apart by Clarabelle

On the 7th of February this year I decided to set myself a 90 Day Challenge to move forward with my Singing-Songwriting Career as successfully and as much as possible.  I was basically taking things up a gear and putting more effort and energy into the career transition process.  I honestly cannot believe how quickly times goes by and that I am now on Day 17 of the Clarabelle 90 Day Challenge.  Below is a list of some of the things I have achieved over the last 17 days:

  • My first EP, Hearts Apart will be available in CD format next week. I have been working closely with the photographers, designers, printers and recording studios to pull all this one together and I am so excited to have my first CD in my hands next week.
  • I have committed myself to organise and perform at 2 Live Gigs in the Village of Carfin where I was brought up in.  The 2 Live Gigs dates are Saturday, 3 May and Saturday, 24 May 2014 and the theme of the evening is very motivational, “Yes You Can” named after one of my original songs.  I have been co-ordinating a team of people to help me with this and organising Support Acts etc.. for the evening, it is all very exciting indeed.
  • I have been working on the content and the production of a Clarabelle Music App which is now available free for you to download, here is the link if you wish to download it:
  • I have committed myself to weekly rehearsals for my Live Gigs, these are rehearsals OUT of my home, on stage where I can polish my performances and practice as much as possible.  I am still practising daily at home but feel I needed to get out of the house and get on stage, so I am doing that.
  • I have also been contacting well known Motivational Speakers to find out if there are any opportunities for me to sing my original motivational songs at one of their live events.  I feel their audience is a perfect audience for my inspirational songs, such as “Yes You Can”, “I Am The Greatest”, “In Time We Heal” and “Mr Inspirational” etc…
  • I have always been into my fitness and if you are a regular follower/visitor of this Clarabelle blog you will know I am a keen marathoner…Well, I have been getting down the gym more often and really “going for it“, I need lots of energy to perform on stage for 2 hours non-stop and I need to look AMAZING in my super sparkly dress….so this is another focus I have, together with my healthier eating.
  • I have been updating my Clarabelle Facebook page on a daily basis with all my progress and tried to get other people involved in doing a 90 Day Challenge for themselves.  There are a few people on board which is really great and I am so delighted for them.  Here is a link to my Clarabelle Facebook page if you wish to stay updated with my progress on a daily basis:
  • As you will see I have also been working on improving the look of this Clarabelle Blog and I have changed the layout to fit more with showcasing my original music and poetry.  I have also added in some more professional photos from my photo shoot which took pace in Glasgow City Centre last month…..more to follow soon!!
  • I continue to listen to Motivational speakers every day, as I know I need to keep a strong, positive mind and stay super focused on the goal in hand. I usually listen to a couple of hours each day, this really does keep my mind staying really positive and strong.  I get a lot of positive feedback on my music and poetry, thank YOU, but some times I don’t and I can read some really tough criticism, so the stronger my mind is, the better I can handle this challenging feedback.  I do my best to turn this negative feedback into a positive and use it to improve what I’m doing.
  • I continue with my daily gratitude exercises, as shared in the eBook I wrote, It’s All About Gratitude.  I set up a Gratitude Facebook page so I could share the wisdom and learning from this eBook with others.  If you wish to check it out, here is the facebook link for, “It’s All About Gratitude” Facebook page:
  • I have also been working with designers to create a new Clarabelle T-Shirt design.  I think the designer did an amazing job, see photo below.  What do you think?Clarabelle t-shirt design

Loving This

So, there you have it, that’s a very brief update on my progress so far over the last 17 Days and I must say I am loving this 90 Day Challenge I set myself, it really is helping me to stay super focused and “on the ball”.  I know I am entering a very tough industry….well, so everyone keeps telling me, but I must stayed focused on my goal in hand…..let’s see how far I get…..this transition is not a sprint it’s a marathon and well after running 3, I think I have the right attitude and stamina to go all the way.  What do you think?

Thank you, as always, for being here and for your continued love and support, I really am truly grateful for it and I do really mean that sincerely.  Thank YOU, Love Clarabelle

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU

Thank YOU

Thank you to one and all who visit this Clarabelle Blog, I am delighted with the blog’s progress and in my Bonny Scottish accent I would like to say that I am “chuffed to bits” that you are here.  Cheers to you for dropping by, I love it.

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What is S.F.A.M?

Super Focused Action Mode
Super Focused Action Mode


I have been in S. F.A.M lately, what does that mean?

It means, Super Focused Action Mode.

I feel everything right now is in alignment with where I am going i.e. my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing is matching what I am becoming and what I am achieving in life.

I can honestly say I haven’t felt as super strong as this for a while, probably in about 5 years, maybe even longer, I don’t know.  I feel excited, enthusiastic, passionate, super focused, super creative, full of energy and full of action.  I have definitely taken things to a new level and when I really think about it, I am not even sure if I have ever been on this level before and I can honestly say I am LOVING IT.

Can you feel my passion, can you feel my excitement because if I could, I would bottle it and gladly give it out for free.  🙂 🙂 🙂

I do hope this post has inspired YOU into S.F.A.M.

Wishing you a day filled with inspired action.

Love Clarabelle

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