You Can Be Happy No Matter What

You Can Be Happy No Matter What

Bargain Price

A few weeks ago I was rummaging through the sale shelves of the local library and bought this book “You Can Be Happy No Matter What”, by Richard Carlson, at the bargain price of 20 pence.  I have just started reading it tonight and I think it is really great.  I am very familiar with a lot of the contents in the book but it really is great to have a refresher on it from a different author.  Below are some amazing quotes from the book and I do hope it connects with you in some way as they did me.  🙂

  • “Life is not your enemy, but your thinking can be.”
  • “When we feel better we have more access to our own wisdom and common sense.  We tend to be less reactive, defensive, and critical; we make better decisions and we communicate more effectively.”
  • “It is our ‘transmitter’ mind, not our computer mind, that is the source of our contentment, joy and wisdom.”
  • “The ‘transmitter’ is the part that deals with matters of the heart.”
  • “New answers don’t come from what you already know in the computer part of your brain.  They come from change of heart, from seeing life differently, from the unknown, quieter part of yourself.

Meant to Be

This book happened to fall off my bookshelf tonight, it is as if I was meant to read it and share the learning with you in this blog post.  I am only on the third chapter so I am sure I will blog about the learnings from it some more.

What books do you have on your bookshelf that deserve a first or second look, it might just be the book you need to read right now?

Lots of love to you today, as always Clarabelle

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What About Love?

Love heart

This is a follow-on blog post from yesterday, as I come towards the completion of the final chapter of the book “Discover the Gift” by Demian Lichtenstein and Shajen Joy Aziz. I did say yesterday that I loved this book and I love it even more after reading the latest chapter because it is all about love.  The book shares, that to have love is the ultimate gift and I cannot agree more.  When I think back to everything that has happened in my life, ups and downs, good times and bad times it has always been connected to love, whether it is giving love, having love, losing love, fear of love, being love and/or doing love.  Let me share this beautiful story from the book:

Love, Wealth and Success

SHEILA R. MCKEITHEN:  I once heard this story:  Love, Wealth, and Success knocked on a door, and two grandparents answered.  “Come on in!” they said.  But the three visitors said, “We can’t all come in.  You can only invite one of us in.”

“Love, Wealth, Success:  who do I invite in?”  the grandfather asked the grandmother.  But before she could say anything, their little granddaughter answered.  “Invite Love in!” she shouted.  They did, and when Love, walked in, the other two followed.  Grandpa exclaimed, “But you said only one of you could come in!”  And Love responded, “Where I go, they follow me.”

What a beautiful, heartfelt story and I feel it really does make you think.  Let love in today, open the door and welcome it with open arms the rest of what you need and want in life will follow, I am sure of that.

Much love to you today, Happy Friday, Clarabelle

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