Music with Heart – EP, “Hearts Apart”

Music Recordings
Clarabelle Practising for the Professional Recording Studio

Professional Recording Studio

I am delighted to share with you that yesterday I experienced my very first professional recording of my original songs.  I am making my first ever music EP, entitled “Hearts Apart” and I am so excited.  A big shout out to Chris, Professional Sound Engineer from Reeltime Music Studios who was an absolute gem and totally made me feel at ease. Was I nervous?  “Yes” a little bit, but I think more excited than nervous because this just feels right to me.  I will be the first to say that I am very inexperienced in the Music Industry and I know I have a huge learning curve ahead of me but the great thing is I am not holding myself back, I am just facing my fears and going for it!!  I know that if I stay in my comfort zone here, I will never grow so I have to get comfortable feeling “uncomfortable”.  Basically as a Professional Coach, I am practicing what I preach….quite literally!!

EP, “Hearts Apart”

The EP will consist of four songs, I did take up six to record but two could not be used at this moment in time because one of the songs I am finding it difficult to master, so much more practice needed there and the other song needs a better quality backing track.  So the songs on the EP are:

1.  In Time We Heal

2.  I Am Here

3.  You Are

4.  Runaway Love

What are the songs about?

All the songs are love ballads with a very highly emotional attachment to me.  I speak my heart’s truth and cry out my soul in these songs because they are all based on my own experiences or experiences of people very close to me.  There is nothing hidden away in these songs, my deepest heart’s secrets are shared because they are true and very personal to me.  I like to call them “beautiful songs” because I feel that is what they really are.

In Time We Heal:
An emotional song about a broken relationship and overcoming tough times.

I Am Here:  
A highly emotional song about missing a loved one (my Dad in heaven).

You Are:  
This is an emotional love song about loving someone who doesn’t love you back but you still have that person on a pedestal.  Emotions are torn between loving and letting go.

Runaway Love:
This is an emotional love song about the emotional pain of being in love and the feeling of being “played” but you still love that person and the memory of that love is still in your heart.

Master CD

I am so excited to share the finished article with you, I should receive the master CD in a couple of days and then I’ll get to work with unleashing my songs into the Universe.

I loving this creative journey and I feel, “this is my time”.

Thank you, as always, for being here, there is a lot of love here for you.

Wishing you a beautiful day on your journey of life.


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Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU

Thank YOU

Thank you to one and all who visit this Clarabelle Blog, I am delighted with the blog’s progress and in my Bonny Scottish accent I would like to say that I am “chuffed to bits” that you are here.  Cheers to you for dropping by, I love it.

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Living Room Gig

Welcome to my “Living Room Gig” 🙂

I have been practising singing my original songs before I head up to the recording studio in January to record my very first EP and I am soooooooooooo excited.

Just thought I would share with you some video footage from this, which I am calling my very own “Living Room Gig”, so welcome, I hope you enjoy.  I have still got a long way to go before it’s perfect but as they say practice makes perfect and I am certainly doing that.

I Can’t Sleep……

Clarabelle Quotes, Listen to the sound of my heart


I can’t sleep with excitement, yes, exactly, NOT worry, pure 100% EXCITEMENT because I am making massive progress towards my childhood dreams of becoming a successful Singer/Songwriter.

In this post I would like to share with you a full SAMPLE music track of my original song “In Time We Heal” that I wrote this year.  I created the lyrics and the melody and Gary Stitt from Canada has arranged and is playing the piano backing track.  Gary is also singing the vocals in this sample and I think he did an amazing job here.

I will be in the recording studio in mid-December to create the final masterpiece and then it’s all systems go, just you try and stop me world hahahah 🙂

Below (highlighted in red) is the SoundCloud link to hear the track, I do hope you like it and please let me know what you think, the words are special, the lyrics are precious, they come from my heart and soul…..hence the title “In Time We Heal” by Clarabelle.

SoundCloud Link:  In Time We Heal by Clarabelle (Sample Version, Gary Stitt Vocal)

Thank you for taking the time to listen, I really do appreciate it.


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Yes You Can

Original Music

If you are a regular visitor to this blog you will know that I have been working away behind the scenes on my own original music.  This creative process takes along time but I am very pleased to say that I am certainly making progress.  I have a great team of professional musicians behind me and it makes the whole process a whole lot easier and make the songs better too.

The Youtube video below was recorded by me 2 days ago and it is the first live recording of me singing my original song “Yes You Can” to the guitar backing track which was arranged and played by Shako from New York.  I am sure you will agree that Shako did an amazing job with the backing track.  Things are certainly not perfect, keeping it real here for the moment, but I just wanted to share with you the progress that I am making.

Dream Come True

I feel very proud of myself because this is a dream come true for me. Next step is to take the tracks to the recording studio to be professionally recorded with the assistance of an expert sound engineer, this is in my current planning.

Yes You Can

The song “Yes You Can” has very inspirational and motivational words and I do hope it empowers you to “keep going” with whatever YOU want to achieve in life.

Thank you so much in advance for taking time to watch the video and please let me know what you think because I really do welcome your feedback.

Much love to you today, Clarabelle