Smiling Star

Saras Hope Foundation

I was visiting a wonderful friend of mine in Newcastle a couple of weeks ago and we took a drive to Whitley Bay.  He had some other commitments to attend to so I had about an hour or so to spend on my own.  I went to a quiet little bar and thought, I will be happy writing some poetry.  Next to the table I was sitting at, there was some small flyers/brochures and I picked up one that was entitled “Saras Hope Foundation”.  Let me tell you a little bit about what it said:

Saras Hope Foundation

Sara Hoburn tragically lost a two year battle with a rare form of colon cancer at the age of sixteen in 2001.  Her dream was to help other sick children to enjoy normal family lives away from the hospital environment.  She is the inspiration behind the charity Saras Hope Foundation, which runs a holiday retreat in Crete, offering respite for children and young people with cancer and their families.  Sara especially loved Greece and the Greek Islands and it was her dream to get married in a little blue and white church on the beach.

Sara was known as “Smiling Star” by the medical staff who treated her at the Teenage Cancer Unit in the Royal Victoria Infirmary Hospital in Newcastle because she was always smiling and had such a positive attitude.

Sara was an inspiration to everyone who knew her and when she lost the battle on 16 January 2001, Sara became a “hero”.

I was so inspired by the above story and as I looked at the beautiful photographs of Sara on the brochure the following poem poured out of me.  I share this with you today in honour of this brave young lady who has inspired and helped children/young people and their families all over the world.

Smiling Star

“Smiling Star”

I look at her photo, such a beautiful smile,

Her eyes are sparkling, on the rainbow mile.

She brings us hope, she brings relief,

From darker days, felt heavy in grief.

A frozen memory, from a special place,

Now an angel in heaven, and our saving grace.

We are touched with her love, in every way,

Moving our spirits, on this special family holiday.

It helps us relax, we enjoy the now,

A mind free from questions, of why and how?

Her life was short lived, taken away before time,

She is a miracle child, sweet and simply devine.

poemsbyclarabelle, 21 March 2013