What Mood Are You In?

Mood Lift Chart

Mood Lift Chart

I love this chart above, it was passed to me by one of my clients who has been working with an expert on leading change.  I love it so much that I carry this little chart about with me everywhere now, I often look at it to measure where my mood is at.  Earlier today, I had identified my mood as being -1 Impatient, Frustrated, I know why, I was putting too much energy and focus on a situation that did not serve me well, I changed focus and it then gradually moved up to +6 Resourceful and in this moment in time I am at +8 Wise, Insightful.  Try it for yourself, print off the chart, cut it out and put it in your wallet/purse and test yourself throughout the day in terms of where your mood is at, it is very enlightening and will help you to reflect on where your current focus is – Is it serving you well or not?

Have fun with it, work on increasing your mood and I then reckon much more positive actions will come from this.

Thank you for reading this post – ah now I am +9 Grateful, THANK YOU, Clarabelle.

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Guest Blogger – Amy Rew

Welcome to this month’s Guest Blogger post from Amy Rew.  Amy is an inspiring business woman and wonderful friend of mine, she also has a special talent for writing poetry from the heart.  I am sure you will agree her creative writing is indeed a beautiful work of art.  Also, Happy Birthday today Amy, wishing you a beautiful day.

Amy Rew
Amy Rew

Amy Rew has trained to Post Graduate level within the field of clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Amy is a member of the British Society Of Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

Using a blend of clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour (CBT) and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) along with life coaching, Amy works with her clients to help focus motivation, increase confidence and generally optimise and unlock each individual’s personal potential.

Before training to become a hypnotherapist and life coach, Amy worked for over 10 years within the entertainment and fashion industry giving her great insight and experience into issues relating to confidence building, performance anxiety and self body image.​

After working with a number of clients recently who wanted to overcome challenges that were essentially related to past experiences that had resulted in limiting belief patterns and self abandonment, Amy felt inspired to write the following poem along the lines of facing ones fears and realising that we are our own best friend.

Best Friend

I’ll stay with you now
I won’t leave your side
Nowhere to run
Nothing to hide
Catching the moment
Slowing down time
I’m all alone
These emotions are mine
Drying the river
Turning the tide
Breaking the chains
So these worlds can collide
As we hold on so tightly
To illusions gone by
But Live for today
With no worry or sigh
Stay with me now
Cause there’s nowhere to go
Play the best friend, lover or foe
Jester magician
With all tricks of the trade
Hold on to him tightly
till he starts to fade
Oh mirror mirror
what do you show
I see what I want
I don’t know if you know
Make an impression
lets make it the last
Tie to the sail
And stick to the mast
The question’s the answer
The start is the end
You won’t fool yourself
But it’s fun to pretend
Stay in your shoes
Don’t leave your canoe
Create the next step
You know you can choose
Like ships on the ocean
Thieves in the night
Silent and strong
Set sail for the light

Copyright Amy Rew, June 2013

A very special thank you to Amy for sharing this beautiful and touching poem with us, I am very grateful that we got to share in its magic.  Love, Clarabelle

Let Courage Through

What is Ultimately Important to You?

I strongly believe that having time to self reflect on your life, your progress and your self awareness, really helps you to discover who you really are, what you really want and what is ultimately important to you.  This next poem, was written in creative flow and during a moment of self reflection.

Every Moment is a Moment to Change

Take some quiet time today to reflect on where you are at in life and what (if anything) needs to change.  There is love after the heartache, there is peace after the pain, there is happiness after the sadness and you soon will have pure energy again.  Every moment is a moment to change for the better, be the champion of your own life and act as though it is impossible to fail.  Much love to you today Clarabelle.

A Smile from Clarabelle
A Smile from Clarabelle

Let Courage Through

Stop for a minute, pick up a pen,

Jot down some questions, reflect again.

Create space in your head, give it some time,

Listen to the whispers, that make your heart shine.

Live in the moment, let courage through,

Baby steps closer, discover the true you.

poemsbyclarabelle, 21 March 2013

What makes you tick?

Welcome to my newly monthly post, where I will post a question for you to answer (I will share my answer with you too).  You may not wish to answer straight away, you may wish to contemplate the question for a few minutes/hours/days or even a couple of weeks.  You don’t even need to post the answer on here, but it would be nice if you would and share your answers with others.  So here is your question for March 2013:

What makes you tick?
What makes you tick?

What makes you tick?

Here is my answer:

Creating meaningful poetry from my heart and soul and sharing it with you. 

Green is for Go

Lately I have been noticing that things have been going my way, such as green traffic lights, people going out of their way to help me, smiles from strangers on the street, unexpected gifts, getting treated to lunch and receiving beautiful thank you notes.  I am so so so grateful for the abundance that is in my life right now and I am even more grateful that I am aware of it.  Stop for a moment today and think of 3 small things you are grateful for in your life right now, I know it will make you feel good.  Lots of love Clarabelle

green is for go

Green is for Go

Green is for go, I see it everywhere,

Moving me forward, it’s so special and rare.

The key to the door, the answer to my prayers,

The blossoming of the flower, uncovering deep layers.

The sparkle in the sky, the smile on the street,

An abundance of joy, dancing in my feet.

The seasons have changed, a new freshness is in the air,

Autumn leaves fall, and softly touch my hair.

I’m switched on to life, glowing at night,

Such a beautiful opening, I’m now in full flight.

poemsbyclarabelle, 8 October 2012

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Personal Growth

We are all on a journey of personal growth and self discovery, some moving faster than others, often through a spiritual connection, individual choice and/or ambition.  Whether you’re reading a book on your favourite subject or having a meaningful conversation, it all adds to your own personal development in some way.  May you be inspired today to move outside your comfort zone and into your learning/stretch zone, where the known meets with the unknown and new learning has been achieved.  This next poem is all about that.  Have a joyous day filled with inner growth and self development, love Clarabelle.

 personal growth

Personal Growth

I feel the change, my being is flowing,

The sun shines on my face, my cheeks are glowing.

Personal growth, just made a spiritual shift,

The universe listened, such a positive uplift.

No words can explain, the special vibe in the air,

It’s pouring out my skin, with such beauty and flair.

It attracts pure souls, such an abundance of joy,

The happiest of spirits, real love to enjoy

poemsbyclarabelle, 4 October 2012

If you enjoy what you read here on this blog, you may be interested in borrowing for FREE and/or purchasing one of Clarabelle’s self-published inspirational poetry ebooks available to download now on Amazon Kindle, please refer to the Author page on this blog or click HERE

The Path to Paradise

Self discovery for me is in the search for paradise.  What do I mean by that?  So there is this place that my mind goes to every 20 years or so, I picture it quite clearly and I call it ‘paradise’.  I used to think paradise for me was a place but now I realise it is a metaphor I use to create a special feeling inside of me, the most beautiful feeling in the world, that no words can describe.  What does paradise give me?  It takes me to who I am today, right now and it helps me answer the most challenging questions- only by connecting to my inner self can I get the true answer for me.  This is a hard one for me to explain but I know it works.  I trust you will discover your own paradise one day, maybe you are already there and if you are, I know you are smiling now because you have found your soul in solitude. This next poem is inspired by paradise.  Love Clarabelle

the path to paradise

The Path to Paradise

I visualise paradise, alone I am there,

Pale blue skies, the freshest of sea air.

The whitest sands, you ever could see,

Stillness in life, happiness in me.

Oneness with the world, beauty at its best,

Breathing in life’s energy, my body is at rest.

The path to paradise, is the ultimate start,

Escapism from earth, bliss within the heart.

Turn on your imagination, experience it all,

Enlighten your spirit, let your soul fall.

poemsbyclarabelle, Created on 26 August 2012