The Serenity of the Sun


Pure sunlight, it is beautiful, truthful and spiritual for me.  I remember when I wrote the poem below and how I felt writing it at the time, I felt at peace and at one with myself, it was very early in the morning and I knew I was connected to the power of the universe. Let the silence between each line, awaken your soul and connect your spirit to a higher purpose.  Your sun shines from within, let it radiate beauty and inspire other hearts around you today.  Much love to you, Clarabelle.

sun shine

The Serenity of the Sun

The wisdom, is in the space,

The silent thought, upon thy face.

Vibrations of hope, joy and love,

The serenity of the sun, as I look above.

Between the lines, opportunity awaits,

Creation of the soul, happiness at the gates.

The heart softly beats, today begins,

This morning I welcome, gratitude wins.

poemsbyclarabelle, 1 August 2012

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A Kiss On The Cheek

I received a very special ‘kiss on the cheek’ today.  Why was it so special?….because I sensed it came from a very caring, honest place and was wrapped in love and kindness. You know the kind of kiss I mean…. innocent and sweet, a kiss that seems to flow through every cell of your body – I can still feel it on my cheek now.  If you could offer up one of those special kisses to someone’s cheek today, who would you give that gentle kind kiss to?  I know the thought of this is making you smile, it might even be melting your heart.  I do hope you share that kiss today.  Lots of love and kisses, Clarabelle

kiss on the cheek

A Kiss On The Cheek

kiss on the cheek, so touching indeed,

Love and kindness, has come from this seed.

Mother nature, has cast its spell,

Magical moments, come out of this shell.

Barefooted on the sand, life is bliss,

Serenity in the air, a happy face with a kiss.

poemsbyclarabelle, 22 August 2012

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