Love Does Not Look Back

Love heart

I was at my cousin’s very beautiful wedding on Friday, it was such a glorious day and I could really feel love’s energy in the air, it was like being constantly cuddled by someone you love.

The wedding ceremony was so very special and the wedding party looked stunning.  The Pastor who married the couple did a sermon at the end of the service and it was based around the theme of ‘love’ and I loved what he said.  During his sermon he said “love does not look back” and then he went on to talk about what that actually means in a relationship.  It really did make me think and I believe that I was meant to be there that day and to hear that message.

Friday was definitely a day filled with love and it was so lovely to be around.  I want you to really think about what that statement means for you today and how you can apply that to your life right now in such a positive way, I know I did and I will hold on to this beautiful message forever.

Much love to you today, as always,  Clarabelle

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